Youtube Best Viewer of the Year

Hey, do you want to be the best YouTube viewer of the year? Hmm? Yeah, if you do chat in and say your name right and you can be the  best YouTube where you were before.

So what we’re going to do is we’re going to walk you through right now kind of the best ways that you can be a viewer, especially for our show here and how you can interact and kind of what can go on. So we’re going to take a a walk through. We’re going to do a full demo on how you would log in. You can subscribe, hit the bell and generally how you can watch live. Right. I can announce your attendance, how you can ask questions later, like what’s going on and then what happens to the show afterwards. So we’re going to hit all of those topics and more right now. Right. OK, so let’s go ahead and start off and we’re going to maybe split the screen here and we’re going to demo kind of how to log in.

So we have producer oh here for us. And he’s going to be helping us walk through on the screen over here. We have that. We are currently logged in as Shauna. So, Shauna, her account is actually separate, right. From what we have is Acquisto real estate. So Shana is going to go ahead and show us what we do next. So the first thing we’re going to do is go over here and we would hit the subscribe bell. Now, we might have a slightly different log in because we have something.

I’m sure everyone knows this, but it’s like.

Let’s back that up. Let’s back that up, OK. So you have to be signed in first to Google. So Google and YouTube, they’re like YouTube is a Google product. Thank you for catching me on that. I was trying to show how to demo log in.

I just went right to it. Right. So what we’re doing here is you will click on the upper right hand corner when you’re logged in to it, to your account. And we’re hovering over that now, showing the face. So that would be in the upper right corner. And then when you’re logged in as yourself, right. Then you can actually go ahead. And it’s pretty interesting how easy it is. Let me show real quick, Omkar, that when you when you do this, all you have to do is add a new browser tab if you ever get stuck. And over here, these icons come up and it’ll show you all of your Google Apps. So this shows all the different apps that you kind of have. And if you go in here and you click on the YouTube one, then you’ll be logged into YouTube with your Gmail account.

So it’s kind of like open a new browser tab and then go ahead and click there.

And then you can be logged into whichever one of these is, whether it’s Gmail, whether it’s your photos. But for this particular thing, we want to log in to YouTube. So now we hit YouTube and now we’re logged in as Shana.

And then what we’re going to do is now for the first time, we need to go ahead and find the Acquisto Real Estate channel. So to do that will go ahead in the search bar and we’ll type in Acquisto Real Estate. And you can see everything Sean was looking at and now when we look up Acquisto Real Estate, we’re going to see the channel and what you will be able to do is go ahead and subscribe. That would be the first thing. Now, we were already subscribed. So there you go. You subscribed and then there’s a bell over here.

So what the bell does is it has to be notified when a new video comes out. And when we kind of start. So you don’t have to go through that process every day, you’ll just get this notification as long as your device allows for it. So you might have to check your settings and make sure that you’ve enabled that  bell to kind of go off. It’ll ding, you’ll get a notification, you click on it and it’ll bring you directly there every day after. So that’s what getting the bell. So go ahead and hit the bell there and then you’ll be following. So I guess that  you now have logged in or created an account. If you don’t have a Gmail account, then you’ll have to create one.

But I’m going with a given that we all have a Gmail account in some ways and some of you have asked, you know, I can’t chat and I can see it, but I can’t chat in. So if you’re not subscribed, you’re not going to be able to do that.

Yeah. If you’re not logged in and subscribed, then you kind of can’t do that. So then we talked about subscribing to the bell and then we wanted you to log in early so that you don’t miss any part of it. So we start at eight forty five as close as we can, and we normally start playing some music for about five minutes early. So we’ll start playing the music early so you can get in. What that should allow you to do is not miss the opening of it. So we do have on the opening credits that it’s about that it starts at eight forty-eight forty five and then we’re playing some music will change the music up from time to time. Maybe give me a thumbs up if you like the music.

And maybe you send us a little video if you’re like dancing to it before TMT dance. Pretty cute. Yeah. All right. We’ve got some dancers.

There’s all different types of ways that you can watch it. So I’ve heard of all the different applications that where people watch. So you can obviously watch on your phone. You can cast it from your phone to your TV. If you have a smart TV, there’s most likely the YouTube app inside there. So you could watch it on there. You might need to chat in or, you know, put your  things in on your on your device because you have to be able to type it in. And it might be easier if you’re on this. You watch it on your computer, you can watch it on your desktop or your laptop or whatever, the iPad, all the different devices. It does help. If you open it up full screen, then you’ll be able to see kind of what we’re showing off, sometimes just a little delayed.

