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Zoho one, do we like it goes, oh, yeah, so that’s a shirt that we actually got at zOHOlics, this one, and I was like, nah, I don’t want that shirt for myself. So I got it for go and then I don’t know.

So we have like, obviously some incredible stuff going on with the shirts and the green screen and all of that kind of comes too. But we’re huge on Zoho and we love it specifically for real estate, but we love the building blocks that it has on what it can build and what we can do with software here for our growing firm. Yeah, and it provides so many different things and I’m super passionate about it. And like that, we’ve been interviewed for, like Zoho, one case studies and like all these different things.

And it’s just because I’m actually super passionate about did anyone know how passionate my kids about Zoho?

I’m surprised they haven’t recruited you to go to be like an investor.

Yeah, well, you know, like they I do like them. And so I have a business, Mt. Rushmore.

And actually the CEO and founder of their firm is on my Mount Rushmore of business individuals. And I got to see them face to face. And I actually was able to get his autograph to sit down. No, that’s not a thing for me. But I did get to tell him it and it was actually pretty unique. So he’s sitting there at the table and we’re in this small thing in Austin. And Brandon Hearn was with me and he was at the ZOA Hall in Austin with me. And so, you know, he’s sitting there and he got done speaking and whatever. And we’re in this smaller group setting and people can approach me and talk with them and certain people are. And I let it die down just a little bit. And he sits down and he was kind of like approachable at this one setting.

He was meant to be spoke with. And I went up and sat down next to him and I just had a couple of things to him. So I said, no star struck? No, not at all. But I did tell him this. And I think he I don’t know. I think he enjoyed hearing it. Right. So I sat down and what I led with is just, I guess in classic mike fashion. I just led with a couple of facts. So I sat down and I said I said, Bill Gates. Warren Buffett, that’s like you just said, that was it, that was it. I said Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Elon Musk and Walton, Bill Walton, now the Walton founder, Sam Sam Walton and you. And. He’s like, huh?

And I said, that’s my Mount Rushmore of business individuals, so I follow them and I pay attention and I learn from what they do and what they didn’t do and how they succeeded and where their challenges were. Mostly they succeeded. But I followed the different things that they do. And I went on to explain to them that, you know, I watch what he does. I see what he’s done with this company and he’s on my business, Mt. Rushmore people.

I mean, it is incredible. So that was one of the things that we discover.

That was the first time that I got to actually meet one of them in person. So I just took just a second. I told him that and fully explain it to him. And he’s like, that is really actually incredible. And he was actually taken back by the comment. And so he was like, thanks. It’s like, that’s a lot. He didn’t say I made his day and I didn’t I wasn’t trying to. .

Yeah. Here’s a thank you. Good job, right?

So anyway, so it was a true moment and as you shared a little bit, so going on is also why I really do like it. Maybe we can go to the screen and show some of this off because we have so many products within the Zoho One Business Week. And I’m going to take just a second. I’m going to walk through this. And I want to ensure that we as agents are using all of the products correctly know that we should be a product while also a big word. But we use quite a few.

And when Zoho one was interviewing us for this case study, they were like, hey, what products to use? And I started going through the thing. I’m like, oh, let me open this up and show you. So what I actually use is Zoho one email. So we use that all the time, right? So we use the mail product. Yeah, they have a new icon for the CRM. So I’m hovering over that now.

We’re always updating and, you know, just they are significantly better. Integrations go through a rigorous process of an update. It’s a huge, huge deal. We get rid of the data silos, things integrate well, and it’s becoming better all the time.

We use the calendar and the calendar function is really supported. Well, now, would they have, like, this calendar type application Zoho? And that’s really help for scheduling. And we’re putting that on the website. And there’s a lot there to kind of integrate it. But then it pulls the forms in and like it’s like, wow, that’s really cool. And so so that’s a real thing. We definitely use work drive all the time. And when it first came out, I didn’t understand how much of a leap it was beyond what we had with Soho docs. I just like, oh, it’s like online storage, it’s whatever. And then ah we bring in Naz on the tech side and he’s like, oh no, you can actually do this, this, this and this. And that’s going to be the back end for our interface to be able to do this. And it’s like super interesting. So the things that they do. Are really impressive, and they set it all up for the future to do very well, and it’s kind of like future proofed. We also use Click Zoho Vault for our passwords all the time and make sure that you have all your stuff saved in there. I did change the password settings. So what? The passwords are required to do and Sean Amam didn’t quite like that as much as is other people. What she said, you know, when you go to save a password, it says that passwords not strong enough, you can’t save it and can’t use it all.

