Zoho Sheets Update

Zoho Sheets as an update in most specifically, so that you can save and share the specific ranges or specific pages regarding your spreadsheet on the web with others so they can just see that sheet

And then you guys are excited, but I have to kind of sidebar this for a minute and tell you that at night, Mike and I watch a Netflix show or something in the night together. And I went up last night after working and he was watching on the big screen. I excel how to do a pivot.

Well, advanced features within pivot tables,

Pivot tables, and it was like. It was pretty, pretty funny, but that’s that’s you, and I love that.

Well, I’m glad. So now I know how to do all Typekit, it’s really impressive. It’s all about pivot. It’s some awesome stuff. So it’s been a while since I was in school and actually studied some of these things, so I’m really good at. Maybe I guess it would be Excel. Ninety five. So I was really good in office.

Nineteen ninety five. But then times have changed since then and I realize there’s a whole bunch of new tools in there. So this is one in specifically that I’m going to show off. And I think if we go ahead and share the screen, this is an update

Because there’s always a takeaway that like makes your life so much easier. Yeah, I promise.

There could be. All right. So this link, we’re going to go ahead and share and give to you guys. This just came out the other day, and they’ll often put these right at the top when you log in and then you look at them.

And if you just look at them and take like three minutes and scan through it, what you’ll find is there’s definitely something you can learn. So just keep up to date with them. But this one just came out, right? And essentially, what we’re doing here is you can publish a spreadsheet.

With all these different ranges, and you can share just that part of the page that you want to share. Ok, so the other day, Shawna had a question for me and I’m going to show you exactly kind of where we were at. Ok. So in this, I’ll have to find a spreadsheet that is good that I can kind of even show and maybe I’ll pick this sheet right here.

So within this sheet, there are is two tabs at the bottom and there’s an opportunity to go ahead and share just one of the pages if you want to just shove

It, right? Yeah.

If you have like 10 tabs across the bottom, OK, then what we’ll do is we’ll go back over here and we’ll see see exactly how this works, right? So you’d go ahead and publish this and you would manage it, and then you can share specific ranges and you can publish just that one page.

Ok. So if we go in here and we share it and we publish it. Ok, OK. And then what we have is the option to share it within Acquisto real estate or to the whole world. So if I only wanted to share this page because this page over here is super sensitive, right? And I don’t want that to be shared that I can.

So what I would do is go ahead and say, I want to share just this sheet. Ok? And the sheet name that I want to share is sheet one in this particular case. And if I want to share it outside of our company, I would share it to the external world. So now I have this whole sheet that is going to be shared. Ok?

And then I go ahead and publish the sheet. Now I have an opportunity to figure out what I want. Do I want to allow them to work within it? Do I want to be able to download it?

Do I want the grids or what do I want? And then there’s an embed code, so you could put this within your web page if you want it to, or you could allow a downloadable link or the publish link. So in this particular case, I’m going to go ahead and say, that’s what we’re looking for. Ok? And then this is now published.

So question yes, if someone does not, you know what? If you have somebody that’s an Excel person and they don’t use Zoho, are they still going to be able to?

So we’re going to allow downloads here. Ok. Ok. And now when this is published, then what we’re going to have is you see that it is published because you can unpublished it, right? And now I go back in here and I’m going to grab the the sheet and let me grab this link. So I copy this link. And now I would go into a incognito mode to verify that this link is correct.

And what that means is that I’m not logged in. Ok. Ok. And now when I go here to this page, what will show up is only this information. Ok, so they can’t see anything else and whatever we we’re going to show them is a valid thing. And if I get out of this, you saw I had the opportunity to share the whole spreadsheet so they’d have different tabs across the bottom or just a specific range.

So if I didn’t want to have the word cabinet on here, then I could share just a specific range right of what it happens to be. So my range is the highlighted one, and it’s just that, just this range, and I would share that to the external world or internal. So now if I only want to do it within a or real estate and I select these ranges right here.

And hit OK. It’s only going to show me those pages, not notes and not this, but only within here and I click, OK, and I publish this. Ok, now what this is going to do is give me the same information and I copy this. Now what you’ll notice is when I share this, when I’m logged in, I’ll be able to see the information.

But I only see these couple of cells because that’s all I shared. And if I went back and put it to the external world and was not logged in as Acquisto Real Estate person, then what I’m going to see is I don’t have the authority to access this, so it’s internal and external share.

But when you put this up, so this could be put embedded within a website or something else. So the use case would be for Anna to publish certain things within this.

Yes, for Stacey to be able to publish things, maybe her sales by like who sold something for the week or there’s just different things that you could publish if you wanted to to a specific range within a website and our sheets will, you can save them as an excel. I believe you do that with yeah, no, absolutely. Yeah. So you definitely can good.

But that I love that personally makes my life much easier.

So now you can, now you can take advantage of that. But the whole thing. The reason that I was diving into this because I can’t believe how many new features there are right technology changes super, super fast. And so I have been studying Excel super deeply.

I used to think it was cool when you could do, like, control something and it like you knew, like the different

Commands or know the amount of stuff that you can actually do is super incredible. And it’s like big data stuff and you can pivot pivot tables and you can do like double pivots and triple and it becomes pretty extreme. But what that’s going to do is allow you to have better use of your data.

And where this comes into play is if you’re inputting multiple data fields and you know, once you normalize your data, then you can start to use it. Yeah, and use it efficiently. So anyways, continue the learning. That’s the key takeaway.

Well, and simplify your life. Continuing to learn simplifies your life, and we all need that. Mm hmm. So, where are the times that this would be easy?

Maybe if you had a list of multiple offers that came in and you’re putting them inside, excel right or sharing it within here and you wanted your client to be able to see it, but you’re updating it. So as you’re updating it, they will have this updatable link and maybe you allow them to interact with it and put notes in it, or maybe you restrict them to not be able to.

But that way you would be sharing something, but the pages would be right. So there’s a lot of different things that you can do with it. There’s just so many options. Technology makes things extremely possible, and that’s just one that an agent would possibly use with this.

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