I mean, I guess they wouldn’t know that nine. I log in multiple devices sometimes, so I see that.

But I guess they would say that now.

They probably would not. So there it does take a delay because it is live, it’s 100 percent live and we’re all interacting here. So log in early and then watch it live. So that’s going to be the best way so you can interact. OK, so that helps out quite a bit. So you’re interacting. And what that means is if you log in late, so let’s say that we start at eight forty five. And now if you happen to be you know, life happens if you log in at eight fifty. Right. And you’re five minutes late, then you missed half of the first, you know, the intro and a little bit of the first topic. You kind of don’t know what we’re talking about. So it’s an issue. But we do want you to do is stay watching from that moment forward on the live feed. So then you’ll go ahead and you’ll be able to interact and go through and do kind of what’s going on and you’ll see what’s going on.

So we do have our showing off a little bit of the delay. It’s kind of cool. And so you go ahead and watch that bad boy live, then.

What we’d like you to do is afterwards, after the show ends, go back and watch from the beginning of the episode and watch to where you were when you started. So you make sure you see the whole thing. So that’s kind of like that. Hey, that’s  on you because you logged in a little bit of late.

So at least you can log in late March, seven minute rule.

So yeah, I’ll just cancel the meeting for seven minutes late. But anyways, back to this. When you log in and do that now, it does YouTube does take a couple of minutes to publish it. So there’s the possibility that once you once it ends that we have to finalize it and it has to be posted.

So you can do that. So you might have to wait a few minutes or log back in and just a little bit to be able to go ahead and do that. And, you know, you should be fine there, OK? And then we want you to interact. And so the first way to interact is to announce that you’re present and that really helps. So what we’re starting to do each day is it helps that we know who’s on, who’s watching, who’s engaging, who’s interacting. So that’s a really important thing. Sean really likes to know. We don’t get to see you guys.

And, you know, I think it’s important to see who’s really engaging and knows what’s going on around here.

So as soon as you log in, if you log in or just go ahead and do that and we can see the viewers that are on there, the number of them, but we can’t see who you are until you announce yourself. So go ahead and take roll call right at the beginning. Maybe we’ll remind everyone to do that right in the open. But just a roll call. As soon as you log in, then we know we’re  good to go. It helps us to them, like, oh, yeah, everyone’s on here. That’s good. Right? And we know who’s watching and when they’re watching, we can ask somebody to comment on something. So sometimes I might need something from a particular person. I’ll need like a link from Megan. And it helps if I know she’s present and that she can go ahead and chat that link in and kind of help out if that’s the case. OK, yeah. Then so we talk about interacting and then interact to ask questions. So if you have something that ‘s relevant, we do want you to go ahead and ask it or type it or whatever. We will see the comment, but like not necessarily immediately. We’re trying to look into the camera and it’s  off to the side just a little bit. So we see what’s going on and we can look at it from time to time and see what it is. If anything is important that comes up is like a super hot topic then. Producer Oh, we’ll say it in my ear and I’ll hear it and then I’ll go ahead and take a look and see those comments.

I think it’s funny, you know, some people are like here and I just think about back in school when you’d have to, like, either raise your hand, say here there was always one kid that’s like present.

Yeah. It’s like, yeah. So announce yourself however you would like. Yeah. Then interacting and asking questions is the best thing that we just covered. And then we want you to go ahead and share with others. That’s kind of a core thing that’s important to us. It’s one of our values. And as our business began, it began to grow. We realized that we needed to give back. And one of the ways that we felt to give. Was to share some knowledge and to have events and different things, but don’t covid kind of can’t have these big events. So what we’re now doing is trying to share this with whomever wants. So if you know somebody that’s like, hey, I’m thinking about getting licensed and maybe I’ll do that. And there’s a lot of people that consider that from time to time. Right. So go ahead and be like, hey, if you really want to start, just go ahead and share this with them and they can start watching it and they’ll see if the topics we cover and the things they do are relevant to them. It doesn’t matter if they’re going to ultimately be with our brokerage or not, and it doesn’t really even matter where they are. Right. So if they want to continue to learn some real estate topics, definitely pass this along and share investor or I mean, just never know. It doesn’t even matter. Clients are totally fine if they want to see more about us. If you’re like, hey, you know, somebody wants to kind of meet us or whatever, just like go ahead and share the channel with them. And there’s a link in YouTube where you can go ahead and share the channel or share the video. And then once you share the video with them, maybe we can split the screen up again.