You have to have either a capital or you have to actually have both. So the password settings are for our organizational settings that I set is you have to have a capital letter, a lowercase letter, a no yes.

Or a symbol like one of a number and or a symbol and maybe even a symbol.
I think a number of I know it’s the capital. You can’t because I would do some lowercase passwords.
And the reason I was setting, it’s not like zero. So it didn’t require that you did.

But I changed our settings and opted a little bit. And in doing so, when you save something is also when you have to go by those password settings that are in there. What that will force you to do is to save a better password within that, within whatever app you’re actually using that is all related. But like if you’re using, like Facebook or MySpace or Facebook, you could. Yeah. So your Facebook password then would be required to do that. Then you save it and update it and share it and sink it and whatever, and you’re fine. So please make sure that you make the best use you can of the password.

So I for feedback and was almost my passwords. Yeah. Comply because I’m good. Thanks for calling. I love the vault.

Thank you very much for complying. You do love all. Yes. And so we’re starting to use the Zoho desk a lot more and that’s a product that allows us to to keep track of all the tickets and make sure that our work kind of gets done. Zoho assist we’re actually using right now. So our producer Omkar is is obviously working remote with us and he’s lobbying and producing this live for us while he’s here and he’s moving the mouse and helping me. I’m moving it sometimes because I’m talking about certain things. But he’s moving the mouse and directing and changing the scenes and seeing what’s going on without us doing anything right. So it’s almost it’s really good he’s logged in and and making those changes for us is also social for all of your social needs. If you as an agent, it’s a strong, strong reminder. If you as an agent do not currently have all of your social stuff updated to make and don’t have all your logins in giving, then we can’t track you in there. We do have a certain amount that are already paid for. And if you’re going to be serious about social media, then please get with Meghan and get on the Zoho social platform and make use of it.

That’s super if you don’t understand that just right.

So social Megan’s meeting and shit and be like, get me on there but take advantage of it. And that’s super important for you as an agent, something we offer. And then like all these things track and you can see and you can schedule and that’s really good. We obviously use the meetings quite a bit. Yeah. And so all of our company meetings are held there and I think that that works out really well. And then let’s see you sales IQ on the website and that Chaton and like tracks people the better integration there on the website. Now you’re going to start to see quite a few things go on to see, like the last time your client was on the website. And you can follow up with people that have hit the website recently that were under your domain with that to start. Yeah, yeah, I know. So you’ll be able to do that backstage. We use we use for the events. Unfortunately, right now we’re not able to have as many events.

I can go through this list every night as a writer use writer.

Yeah, well, we share all of our writer documents here for TNT. We have their share of the topics we’re going to discuss. And producer O has access to that.

And he type things in there. I can share them and we can relax. And it makes it easier rather than really cool about writer.

When, like I say, Katie and I are working on a document and she’s making a change, I can see the change in real time. It’s kind of cool. So it’s like online, you know, and then they have the same thing. But for for Excel type files with Zoho sheets, it’s just amazing all the products that we use like so many of their products.

And I can go through all of them real quick, but I don’t want to do all of that right. There’s another platform like this.

So Salesforce has something similar, except it would probably for all all but one products to be included within it and to get the same functionality would probably run about four. Four hundred and fifty dollars a monthly basis per person, per logged in user.

Ok, so just think about that and what that cost is. Now, I will admit that from what I understand and I haven’t seen it exactly recently, and so hope continues to make strides and push in the right direction that the sales force interface is a little bit more attractive. OK, the Zoho interface is a touch of clunky at times, right, but it’s so much more cost effective that it’s kind of like worth that little bit of like like how why it’s like not totally as refined, but the technology behind it is totally just too strong. So I think like it it feels that way. And it’s an enterprise solution that allows us to continue to grow and to get rid of all the data silos, which are super important to me. So a couple of the things that you should know real quick is we’re going to chat and a link to the store for Zoho. So that’s when we get one of these. Yeah, you can get one of those at the merch store in case you got this for me.

I was like, Milady would probably like is a shirt. She really likes sleeping. So we got her this shirt and then of course I have mine here. So this was actually like a baby blow. But it’s weird because it actually kind of blends in with the same color. I supposed to have different colors on here. We’re both like mega green screen is totally messing with us. It really is.

Yeah. They’re all they’re going on. So you can hit the merch store.

