Zoho writer has some new things that you’re putting out and it’s brought to you by zero one and by. Oh, that’s right.

So let’s take a look at some of the items that are going on new within Zoho. Right. I’m a huge fan of it. In fact, I’m actually using it right now. You know, it’s going to be huge. So what you’re looking at is on my phone here. I actually have Zoho writer pulled up. So I’m walking through this and I just hold it up right here so I can look and talk with you guys at the same time and see what’s going on on that run. Right. So it ends up working out well for me. And you can make some changes. So sinks right from your phone to the computer and with anyone that you share and touch on and whatever.

So let’s go ahead and we’ll pull up the new modifications that they’re making to make it look pretty because there’s some different things. So it’s allowing you here with this. And we’ll chat in this link to you that there’s some new advanced features in their rider layout that they’re allowing you to kind of access to to be able to change it in a in a slightly different way.

So let Omkar kind of scroll down and you’ll be able to see some of these items. There’s a video in here and this video we can just maybe you could play it, but you may have to mute that one for me, sir. So they don’t hear all this volume and just let it play in. The background is a kind of speak on this. But within writer, there’s tons of things you can actually do and is an agent.

Maybe we don’t necessarily take advantage of all of those different ones. Right. And sometimes it’s the simple things that actually make a huge difference. And it’s really weird that if you take a document and you just put a background on it and it looks so much nicer, and then if you change the orientation of it like they’re showing here, that maybe it looks better. And if you take that same document and you put sections to it and you just do a couple of minor things, these are huge tech things. So you’re looking at this document and it looks as if it’s a Web page or it’s it’s something totally different.

Zoho Writer

And then if you insert tabs in headings and clickable things right, then it feels a lot better. So when you’re doing this and when you’re working, consider some of the advanced features and writer. It’s often nice just to have plain text in a regular background. But if you’re doing something, let’s make it nice. Right? So these are some of the items that I want to make sure that Magnon and kind of take a look at.

So all of our documents become just a little bit nicer, a little bit neater, a little bit cleaner and have some of these and allow us to collaborate in a nice way. So these are just different concepts and different updates that they’ve made so that they have different headers, different fonts, different sections, and you can update them easier and insert pictures a little bit easier on the fly.

So that’ll work just as seamless from your phone, whether it’s an Apple or an android or if you’re on desktop or if you’re on laptop and it all just works. Right. So sometimes it’s the really, really simple things. And that’s why I’m bringing it to you and why I’m such a huge proponent of Zoho and what they’re doing with us. Right. So thank you to them. And this is one of the products that we’re able to use seamlessly now. So when we went from Dallas to here and we’re on the fly, it’s not a big deal.

I can go on the plane. I can go offline. You see how you can move things around nice and easy. You you can use the table of contents and it’s clickable and you’re starting to see all these nice things that they’re pulling out there. It’s not a huge deal. It’s not. But sometimes it’s as simple things that do make big changes. Make your stuff look just a little bit better, especially if you’re sending anything out.

Client facing learning a couple of simple skills. These are not necessarily real estate skills. They’re more like life skills or tech skills, but not like heavy coding. They’re just like, how do I actually do some of these basic items? Right. You’ll find that your clients would be much happier and it would be much easier for you to work multiplatform wherever you happen to be.

Yeah, I saw some interesting things in there during that video. Yeah. Oh, that it got you. This is one. Where can we go there. Oh so that’s where we want to go.

But it was talking about creating templates and different things.

I think there’s a lot of users know there is tons of uses and if you just stay up to date on the things and every time that there’s a new release, I kind of get notified. Right. Of like this enhancement so you can get on the inside or updates and just just stay up to date on the technology just a little bit. If you spend, like, fifteen minutes on it every once in a while, whenever they release something new and you’re always up to date and it’s amazing how far advanced you will be.

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 1.20.21

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