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Zillow Gone Wild. Content creators love real estate. So there’s all these social media content creators, right? They want to be putting stuff out there all the time and they want to have people following them. One of the big items that they’re using is real estate, and they’re using people’s addiction to real estate. And the fact that people want homes so bad or want something different or do all these things.

Just like another really good example of this are like the home renovation shows and everything that goes along with that, right? And all the TV channels that even come up from all those things, people buying stuff and the DIY craze and everything going on.

How is this for real estate? Right. And the answer is, I believe that almost any publicity or any attention is good attention. I believe that there’s a lot of people that currently are obsessed with real estate and they talk about it all the time.

If you ever go out to the restaurant and you’re just sitting there and you’re talking with whomever you’re talking with, and then you hear some chatter off in the distance, you know how you can, like hear a voice every once in a while you hear somebody saying something and you just listen in for a second because it’s just just kind of hits you, right? And all of a sudden, you’re listening. They’re talking about real estate, too.

And no, it’s probably not appropriate for you to go over and chime in and talk to them about what’s going on in your world as well. But it’s amazing how much people talk about real estate, about the appreciation about what they’ve done, about what they want would like to do, about what their neighbor did, because everybody knows they talk and people gossip. So that’s going to get a lot of discussion.

But let’s go ahead and take a look at this article we have here and we’ll chat that link in for you. Don’t fear the content creators Why Zillow Gone Wild is not bad for real estate agents.

So like I said, almost any publicity is good publicity, right? It’s showing these properties off in a light and people like put themselves on the side and showing off the properties and doing all those types of things right. So we’ll just scan through the article here and we’ll chat it in for you. And I believe the same thing. Anytime that you have publicity on something, it’s going to be good.

The amount of views that are on something is tremendous. If you just log into your emails and think about this and look at how many times somebody’s viewed, clicked, scrolled, or whatever the metrics are for your properties and you see where that happens to be. Maybe it’s on your MLS account, maybe it’s on like Realtor.com, maybe it’s on Zillow. You’ll see how many times it was viewed there and then realize that it also goes out to all the other brokerage websites and how many times is viewed there and how many times it picks up in somebody’s search and how many times it is shared online.

And you look and you see all those shares, all those mentions, all the people that have put an eyeball on it. It’s unbelievable to think about how many people are talking about real estate all the time and how many people are viewing it and scrolling it and wishing and hoping. And it’s just tremendous. So I’m a firm believer in almost any attention is good intention and you should continue continue to have no problems with any of these people doing those things.

I just don’t want them to impersonate real estate agents and say that they’re either the property owner, they need to ask for proper permission to get it done. And you can’t just do stuff. But this is an article here that I think you should take a minute and look through and see the unique social media approaches that people are doing and how it brings attention to it and how it helps them grow their followership. I think these people that you’ll see here will have a lot of different views and a lot of followers.

So if that’s something that you’re after, maybe this is a good idea for you to take an enhanced look at. That will be in the in the chat and you’ll be able to take a look there in the description later on. So best of luck.

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