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How do you there? This is Mike Acquisto, real estate broker and co-owner of the Acquista Real Estate. Good morning. This is a Acquista Real Estate. This, of course, real estate TV, this and that. This is episode six hundred and thirty two. And our second topic of the day, we are remembering when you did your first transaction as an agent and I’m not going to tear up, but maybe you will.

Maybe we’ll discuss as will reminisce, will kind of talk through some of the things that have happened, will reflect. Talk about the excitement. Talk about agents that are currently having their first transaction. Talk about how I feel now that I look back on other agents that started with us. I think about their personal first transaction. Right. I think about our first transaction that we had.

And it’s impressive. It’s impressive to see where you’re currently at and where we’re headed towards. Right. We’ll talk about the friendship division and how I’m consistently learning and so is Katie and so on. We’re pushing ourselves every day to create new transactions with our friendship division and what that’s kind of like and how joyful it is to create a first transaction from one of those fears. Right.

And we’ll also talk about how new skills all the time help you continue to develop things where it feels like it’s, again, your first transaction in this different type of atmosphere. Right. Maybe it’s a different type. Maybe it’s the first time doing a ranch or a farm and ranch transaction or just laying in. Those are just new and different things. And you kind of feel those butterflies again.

So let’s kind of start at the top here and discuss it. So as we kind of reflect on that, I remember our first transaction and our first transaction came as a result of walking and it was probably about a hundred degrees out the middle of the summer and walking through our neighborhood and knocking on the door.

And we started this and I’m like, are we really doing this? And I’m like, you know, every journey starts with the first step. And so we open the door and we step out with the left foot. And then the right foot and then the left foot again, and then all of a sudden you realize, oh my gosh, it’s really hot out here, and then your heart kind of sinks and you’re like, I’m knocking on a door.

And then you have this feeling in the pit of your stomach and you’re like, is this really happening? Like, I’m going to actually go up and knock on somebody’s door and say something like almost solicitor. And you feel this in your like and I don’t know if it’s demoralizing or it’s character building or what it is, but every journey kind of starts with that one first step.

And that’s an example of how I started. And I have no idea what we knock on a dozen doors and then all of a sudden somebody is like, hey, glad you’re here today. And I’m like, why is that for real? You I came in, knocked on your door and now you’re like, Yeah, let’s do something.

And that’s something I really won’t forget. I’m like, oh, my gosh. And we go home and we talk through it and we get a transaction going. And that was like No one transaction. No one came from like knocking on a door. And imagine that somebody is like, yeah, totally cool.

I live on the same street as you. Yes. Let’s do something. And I’m like, Whoa. So that was mine and Shauna’s first transaction in real estate in the market, right. So you kind of talk about that and just reflect on yours, Chad, in now and just kind of think about it, right?

Just like remember the name of that first client that you had, maybe tag them because maybe they don’t even know that, maybe share this article with them and share what we’re kind of talking about today once it’s all posted and say like, hey, you were my first transaction. And explain to him how it happened and what happened in, like, you know, given that story, maybe didn’t tell it at the time.

Right, I remember Shana is starting and she had another agent that was just starting at the same time, and I think it was Sean is one of her like top top two or three buyer transactions. And she didn’t even have like a superguy at the time. And we didn’t know what we were doing. And this is like before the Internet was really a thing and we didn’t know how to look stuff up and what to do.

And this agent had her first listing and Shawna has to go meet the person. Like, how do we even get into the door? Right. And then it ends up being an agent that’s been around for a super long period of time, and that is start at the same time. And, you know, hey, Judy, Judy. Right. Was one Oceana’s first transactions that she closed and they were both newer agents.

So you can reach out to either of them and ask them that story directly of kind of how it went. And they like neither of them. You know, I’ve heard them talk about it like she’s really had no idea what we were doing at the time. Right. And it’s funny how it goes from where you were to where you currently are.

So I’m excited for you as an agent. Right. So just think back through what that is and then we’re going to give some congratulations. So congratulations to Jean Jean with one of her first transactions going through recently. She actually had to in the same kind of the same day they were executed, but definitively the same week. So congratulations to Jean on those two transactions. I look at him and I think through and I’m like, wow, that’s impressive. So the values that you came out of the gate with, impressive.

So huge, huge accolades to you. Somebody knows you, likes you and trusts you. And you were able to gain that big. Congratulations to the friendship division, to Amy Gasparini into Newport homebuilders for helping out in establishing that relationship for Jean. So we’re very, very excited and proud that that channel of business is bringing in some things right. So congratulations to everybody there. I’m super excited about it and I’m glad and proud for you. I was talking to one of our, you know, experienced agents just the other day. And as I was sitting there looking at the topic that we would talk about this morning, I kind of thought through that.

And I had an agent that came to us that we’ve known for decades. Like, it just seems like forever, probably because she’s really old. Actually, I think she’s younger than me, I’m not even sure, so that would probably age me as well. But I had known I’ve known her for a long time. Right. And it was probably decades before we start to do some some business together.

And the person’s like, hey, I’m going to become an agent and I’m going to change careers. And when I heard this, as I guess she’s can be really good. Right. And everybody has a different start to their career. So I was talking with his agent today and we were having a yesterday and we’re having this conversation.

It was a deep conversation and we’re talking about real estate. And she understood all the nuances and all these things. And I just kind of thought back, wow. This is an agent that’s now totally experienced and knows exactly what she’s doing, that’s talking through the nuances of the business, that’s discussing these things and asking questions, and they’re extremely good, you know, advanced questions.

And we’re having this conversation and this person’s, you know, definitively and equal in appear within the industry. And I was extremely proud to be talking with Jodi about each one of these different items.

So I definitely remember early on in your career when you’re like, should I do this? And we only like to work with people that are great agents here, too close to real estate. And when when it first came around that they were considering working, whomever that is, whatever it is that works with us, the first criteria we hire is we just try to to talk with good people.

We only want good people that really care. And whatever they do, it has to matter to them. Right. So that’s like one of the core things is caring. And it has to really matter, though, put in the effort the energy in those things and that will work out. But if you don’t care and it doesn’t matter, then ultimately you’re not going to be successful.

So that’s the first trait that we look for. So anyone that works with us, you know, that’s extremely important to us. How much you care. Right. So feel comfortable in any one of our agents that you have, whether you’re having a new agent that has her first transaction or an experienced agent that’s done lots of transactions but was new at one point. Congratulations to everybody on this.

Can’t stop won’t stop Wednesday. Extremely proud of all of you guys. Whether you currently have one transaction in the words zero one, you’re trying for one or you have ten concurrent transactions that you currently have in all different stages and you’re advanced in what you do, whether you’re a person like Stacy, our client coordinator, who has just transactions galore going on the other day, she I think she said we had eight transactions that closed on the same exact day.

So congratulations to Stacy for being able to manage eight transactions simultaneously, all closing on the same day. Right. That’s advance stuff. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m very, very proud of you. Congratulations on your first transaction. I hope you took this path down and enjoyed the journey of discussing your first transaction chat in Now and tell us more about it.

Share if you think there is somebody out there who should be going through their first transaction, who’s totally capable of being an agent for the first time, and if they should work with us and just let us know, set up that meeting and we’d like to do that. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you. That concludes us for today. We will move on.

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