Working with your family – And now what we need to talk about is working with your family. Right. So that’s kind of the thing here. There’s a lot of people that maybe it’s a husband and a wife that work together like I do with on in real estate. There might be like father son.

There might be like all different combinations of people that work together. And we’re brother and sister and we’ve worked together for an extended period of time. And, you know, there’s always high times and low times and any of that. Right. So kind of just talk about that. And I don’t mind if you are extremely honest. Some of my shortcomings.

It’s OK. Everything’s great.   No, it’s really nice.

I mean, if they are, you know, like anything, everything is a give and take and sometimes it’s challenging, you know, but it’s really nice. I really enjoy it. You know, everyone always has your best interests in mind. You have their best interests in mind and everyone, you know, just working together to make everyone successful.

Working with Your Family

So but it’s not easy all the time. And I no way to kind of go by now. I have this rule to kind of go by and it’s a ninety nine to one rule, OK? And so what that is, is when a person does like all these good things for you all the time repeatedly and has your best interests at heart and occasionally they do something wrong.

So like if they’re good 99 percent of the time, in one percent of the time, they’re bad. I choose to focus on the 99 percent of the time. Right. And the things that are good. It’s super easy to end any relationship or to have a problem or become upset when that one item you don’t like it. Right.

And there’s always going to be things that there’s a decision. There’s something that comes up, whether it’s over money, whether it’s over time, whether it’s over, whatever, it happens to be like getting the award or not getting the word or like getting recognized, whatever that is. Right.

There’s always something and it becomes like yes or no. And if it doesn’t go your way or it doesn’t become one of those things, don’t let that one item in that 99 one rule become a problem because it can’t. People have that happen all the time. And so those are things that I go by and working with my family and I tend to get over things a lot quicker.

I think much just lucky that he’s never had that one out of the ninety nine from me.   So he would agree. I guess I got time. I still get to.

Yeah. So I guess you can bother me. I’m sure I’ve cashed in on that and pushed it a little bit more for sure. And you know, you can talk about some of the different things because we’ve done a lot of similar things over the years. Right. So we went to school together, like pretty much all the way through. I have. Who do you think’s older? When you think about this. Who looks older? All right, so anyways, tell who’s older, I think they know well, no.

All right, so fine. I’m older. Yeah. And so we went to school together. Talk about that just a little bit, because there’s always a story that we kind of tell about that exemplifies how I’ve been to you.

Ok, so Mike was always two years older than me in school. And I, I just remember just to kind of let you know, like people, any time you are in business with someone or a family, you’re like, oh, you’re probably going to get preferential treatment, right?

Well, let me just tell you a little story about how my brother is an older brother two years behind him. So we end following the same path. We are both business, economic and management at Cornell University and so same teachers just two years

Behind, literally the same schedule. Yeah. And, you know, when he went in, I was like me. And I wonder how is the teachers going to test? What are they look for? Because everyone’s a little bit different and it’s a competitive school. So I just said, hey, Mike, do you have any of your old notes or can you tell me anything?

I’m like, oh, no, I have every no, no. I totally have everything else. So, you know, just. Yes. What are these teachers looking for?

And so he pretty much took all his files and threw them away the garbage in front of me to help me figure it out. You got to learn it like this is true. This is like now you’ve got to do it yourself.

Oh, I had every single note, I swear to you. I did.

And I didn’t fight in school. I had the tests. Yeah, the actual test. I had like an A in the right, like with a grade and and I, I had them, all of them. And my true feeling on it is if I gave it to you, I would have shortchanged your education.

He’s really helping me. So that’s what intrigues me about you, is what You like to see. You get preferential treatment. Just remember all the knowledge, all everything in the garbage, and I got to figure it out.

So no, but that works. And in my while, my rationale, I can’t even defend my actions. My rationale is I really wanted what was best for you, you know what I mean? And sometimes if you do something that’s not good for that person, if that helps them short term but hurts them long term, it’s not what you necessarily want. So that’s a true story. And I actually did that and I still feel good about it. I really do. It sounds bad, but when you really dive deeper into it that she got the whole experience. Yes, right. You got to learn. You’ve got to do those things you did tremendous.

Yeah. Got to put in all the overnighters late nights, all nights at the libraries and but I mean, yeah, no I, I did well and I succeeded and it was great. I mean it was a little shocking but all good. Yeah.

And so yes I put in no late night not know anything. I just so I don’t take a lot of notes. I’m not sure if you guys know about my, my penmanship is super bad and so I would just show up with like a pen and I would make a couple of notes at most, but normally none. I would just sit in the front row as Acquisto, like it was like row one, seat one.

So that families are like our parents would be like you always have to sit in the front row, you have to be ready. You have to pay attention. So you get the most out of it while you can while you’re there.

So I just sat right in the front row and right in the middle, pay attention, like intently listened and understood and comprehended what was going on. Took no notes. I skimmed some of the readings and like, would skim for words that were involved and that was about it. I’m a bad reader, so I don’t read. And so I was just like, now let’s not do that. And that was how I that was what was best for me. So my notes really weren’t good. I did reflect in think for tests and just kind of like relook over key words, but that was about it. And so no late nights

I took notes. I did a lot of late nights, but. That’s just how it worked for me. There you go. Well, there you go. That’s rewards and challenges with working with your family. And if you hit the bell, we can get to the next topic, please.

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