Zoho Workdrive Updates – Hey, Mike and Shana, real estate brokers and co-owners of Acquisto Real Estate Zoho workdrive brand new updates, get exciting news.

I don’t know if it’s earth shattering, but it’s pretty good. And you can change quite a few different things. All right, yeah, very good. So let’s pull up the screen here and chat in the link for you guys and you can see what’s going on here.

We’ll go split screen and share that. Thank you, Omkar. And what we have now is Zoho workdrive.  

And this is part one of their updates that they’re just putting out now.

So when they labels like that, it might be a part two coming out very soon. So get all excited about it. No. So this is a this is really nice and we need somebody to help us out with that. Is there anybody out there raise your hand. If you were currently disgruntled with work drive and you’re like, I can’t find anything in there, there’s too many things. I don’t know what’s going on.

Poor Megan and I always complain to her about the word perfect.

So we need a solution for it. And they’re offering us some right here. So we’ll check that link into you guys. So you see it. And let’s scroll down here. So we already know that we got plenty of space in here, but the next thing they have is a new download in True Sync app. So that’s the first item here. So as we scroll back up to take a look at what this is doing, is sharing and sinking everything on your desktop and right to the cloud and doing all that.

But they didn’t make a nice change for you is that it doesn’t have to sync both ways. So that double sync, you don’t have to have all the stuff on your computer. I personally like everything that’s on the drive on my computer. This allows you to not have the double sync so it doesn’t have to go both ways.

Set this up before we did.

But this is a different version of it. It’s a newer, enhanced version of the work drive share link where it backs everything up that’s on your computer and sends it to the cloud. All the old one used to do it back down to your computer and then you’d have too much stuff if you sunk everything. This one allows you not to do the backwards sync, so to speak. And what it will do is not download everything to your computer and not have too much on there. So you have options there. And I think people are probably excited about that one.

Are you telling me that now there’s just going to be more? Well, that’s not what I said at all. All right. So the next one is building a clutter free workspace that you’re able to work through some different data templates. Right. And so that’s going to be a big thing. You can watch that if that’s important to you.

So you can take these different points that we’re working on and you can add them in there. So if we’re doing something in their version of Word or Excel, then we can take those templates and we can utilize them right through there. And then they have a new tagging in file structure for for how we put things in for labeling and tagging and putting things in and sharing. So that should help you out. Oh, wait, that excites me. Oh, that excites you. So now you’re excited about some tech updates, huh? Very good.

And then within the branding, you can put some information in here and you can say some details about the items that are there. So the items you could put in with these templates are going to say if this is a new item, if it’s like the most updated one, what the version is, what the size is, and you can put some items in here as well. So if I scroll down, even more will have some other items here.

Where was this? It was kind of a key thing that I wanted to show off somewhere in here, Anderson.

This app looks a lot like slack.

Well, it’s kind of more like work. You know what? I’m not a fan of Slack either. Yeah, it’s kind of more like Dropbox. Yeah, more like Dropbox and slack and slack. So, you know, that is what it is. Hey, Sean, it’s your time. You get to go. OK, goodbye. Sean has got to go. Let’s get out and let me see. That doesn’t mean I have to leave now. So let’s open this screen up a little bit bigger somehow. Got small Omkar. I don’t know what happened, but I screwed something up, guys.

But anyways, there’s a lot going on within Zoho Work Drive and I need somebody to raise their hand and say, like, hey, Mike, I love Zobel, work drive and I want to make this better for everybody and give you guys some tags and some stuff in here and sort it and make sure that we know what is the most recent version of whatever those documents are.

So if you’re out there near a disgruntled person with work drive, then I need your help. Step forward and let’s solve this problem for yourself and for everybody. I’m always looking for agents who want to step up and take on the next task that’s important to them and give them something in return for that. So please help out, step up and reach out to me directly. I will be Mike@acquistorealestate.com. If you’d like to do that, hit me up via email and hit me up soon. With that will conclude this topic and I’ll put the bell on my own.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 2.3.21

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