Hey there, it’s Mike, good to see you guys. I’m a real estate broker. One of the things that I love is zoho mail. I have no idea why I love it so much, but I do. In fact, I love the whole Zoho product field, whether it’s Zoho CRM, whether it’s workdrive, huge Zoho one fan, we use it company wide and it’s been amazing for us. I love the fact that they continually enhance it and put new updates out all the time. I like that it is mobile app.

I like that it also has a calendar built in. There’s so many good things to it. So we’ve got the screen up right behind us. And today we’re going to discuss how you as an agent can become a power user who wants to be just like an average user or a below average user, frankly. Hmm. OK, fine. I’ll say it. I think that most of you are below average Zoho mail users.

I don’t think you use all of the features who would want to be below average something. We’d want to be better at it. Right. So let’s at least raise us to average. And if you’re ready, we’re going to go ahead and make you a power user. So there’s some new features and enhancements that we’re going to show off here now. So let’s go ahead and split the screen and show you what we’re speaking about. Mm hmm. So as he pulls that up, I’m going to let you know that there are some new updates that Zoho just released and we’re going to be able to go ahead and see them here for us. So this is an important topic.

Think about how much time you as an agent spend in email. Think if you raised your bar from just being below average. And I’m not calling any one of you out. I’m just calling all of you out. Right. That I think you’re below average as far as your email usage goes and using all the features that Zoho has, if you raise your bar, imagine how much more efficient you would be. So I’m going to go ahead and show this off for us and I’m going to show you all where all of the new enhancements come in. So Zoho has this up here and they try to alert you about it and they want you to read more and click on this button.

Whenever there’s a new update or enhancement, they put that out there. So what we want to try to do is bring everybody back to fully updated where they know everything that’s going on and then we’ll cover them as these updates come out. But any time you see something like this up here at the top, it’s probably really important that you go ahead and read it, just review it, only take a minute. And if you understand it, you’ll be better off. OK, so most people just go around like click, don’t tell me this again and then it’s removed. But if you just take a second and read more.

Then they’re going to open up a page and tell you all about it. This link we’re going to chat in, so you have it super handy because maybe you missed this notification already and you want to get it back. So producer will put that in there for you so you can get to it. And I’m going to kind of walk through this and show you what we got. So if we take a look here, what they’re showing us is they have a new feature called Snooze and Reminders. I think it’s pretty cool. So what it’s going to allow you to do is set a snooze on something. I know you guys all probably wake up on your first alarm in you out of bed and you’re all ready to go and you’re all happy and excited.

But if sometimes you get an email and you want it snoozed, then maybe this helps you out. I started to use this just the other day and I was like, wow, this is pretty helpful. I should share this off with people. So let’s take a look at my email directly. So as I pull it up, what I’m going to show you is one of these messages right now has red behind it. And what that is, is this was actually snoozed by me earlier.

It came in initially at seven twenty two am. And what I did is I read it and then it’ll show up as unread and pop up and remind me to take a look at it is part of my normal workflow. What I typically do is if I get an email and I click on it and I read it, and what would happen is if I want to go ahead and remind myself later, then I would click on it and I would go over here and I was market is on the red.

Then my unread emails go pop in, the count goes up. Right. But what happens is over time, it sinks lower in the queue when you get other messages in and sometimes you miss it. Right. So it just depends if it’s up, what your workflow is. So if you want to take a message and you want to delay when you get it and set that up for yourself, then all you do is you would go over here and I would still market is unread, right.

Because I won’t actually open it and I’ll go to snoots. And when I snooze it, I have a choice on how long a snooze it for for ten minutes an hour tomorrow at the same time. Right. I can do it next week at a certain time or I can set a custom time and date. So if I want to snooze this till later in the afternoon, then I would be able to go over here and maybe I have meetings.