And, you know, there’s all types of things. They have different items in the store. That shirt means one in particular. You have that in the bottom right hand corner. That’s the that’s their CEO. OK, and over here is the backpack. Logan has American as you probably see him.
I picked that backpack up at Zoholitics, so it would be important. And we’ll chat this link in here for you, for the merchandise store, so you can kind of get to that.

If you need to have a Soho day within our office and everybody wears there’s a whole swag. It could be. Could be. They probably all want it badly, I would say. So pick up what you guys need and soft like I like this shirt.
No, it’s a well shirt and I like one of those high quality thinner like whatever the tech tumbleweed textiles has similar shirts, perma softer. Yeah. They’re nice and nice shirts. But what I’m also looking at is so what’s important for us is we started to use Zoho and it was important that we attended an event to kind of know about all these things. Now, was Horlicks is this place where the most nerdy people for Zoho go that you could ever imagine? And I was there and I was like, totally all those things. That’s where I met. I wasn’t there.

Notion of what their brand is like, algo. And so Dave really wanted to be able to really be. Yeah, it was canceled this year. So there happens to be one in Austin. We’ll totally go down. It’s normally, I think, like a three day event.

They have all these they’re actually going to go, yeah, you were going to go and catch somewhere but canceled, covid canceled. And so anyways, with Zoholitics, I do strongly if you want to utilize their software, you should definitely go. And then you do need to work with an amazing person to help you out to make sure that you coordinate everything. If your tech is not like one point, then you’ll be wasting and spinning your wheels.

It doesn’t work. It takes coordination. And that’s one of the things it’s not like off the rack software. That’s just like, hey, this works like this for real estate.

We’ve used so many different types of off the rack software and this one is just like a really nice one that we can customize to make for us. We ran into problem after problem after problem with like the software wouldn’t do the things we needed it to do. And then we ran into these data silos and we ran into like upgrade issues and like backwards compatibility and like forward things in like is like, whoa.

My language, but I know we could do that, whether you’re super techie or whether or not you guys have put this together in a way that’s pretty simple for most people to use and where a lot of that came from, this amazing business solutions.

So if we went over here and we were to click on that link, I do want to share just a little bit of information about Leo and Leo. It is simply amazing. So he was kind of our consultant and has helped us out and he made the best strides here.

So I just spoke with him the other day and he’s amazing every time I get to speak with my eye. It brings a smile to my face. I know you guys like each other.

Yeah. We have this mutual admiration for each other in that he makes me happy when I speak with him. He talks tech and he does all these things be super optimistic. He’s done well in life. He is extremely smart and he loves sharing. He listens. He loves doing. He loves sharing. And it’s really incredible. So if anyone out there needs any assistance with customizing, there’s animal products. I strongly encourage you to to reach out to Leo directly. And if you’re going to be getting a subscription to Zoho, then totally hit him up. He’ll put you under his, like, affiliate thing. I don’t know exactly how it works, but it matters to him. So do that for him. And then he has all these so many videos to be able to look at and you can customize the stuff on your own. He gives away like everything for free here on this website. So he has all these different tutorial videos on every single thing. It’s all free. And if you need any assistance after watching the videos, then he’ll help you out. So it’s kind of like learn as you go on your own for free, kind of like YouTube style. But then when you run into something and you’re like, I don’t actually know how to do this because like his tech goes from I talk about level one questions and then above.

So his stuff on his channel starts at level one. And then real quick, it gets to like level three. And then all of a sudden you’re like, oh, snap. I’m at like level five Zoho stuff here and I’m writing code and following these things. And he makes it really easy, puts all the stuff in there. And then all of a sudden I’m like, whoa, I just totally drowned in this.

I know we pay for Zoho, right. But if you think back, we talk about, you know, fairly often about people like Lee or that share for free when you share these things for free and he’s successful, all the people that do that are successful. And it’s not like they got success and then they, you know, but it’s like a responsibility to to give back, kind of like we talk about. I think it’s amazing. I mean, there’s so many people out there. If you keep everything yourself and you’re greedy and you don’t share, then. What good is it to have, you know? So we’ll check this link in  all these different things, if you see something on luaus page that would be helpful to you in a way that we could utilize this offer better than we’d probably like to do it. Take a minute and scroll around here and see what’s going on. But he covers so many different topics and different things. And we try to follow and we try to do as many as we can and we try to continue to upgrade this. But he’s simply amazing and I totally recommend them.

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