100% of What you Don’t Ask you Don’t Get- All right, so topic one is one hundred percent of what you don’t ask, you won’t get. This is a holdover topic kind of from yesterday. We teased it yesterday, but ran out of time. So, Shana kind of tell me about this as it relates to referrals.

Yes. So if you worked hard right throughout the process and you know, you get to the end of it, you close and everything’s great, you should reach out to your client and ask them if they know anybody else that may want to have a great experience or anybody else who’s, you know, planning to move that maybe you could give some information to or provide a market analysis or something like that for. So you’ve worked hard and you’ve got to this point.

And then for some reason, we clam up and we’re afraid to ask what is the worst thing that can happen? They say, no, you know, I don’t know. But I think if you don’t ask, you don’t know. So if you’re afraid to do that, just think of all the hard work and effort that you’ve put in all the way up to closing. Ask for you guys. It’s fine. You’ve earned it. You’ve earned the right at that point to ask for it because you’ve you’ve worked so hard for these guys so we can go way back in the Wayback fall and go back to twenty, nineteen winter.

And we had a guest that joined us, the great Andy Tuttle. And he’s a lender, right. That we that we like here locally. And he’s really process oriented. And he has this system in which he says things like, I’m going to ask for referrals and I’m going to set it like three times during the transaction. Might even said four or five times. I can’t remember the exact number if somebody remembers.

Didn’t know exactly how many times Andy Tuttle asked for it. But what he does is he says, like, here’s what I’m going to do and here’s what I’m going to deliver. And kind of here’s my pledge. In the end, I’m going to ask you for a referral. And then he says, I’m going to execute on this, this and this and the things you’re like, honest, right?

So he but he sets the expectation along the way and he tells you that four times. Yes. Holds himself accountable and tells the standard on which the client is going to be given. And then at the end, it’s like, all right, it’s your time, right? Yeah. And so that’s the way he does it. Now, I’m not saying that fits with everybody’s personality, but the concept is about the same that it should be asked for and you should find your way to be able to do it early in our sales career. Right.

We have this thing that we work for, this company, real estate, like sales. And there was a time when we weren’t always real estate brokers and we had some  bad gigs along the way. Right. For just like a little while as we were getting established. And we had to fill up these referral sheets. Right. And I can’t remember exactly what it was, but like we had to get like three referrals a day and it was obscene.

It was obnoxious, like referral referral. That’s they push that down our throats. And you know what? It worked.

Yeah, I like we were both the top salespeople, like immediately because we filled up the referral sheet. So challenge if you want to be good and you want to be at the top of the leaderboard for sales and you want to provide for your family and be amazing, then ask for referrals, hold yourself to that same type of standard.

Isn’t it that isn’t that an easier way than, like, cold calling or it’s, you know, I guess and I see people don’t get enough of them.

It’s not that you don’t deliver great service, it’s just that simply don’t ask.

And you know what? People don’t just know, like these clients don’t know that, OK, I have clothes I need to give them, you know, and it’s not actually all of you like any single time you want to be top of mind and be providing value.

That’s why we like to hammer on all these other things that we talk about. Right. So like refer back to like any of the previous topics we had and like how to generate business, how to like, really care for the client, how to do all these things, how to provide extra value.

It’s kind of the same, you know, like you’re saying it all  comes full circle that even if you’re having a casual conversation with somebody, say, oh, my gosh, I was just at this listing that I have and just casually added into your conversation, like, do you know anybody that might want this house? Because, man, it’s amazing. And just casually insert these things your business into the conversation without being pushy. And that’s kind of like asking for a referral. Right. And in a roundabout way, it’s just a different way.

That’s the way you would like to do it. And he has his way of doing it. Right. And mine is through kind of like adding additional information or fun fact type points.

Yes. Just do it. Find what’s true to you. We talk about that a lot. Yes. And, you know, do it, execute on it.

And then we have all of this in Zoho. So you go in and you can put in the referrals that you’ve gotten from past people. What it does is it links everybody up from one to the other. And in doing so, you can see who your best referral partners are.

Who the people are they? You should communicate with a little bit more frequently, so if somebody is giving you maybe five referrals this calendar year and you’ve closed business and you’ve done a lot with them, don’t you think that you should kind of identify who your top referral partners are and maybe do something special for not at least say thank you, you know what I mean, at the very least and do something else?

Yeah, I have something in place that , you know, would seem to make sense for me. And, you know, what’s really funny about that is once you close and you do that, it’s really funny, all of a sudden they just happen to know these people right now that are interested to buy or sell. But it happens all throughout the year. You’re always top of mind and get the referral anyway. So it seems like everyone knows somebody that’s, you know, thinking about it or, you know, in some way, shape or form going to be making that move.

Yeah, we speak on people when they first start with us in real estate, that it’s super important that they generate their own business and set up one meeting on a weekly basis. That’s the task. Right. And then as you get more experienced, you’re like, oh, I don’t have to do that anymore, but you still do.

And in addition to that, it’s like that’s one and like one a right under that is like ask for referrals and get just as many referrals as you get new appointments. And then you’d be running even better meetings and you’ll have more and like your business will double. So if you want your business to double in 2021, here’s what you do. Get more referrals. Ask. Perfect.

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