Zillow- So let’s go to the in this article and we’ll bring that bad boy up. So here we go. Thank you to for sharing this article out.  

And from time to time, we like to add them up. So we’ll take this link and we’ll chat it in there for you. So Zillow has shifted to an IDX, right? And it is live. And there’s several things that you as an agent should know. So they’re changing the way that they report things. And it’s like kind of a big shift. And Zillow is modifying.

You and they’re trying to marginalize you as an agent, right, so they’re not referring to you anymore as an agent, a realtor, a buyer’s agent, any one of those turns. And instead, they have coined a new term for you and it’s a local guide.

Ok, and so what they’re trying to do is marginalize your professionalism and show off that you’re not really an agent. And so that’s one of the big shifts because they want to utilize their internal people as kind of like employees to to be able to sell these properties in a different way.

Still, they have to be licensed to be able to discuss and to actually work on real estate.  

Anything real estate related?

Yeah. So this is a shift here in which they’re doing right and they’re trying to make realtors become employees of Zillow, take a larger cut for themselves, not do it the way they are. They’re trying to change the way that they market agents. Right. And show us off as personal guides and, you know, change some items in this shift is just another turn in it.

So any time that Zillow represents and says something like they have your best interest at heart as an agent or any one of those things or like, hey, this is what we’re doing, we promise those are not actual words that that are true. And so anyways, you’ll see some changes going on on Zillow. Not a big deal for you to really necessarily know, except if a client asks you, then you can refer them directly to mean. I’d be happy to answer any in-depth questions regarding that.

I would like for them to know so they can explain it and what they’ve done. I will say this. If you guys have a lease listing listing the lease listing, Zillow is no longer that’s no longer fed through their feed.

So they’re no longer disseminating that information out. OK, but what they are doing is if you want your lease listing on Zillow, you have to pay for it, OK? And I don’t feel that is necessary in a lease because, you know, realtor dot com gets that information. All the other public websites get the information. I do think it’s going to take a little bit of time, just as we saw before, that people were taking those those estimates and and thinking they were the gospel in the estimates.

That’s what my home is worth. Right. But as we saw, it took a little bit of time for us professionals to explain and educate consumers and buyers and sellers that that is not true. And this is why this is how they get their information. So I think this is the same thing. It’s a matter of time before the information gets out there to everyone that they understand that Zillow has shifted from a platform right.

To a brokerage and therefore they are getting the same information, nothing different than us realtor.com or any of these other sites. So, yeah.

And so we’re going to come up with something better if Zillow has his estimate and your Shana list.

What do you have? For home valuation, are you Acquisto, Beeliar, if anyone has an idea on what we should call our own, let us know. Yeah, that’s what we’re going to give everybody is an estimate . I think that’s going to really catch on. And if it does, that would be amazing. What’s your estimate? Very good. That’s accurate, Chat and now what the name should be. Thank you guys for playing along with us in understanding the changes they’re making. And I’m always here for you. That topic is now closed for today.

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