Don’t let other people dictate your reality

Hey there, Shana Acquisto, co – owner and broker of Acquisto Real Estate, and I’ve got Tanner Acquisto here, so happy to have you here today Taner. Thank you. And you know, we’re talking about opportunities today and you know, how do you let the norm know? How do you not be the norm and don’t let others dictate your reality. So, you know, we use you as an example of going off to school. You go off to school, everybody, you know, it’s just common that it’s a four year commitment. You know, you go to college, it’s four years that you achieved it in three.

And, you know, I don’t think that you had anything special or different that’s not presented to everyone else. But you took advantage of that opportunity and you completed it in three years. So I think that there were a lot of benefits to that. So you want to talk about a couple of benefits that you feel completing in three did for you?

Well, among other things, maybe the most significant, you might say, is the fact that I saved a year of tuition, which is a big deal. Well, I mean, it’s a big deal for my parents who have to pay for school and,

You know, student loans. You know, I think, you know you know, we should kind of also mentioned that part of this is predicated upon my ability to be able to take courses over the summer instead of maybe having to work as much, having a good support system. You know, that maybe in other contexts you might have to plan ahead in order to achieve. But yeah.

Yeah. So, you know, going for that and, you know, I kind of want to back up a minute and talk about this, and I want you guys to try to relate this to your to where you are as well. When I say I’ve learned a lot from you, I really have. So when there was really little he always asked questions, always ask questions. And I thought it was so cute. And you’ve always done that. You’ve always wanted to know why and you really want to dive in and understand it. So, you know, we have three boys.

They’re all completely different. They’re all amazing. Right. Our oldest was in a program gifted and talented. One time you came to me and you said, I want to be in the gifted program. And I said, OK, so, well, let’s talk to your teacher. So we talked to one of your teachers and she’s like, you know, he he’s a great kid, but he’s just not he doesn’t he’s not that bright.

And I think that that really caused you to to pivot. And, you know, you didn’t accept that as reality. You’re like, you know what? I don’t need that program. I’m going to just do you know, I’m going to I’m going to achieve this. And you put your mind to it and look at you now. I mean, it’s really incredible, you guys, what he’s been able to achieve and accomplish. And he’s done this on his own, like he’s created opportunities. He’s, you know, made himself available. And he didn’t accept reality or let other people dictate your reality.

Right. Preconceived notions. Yeah, I know what US is like society deems to be kind of normal or, you know.

Yeah, yeah. It’s pretty cool. So, you know, it’s kind of like we talk about, you know, you completed college in three years versus four. Well, how do you take you know, you think, oh, I can only do three at a time. You know, I talk to everybody and, you know, most agents say three clients at a time. That’s it. That’s all you can do. Well, how could you add a fourth? I think you could, you know, what are other people doing? Don’t follow, you know, set your own goals and do something different and create your own opportunities.

And I think we get we get used to just kind of going with the flow and doing what others do. And we try to really be different and and be unique. And, you know, Dad always talks about, you know, swimming, you know, against the fish. Like, don’t you know, you’re the fish that’s going the other way.

So that’s kind of what we try to do here. So, you know, don’t get settled into what is the norm and what’s reality and let other people tell you what you can and can’t do. You know, you can I I’m a firm believer if you put your mind to anything, you can achieve it. Right.

So I think that, you know, we talked about availability and creating availability for yourself creates opportunity. I think if you do that, you work ahead, then you can. Add another client in, right, which really drastically benefits you at the end of the year with your you know, when you look at your income, so don’t let others dictate your reality. Any other points on that?

Yeah, well, I guess I would just, you know, kind of drive home, you know, this idea that, you know, oh, I’m just not good at this because I’m not naturally gifted, for example, who I think is something that is really not true most of the time and that, you know, kind of grinding away at something more or less. Most of the time we’ll get it done. And can you know, anybody can more or less kind of reach an acceptable level of proficiency or skill at something by really just kind

Of working at it. Well, do you feel like how did you do that? And you just put your mind to it? Did you think about it a lot and say, I’m going to do this? And then, I mean, kind of walk through how you do that?

I mean, to be honest, was probably kind of a more simplistic mindset. I guess I just wanted to do well in school and I kind of naturally did what I guess what felt right for me to to try and achieve that. And I would say maybe unlike my brother, for example, maybe I’m not, as you know, quick to get certain things. But, you know, you just kind of have to sit down and hold your head, for example, sometimes to get the job done,

You have to mentally coach yourself. Yes. Mental coach. You have to be your own mental coach, but you’ve done it. I’m so proud of you. I got to tell you that all the time. I really am. All right. So don’t let others dictate your reality. I hope you guys learn something from that.

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