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Zillow data, we’re going to take a deep dive into this. Show you what it could be. Show you how you as an agent might become a local neighborhood expert. Show you how all this data is free. We’re going to split the screen and show it off to you.

We’re going to dive in. We’re going to show you all the things you can do with it, where you can find it, how you could access it, how the raw data is compiled and where that’s all at. And then they have some visuals. So we’re going to see some visuals as well. And knowledge is power, data is power.

So we’re going to show that off here. So I’m going to take this link and chat it in for you and you’ll have that at your fingertips so you can get in touch with it at any time whatsoever.

Now, I don’t really know Zillow does this, but they have all this data and they publish it and they share it. So it’s out there, right? And you can go ahead and see it. So this is basically a Zillow research data project and then they release it.

So what we have over here on the right is the housing data and home values, and I’ll allow them to maybe click on some of the dropdowns there and see the data types and see what we have. So we have all these different series of data that you can download under this one here. So it’ll show you stuff related to single families and when they sold and what’s going on.

The geography type for the neighborhoods and whatever. So this is data that you could find from there and then you can go ahead and download it. So you would have all of that stuff and it downloads in a CSV file that would be in the bottom right hand corner.

And then you can go ahead and take and obtain this data and do something with it. So this has a bunch of information in here that you might gather some information from, right?

So if you have people that are just total data nerds that are clients or this is something you want to talk about with somebody, it’s all here for you. Some of this data you may be able to access through MLS, right? But some of this you might not be able to. So what we’ll do is show off the next item.

We’ll close that down and then they have the home value forecast. So they have a whole bunch of things down here under their AVM or automated value model, and then they have seasonally adjusted data and whatever.

And then they have months and past months and future months and whatever rental information is down here. Inventory is the next item underneath that, and you can see a bunch of different stuff lists and sale prices of different properties.

So you can pull that one up there and see the data types that go underneath it, and they’ll be all types of stuff. Same with sales and price cuts, so you’ll be able to click there. There’s just a bunch of information within here and you’ll be able to see how many properties sold, where they were, what was going on, just tons of data. So if you’re into that type of thing, there it is.

Now I’m going to grab the mouse for just a moment and direct us over here to visuals and allow us to see what we have here. So under visuals, Zillow has a whole bunch of other items here that they’re pulling up. So if you like to look at data and its raw form, that’s one way to do it.

But if you like to look at it in visuals and see those things, then here it is. It’s a bunch of charts, a bunch of graphs and all types of items that they’re publishing here.

And maybe this helps you. Maybe it gives you something that you could share out there. Maybe it gives you something that you could repurpose some different content that maybe you could say like, Wow, this inspired me to create something specific on design pickle and that you could go out and share.

So they’re publishing this data, and it’s kind of really impressive. How much is all here and what you could do with it? The possibilities are nearly endless.

Once you kind of have the data, now you have some power and you could do some items with it. So kind of get creative, think about it and take action right. This could be part of your social media plan to find items here.

So we’re going to take this link in particular Zillow.com research backslash graphics. So take this link. We’ll chat it in for you. So you have it and do a dive there. See if you find something, see if you could create something with your logo on it and be cognizant of where you’re getting the data.

Make sure that you look at it and maybe validate some of the different things, because if you’re putting it out there, you want to make sure you’re doing a good job with representing true facts. So there you go. Zillow, actually. Thank you for the data. I appreciate it. Great research points.

Good items to share on social media. Good things to be able to repurpose agents. There’s a lot there. Go ahead and dig in. Normally, I’m not a huge fan of Zillow, actually.

Ok, this might be the only time that I actually am that I can remember. So there it is. Zillow data research brought to you.

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