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Zoho Calendar update. Who gets excited when there’s a new Zoho release and they update a product? All right, fine. I’m guilty. We’re going to talk about the updates that came to Zoho Calendar. We have a link. We’re going to chat that in.

We’re going to tell you how to use it. What are the resources possible uses that you can have and how you can share your calendar with some other people? So let’s go ahead and give that link and switch over here. Omkar is going to be nice enough to highlight some of these issues and throw it up on the screen and we can walk through this.

So here is the article. This one came out a little while ago. I’ve been holding this in the back pocket for a little while, waiting for just the right moment to make sure that we get this information out. So this came out in January, the end of January. So this is a couple of months dated now and these new releases are going to be available right now. They’re available now.

So updating your calendar. Yes, you should totally do it. You get a clean, clutter free interface. And who doesn’t like that? Right. Everybody is always clamoring for a clutter free interface. So that’s one of the things you get here. You can change the layout and look at it in different ways. So that’s going to be new and modern and bold and all of those things.

You have night mode, right? So check that out. Give it a look. You can work with teams across the world. So if you have people in other time zones, I know I have problems scheduling things from time to time when our calendar changes and there’s doesn’t necessarily change.

And I think for some reason that we are the center of the universe. And I quickly realized that like the time zone change here doesn’t translate and it doesn’t like auto ding to somebody else across the world to know that, you know, daylight savings time hit. Right? So those are real issues.

But here we have a different time zone. So you can have a different time zone in there and have that all noted for you. So that makes it easier. You can search smarter and faster. So did you know that there is a search feature in the corner of that so you can look through it to find different items, many, many different ways that you can search. You can search for details like event, location, organizer name, and you can find these things a little bit quicker.

So if you just remember, I don’t know, I can’t remember when, but Mike sent me something or whomever it is that sent that out, you’ll be able to search on those items. So if you just remember one piece, this should all kind of tie it together so you can find it shortages in double booking. So that has to do with resource bookings. So a resource would be something like a conference room maybe or Zoom meeting with Mike Dotcom, if that’s the case, if there’s only one of those, but we’re using it, maybe Logan for scheduling a media day.

So there are certain resources that are things. So what this is insinuating here is some type of conference room, some type of shared space that multiple people are trying to use and or book such as Logan. Then that’s a way to go ahead and do that. So if there are some enhancements there that make it a little bit better, maybe if Megan sees it better that she uses a resource like that and they can see Logan’s schedule or Media Day schedule, and that helps out. That would be good.

So there’s many different features that all come into play here, and whenever there’s an update, there’s different things that we can use to go ahead and take advantage of the changes in the technology updates. So spend a couple of minutes look at Zoho Calendar as it relates to you as an agent, see how you can take advantage of this. See if there’s a programming change that you can have to put in there to make your day just a little bit easier, right?

So there’s obviously notification bells on when things happen, how you get notified, what your standard thing is. All of this can be made a little bit easier and then you, of course, can share your calendar with other people. There’s still a way to sync up Zoho Calendar with any of the other calendars out there, but Zoho Calendar should be your main calendar. Use it, enjoy it, and get your life back and stay on track. So calendar.

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