And then if we click on any of the videos that are over here that maybe not the live one, I don’t know if you can share live, but share whichever you prefer and go ahead and see that. And then there is a share button. So you’ll hit the share button right over there and then you can go ahead and share that with them. It says what time they want it to start at.

You can post to Facebook or whatever you want to be if we cover something that’s interesting to you. Right. And you say like, hey, this is something we covered today and you can comment on it and you could share it out on your Facebook or. Yeah, oh, I didn’t even know those words. And then you can start at a specific spot. So for speaking on something that’s important to you or you want to share it with somebody else or whatever that happens to be, that’s how you can get to that exact time and then you should be good. It’ll start right at that second when the other person gets it. So those are all options for you. But we want to share this content with others, specifically agents who want to join or clients or whatever rank. So go ahead and do that.

And then we also want you to suggest topics for you to process a lot of different scenarios and have great ideas all the time. So we want you to share those with us.

And this one kind of came to us from a from one of the agents. They asked like, hey, I’m having a challenge with this. And we’re like, you know what? We should actually go over and review that with everybody so they know how to do it. And we kind of have a clean slate. And yes, I know what’s going on, so I hope that helps them out. And then you were like, hey, what happens with the episode afterwards and why are you kind of doing all of this? So let me kind of dive into that just a skosh.

And if you would, we’re going to pull up another link and show you where it goes ultimately on our website. And we’ll have producer. Oh, go over here.

And what you’ll see now is we are now on and we have a link and a page that’s created. So what we do is we go through and as soon as the episodes done, it gets cut up into multiple different episodes. So we take each topic and put it together as a topic and it becomes a blog post. The blog post goes to our website and we download the whole transcript of kind of what went on. So every single word that we say now goes right on this page. So as you look down, all the words are right in here. So it’s all transcribed. So if you like reading rather than watching or if Mike talks too slow or any one of those things, then you can go ahead and scroll right down through here and you’ll be able to like kind of read the things and see what it is.

Now, the transcription might not be 100 percent perfect. We kind of we just get through it. But that does take some serious effort there. And then we have other topics that we’re working on here. So you can see similar topics in similar articles and what we’ve done in the past. This really helps out with our search engine optimization on our page because then we’ve kind of covered this topic. It also helps on YouTube as well to get a bunch of things. So so that works out well. If we go ahead and scroll back to YouTube and look at the channel, I might show off some super nerdy things because you guys are like, oh, wow, that’s awesome. And maybe let’s go in the producer O on video IQ because you really like that stuff and so like and will maybe show off some of the things that kind of go in here. So he’s now switched in the account and logging in as Acquisto Real Estate. And then we’re looking at it and he’s looking at there’s a ton of different things. So we see this powered by videIQ. But I use a plug in that we added in that was suggested.

What we have here is a ton of stats that go along with it. So we’re able to see all these different types of numbers of what’s going on, who’s watching, how much, what’s the duration, how our subscriber growth is going, videos that are comparable and. Then we get to get into super nerdy things, and when we go in and we look at any video, we have different topics that it kind of covers or tags or SEO things. So as we would click on one of them, what we might have here is he’ll log in here and we can look at some of the stats with it. So over on the right, we have a history of the chat that comes up. And then what we have down here are some SEO things, and we have the option to add more SEO tags to it and to update it and make it a little bit better. And then they give suggestions as to other things and then they’ll talk about like competitors and like these are the things that you use your computer.

It just magically happens. Well, it doesn’t answer all the things that are put into this for us that make a huge difference. So thank you for that.

It might be super superiority. It might be like super, super nerdy, but it’s necessary and and it makes a huge, huge difference over a period of time. So all these things, we’re tagging them together, putting them on topic Klosters, like there’s a lot that goes on. I kind of enjoy that stuff and getting out and stuff, I’m just so thankful that I don’t have to worry about that. So anyway, that’s how you can be one of the best viewers of the year. We hope that you are. Is that going to be an award in a year or the year? It could be. It could very well be.

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