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Hi, Shana Acquisto Broker of Acquisto Real Estate, I’m here with Kent LeSueur, owner of Newport Homebuilders and I’m a huge fan of Newport homebuilders and you can’t. So I want to talk about what it really means to work with you. So if somebody comes in, they’re going to work with the owner of the of the company. And that’s impressive, right? Because, you know, you’re getting it straight from the source right there. But what do you really want them to get out of working directly with you?

You know, I think of the car buying experience when you’re in the showroom dealing with don’t tell me you’re a used car salesman on dealing, dealing with a salesman and you always get the let me go talk to my manager. So, yeah. And and I think that’s disappointing because you don’t know whether they’re actually going to talk to someone or not. You don’t know what to gain. There’s always there’s there’s there’s there’s a sense of of a lack of accountability because they’re they’re not telling you what you know, you don’t want to hear.

They’re saying this person over here is and I’ve found that since I’ve become more and more involved with the sales process up front, my accountability is on the line with what I say I’m going to do or what we can do. And that allows us to, I think, meet the expectations and gain the confidence that we are being transparent and and being honest with them.

So they turn. I think for the most part, most people respect that. And as opposed to most people that have the win win attitude, I think there’s a few out there that want you to lose. But those relationships don’t usually get very far. But most of our buyers, they want to they want it to be a win win for both parties. And, you know, by being directly dealing with them directly, I think it’s the best I couldn’t agree.

And, you know, we talk about as owners of our company that. You know, I think. You’re your staff and you’re the people that work with you care, right, 100 percent. They care, but nobody cares as much as you do because you’re taking all the risk. Right. It’s all on your shoulders. So do you ever lose sleep at night? Sure. I actually woke up last night at three o’clock thinking about all that.

So. Yeah, well, I know from my experience working with you has been such a pleasure and I can’t wait for the next one in the next room. The next one, many, many more to come. So thank you for joining us today. And we’re going to end this.

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 7.13.21

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