So I click on this and I’m just hitting the up arrow and it’s moving at one hour at a time. And then I could obviously go over and I could change the minutes in which it happens to start. And that would automatically remind me at 12:00 to 12:45 a.m.. If that’s my desired time. And what it will do is move it on and delay it. I think I set it for the wrong time, so don’t worry about that. But I’ll show you that you can snooze it for just one hour and then that goes away and then you see how it’s been snoozed up here at the top. All right. So that’s one application to go ahead and snooze and email that came into you and possibly that helps you out.

So at this point, I’m going to go ahead and dismiss that emails message. So I don’t see it on a reoccurring basis. And then I’m going to go over the reminder feature. Zoho also has a reminder feature, and it can remind you or it can remind others on how this is. So we have all these different things down here and can follow up with a specific time in reminder if it hasn’t been completed. Really, really cool is you can go ahead and set a reminder to somebody if they don’t go ahead and reply back to the message or complete what you want if there’s an important task.

So, for example, maybe there’s a message that like this. I don’t want to click on anything to super sensitive, but I’ll click over here and I might reply back, OK? And when we do this, we can also set a reminder. On what’s going on here, so let me see how I do that. Set reminder. So how I got to that as I write collect, so like somehow sometimes that, like extra finger, you normally use your right finger for the mouse, but if you use your left finger, that’s the right click. It’s going to give you some more details here so you can remind you on a specific time if somebody replies or if no one replies until, and then you can remind yourself at a certain time.

So maybe there are supposed to be a reply to that message. And if I don’t get it back, it’s super important. Then tell me within ten minutes and you can send me a notification or another email. And I could also remind the recipients. All right, and when you’re in here, what you’re able to do is set whatever you want your response to be, so maybe you have a standard response that goes out that like, hey, this message is important.

And if you don’t reply by this time, I’m going to set a reminder and just remind you and it’ll send that person another message to go ahead and reply to that. Maybe it’s an agent maybe that you’re working on. Maybe a really good application for this. Right. Would be, hey, I sent in an offer for you on this property. I need a reply back from you to acknowledge that you received it.

Can you please do that within whatever time frame? If you don’t get it back, then this is going to send them a negative message, so to speak. It’ll say Mike sent you this message. You didn’t finish whatever it is. And I have the message right here that I can go ahead and customize. That would be my standard one. So this would help you to make sure that you receive that response back. You also might have different things that you have an option time or an earnest money do.

And somebody else has to carry out a task. This can either remind them by reminding them here or it can remind you in that particular situation whatever happens. So this could be helpful to you in that type of situation. Chat in. Now, if you can come up with some different examples on how reminders could help you out as an agent, improve your workflow, maybe it takes that stuff off your mind. I know I don’t like to have to remember anything in particular, and I like to have kind of like a free mind and not worry about it and put those responsibilities off on other people.

This is an opportunity that you have as an agent to be able to off off put those items onto somebody else’s list and have them email system follow up on it for you if they don’t reply back. So it’s smart, it tracks. It does a bunch of items for you and it’s super exciting. Right. So those are just two items that are within Zoho mail to help make you more of a power user. What I’m going to do next is split the screen and go back and show you more, because what we showed you is nice. But let’s get even deeper into it because we’re trying to make you a power user, not an average user again. So as we go back here.

There we go. So now we’re on the screen. Go ahead and cancel onto this. Thank you guys all for chatting in all the different ways that you’re going to use Zoho e-mail to become better. And let’s click over here inside the e-mail. And we have a ton of different options that come up for us whenever we use. Right. Click, OK. One of them might be I want to saw this is super common that I want to sort from emails from this person. So what I can do is I can say list all emails from this sender.

And what that will quickly do is show me all the messages back and forth that I might be receiving from this person. Helps me out to stay right in front of it. So I don’t miss something. Sometimes somebody says, hey, I sent you a message and you’re like, wow, I can’t really find it. And you’re scrolling back and maybe you’re going over here and doing this and putting the mail and put their email address in here to find it and do this by simply installing this right.

