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All right, Zoho workdrive the desktop application, there’s been an update. And it’s a nice update, so if you’re currently working on an older version of Zoho Work Drive, desktop application, then please go ahead and update that there’s an update. But you can go to the Web and you can go ahead and grab the new download and have it brought up on your computer. And you can save that. Now, we all know that ZoGo work. Yeah, thanks for bringing that up. That’s perfect. So that’s the link. We’ll chat that link in for you and you can go ahead and download the new update. Now, what that’s going to do is it’s going to be sinking between your computer and the cloud, whatever items you choose to think. So things that are important to me to sync is my desktop. That’s where I save all of my individual items. And what it does is it takes Zoho work drive and it sinks my whole desktop seamlessly. So everything’s backed up. So I’m not worried if like my computer, well, I would appreciate it not happening. But if my computer goes down, it’s just like offline I can get to everything on the cloud and a seamless backup is really, really nice. And so I do everything it backs up my whole desktop.

So here to Acquisto Real Estate, we’re totally cool with you utilizing your computer and all of the Zoho one services that we offer to you guys. So we’re totally good with you with utilizing that for your personal needs as well as for the business needs. So it’s nice that if you have photos, I have to do is put them into a folder and that will get automatically backed off. So take your time, understand what that is and see how these backups work. But make sure that everything is sinking. You can get to them on your phone, you get to it on your laptop, you can get to wherever it is. Once you kind of put it into the cloud, that makes it nice and seamless. You can also go ahead and share those folders that you create with others as well and give them appropriate permissions. So an example of some of the things that I do there and we’ll switch to maybe just the talking heads, so we’ll see what that’s kind of all about. So to explain a little bit further, some of the best uses that I have is exactly for this TNT session. So as soon as this is done, it automatically saves and puts it into a very specific folder on the desktop, which is a shared folder.

Now, that folder automatically syncs. And it’s so amazing to me because I don’t have to do anything. It’s kind of like seamless, right, so that it automatically gets saved there. But when you do that, it automatically goes all the way around the world and Omkar is able to see that directly where he is. So he can take that file and he can cut it off. He can do anything he needs to do with it. Now, he’s halfway around the world and it’s currently evening for him and he’s hungry and he wants to supper. And for that, Omkar, I say we’ll just have to wait a couple more minutes and then we’ll get that meal in for you and then for Ana. So Ana’s down in Mexico City right now. And she also as soon as we’re done with this, we’ll get the information. And she starts to work right away seamlessly to get the transcript from today’s episode. So we have all these people who are able to start working immediately on something. I don’t have to save it, I don’t have to share it, I don’t have to update it, I don’t have to do any one of those things. If you take your information and if you sync your work drive correctly, you’re going to be super happy. That new version did just come out. And I encourage you guys to go ahead and do that and update it yourself. I have my whole desktop. Everything backed up. I’ll never worry about losing anything. The storage. I don’t know if it’s limitless, but let’s go with like it’s big and you’ll be totally fine. So if you’re paying for anything else as an agent, you can go ahead and cancel it. You just utilize this if you need help. So no one offers amazing tech support, they’ll log in, they’ll get on your computer, they’ll do that update for you if that’s what you need. And after that as well, they can help segment and share and back up the things that you want and give the proper permissions to others. You can also save that with a share the items within our network, or you can also go out and create external shares if that’s what you want to do. So chat in. If there’s any time that you have lost something in the past and you would rather not give a thumbs up if you like, Zoho work drive and you’d like to continue to use it in the future or you’d like to use it starting.

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