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Zoho vault and the best practice within our organization to share secrets with us.

Ok, so let’s  talk through what we’re looking at here, maybe we’ll share the screen and pull up kind of what we’re speaking about. That’s not a secret. Like I’m going to tell you a secret. No secrets about actually going to check in here with the vault. Yeah.

So Zoho Vault is where we keep our passwords. All right. So that’s where all of our company passwords are. Now,

there’s some company passwords that we have at the company level, OK? And those we share out to different user groups. So a user group would be support for agents, one of those items. Right. So we share out that secret to you and we give you the proper permissions so you can click on it and you can open up, said Secret. Now, you guys also need to share certain secrets with us or with other people within the organization if you want them to be able to log in as you are under your account.

A specific example of that would be over here we have Ntreis or MLS logins, right? So this one here in particular, you were trying to look up your secret to log in to MLS, right. So this is for yourself now to make it clear what happens is Shawna has an MLS account, so when she saves it, she saves it is like MLS and that’s what she knows it has in her mind.

OK, and if she is to share that secret with everybody, then they have a secret that is also labeled MLS. OK, so over here on your side, you see that one of them says MLS and then there will be another one that says Office MLS, Dash Nattrass, and it’s kind of labeled there. So what we want to make sure is that when Shana’s shares her secret with you and you share your secret with either Stacey or Megan or anybody else, that you label the secret and you claim the name, OK, it’s yours that it is yours.

So this is showing you and the drop down menu that what you would do is click on the secret and change the name. So what I’m going to do is see if I can go to the Web page and I’m going to edit that real quick for you. And so we’ll pull this down here if we can leave up the dual screen. And I’m going to take a little bit of charge here. Give me one second here and I’ll pull this off for you.

Just name it properly what it is and then dash your name so we know, you know, if everyone has their MLS and password saved, then it makes it easy to know whose is whose. Yes. Otherwise, you’re clicking through each one. That’s not mine. That’s not mine.

So that’s the issue here. So this one here, if we are trying to re labelled a secret from Nattrass, Sharna, you would click on the edit button and then within the edit button, you’d go up into the password name. And this is where you could go ahead and edit it and type something else in, right? Yeah. Whatever that happens to be, most likely your information so you can find it a lot easier. And now that secret is renamed.

Only the person who creates the secret can go in and edit the secret so we can’t go in and and change anything. We don’t have your login information. This is private for you. So, you know, we wanted to make a couple of changes on these.

And and at the end, you have to hit the sync button. Yeah. OK, so most specifically, this one right here is we’re taking a look through it with MLS. We are looking at this and it was really nice that this is shared. We don’t have permission to view it or to access it.

But this is the user name of this said secret. And so that’s their login. But we don’t actually know who this person is unless we, like, looked up this information. And so we have a bunch of different secrets within us. And the same thing for first AC. So Stacey would have a ton of different different passwords that are shared with her. Sure. So share them with anybody else. Yeah. Just label them so everybody knows what they are.

We have it in there where you can do the one you log on or you can view it.

So in case for whatever reason, I’ve had some of you call sometimes and say it won’t click on and I can’t view it. So those are corrected and you should be able to view it so you can manually put it in.

And if you’re rethinking some of your secrets right now and you’re going to be editing them today to be really nice, then what you would want to do is please go through there, open up your secrets, change the name of them. So it has your name. So everyone else, when they’re shared, can kind of understand them and go through the view and change it to the access to view access.

You can’t change your modified. Just you’re able to see it rather than just the one click, but the one click works within the viewer, too.

Yeah, they’re kind of each for each one is better than the next. Yeah. It’s kind of like it includes this plus this includes this plus that is kind of how they go there.

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