Click and saying Mail from sender. Essentially what it’s doing is this whole workflow for you that’s taking the email address, putting it over, putting it in the search bar for you and doing putting from that person’s email. So possibly that helps help maybe if you want to see it larger, you can open it in a new window and by go ahead and doing that.

What it does is it opens up a whole new window for you so that you can see the complete message. OK, so that will open it up in a new message, a whole new window, if you want, by right. Clicking there. And then there’s also the additional option, the same way to open a new tab. So what that will do is open you up a new tab over here, right under here, and it opens it up.

So you have tabs in your email similar to how you have tabs all across the top. So if you have maybe four emails that you’re composing, I know maybe like last night, my wife and I were trying to send a message out to somebody and she’s like, I just really need to start this message. So she went ahead and composed a message and started on it that can go over here if you add it to the tabs and you can continue to add more messages to the tabs, if that’s something what you want.

So you go ahead and add this to a new tab as well. And now we have a second tab that opens tabs. So continue to open up your just as they would up top. So hopefully that gives you a little way to kind of clean stuff up in your mind and make it a touch easier for you to follow up.

Right. So you can go ahead and apply that standard. A lot of people must reply to all. So that’s one down here. If you’re getting too many items from a person, then you can go ahead and add them to spam, not messages from me, but from others. If you want to add them to spam, then you can go ahead and do that and control what you’re getting there. And then you can add all different types of features over here by add to so you can add a filter.

So if you are the type of person that wants to be super organized, you can take all your messages and filter them and then they’ll go into specific places. I do that with some of the different lead sources that come in to us and I have those messages go right in here because I don’t want to necessarily see them, but I want them organized. So maybe if you want to sort them by client or by something else, you could do that. Stacey use utilizes this all the time so that you can go ahead and set up filters for yourself.

And that will do a lot for you to organize what you have. You can also go ahead and add it is a task a no in added to calendar. So if for some reason you’re getting something back and somebody says, hey, I’m going to invite you to this event, you can go ahead and add that to calendar right away, and it immediately opens up calendar.

It takes the subject and it puts it right in here. It creates an immediate calendar invite for you can set the initial information and hit more options. And now we’re adding this to a calendar event that you’re creating. Probably saves you a lot of time. And this would probably be a good way to go ahead and do it without exiting the application going back in. These are just like five different ways that I showed you real quick that you can become a lot better and help out. Right.

So Stacey Chat’s in with a really good way to go ahead and use this. And Stacey says that she wants to be able to remind agents of documents that they need. Right. That they need to step back to her. So that would be important for her to get from them and they agents to also get from other people, whether it’s another agent, whether it’s from the client. Maybe somebody doesn’t follow up with you in the correct time frame. It should save you a ton of time. Being organized is super important.

These are all different features on the desktop specifically. Right. So let’s go ahead and come on back to spend a lot of time that have been talking about this. But it’s really important that we become better at it. Imagine if we spend just a little bit of time. Getting better to email every show you like, I don’t know, five, six different features that are make you better and email.

But imagine how much time you get back, how many things that you won’t have to think about, the burdens that you won’t have to carry around if you utilize email as a power user. And don’t be offended that I called you out and said that I think that you’re a below average user in Zoho Mail because you can change that. And if you feel that you’re above that, then just chat and then let me know or let me know if you feel that’s an accurate assessment.

With all the different features that we just showed off today, how many people were utilizing them on a regular basis? How many people learn something just a little bit different that should save you time every single day? Isn’t that what you really want is for technology to improve things, to give you time back and to make you better? That’s the whole purpose, right? If you utilize the features, you will, in fact, get that.

That’s why I’m a huge fan with Zoho, a huge fan of Zoho one and specifically all male continuous improvements. And now we’re all caught up in all where we need to be on this one. And boy, did I talk about that for a long time.

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