How it feels Working on your Business Wednesday ?

Hey, it’s Wednesday, and it’s work on your business Wednesday with Shana Acquisto, a luxury real estate broker, while work on Wednesday.

All right. So what we’re doing is talking about working on your business first, working in your business, working on your business are some longer term things that you’re trying to do.

And we discussed this last week and our agent workshops specifically on Wednesday on how we would create this habit to talk about things that are great to do for the long term to grow your business.

And this week in particular, we’re pulling out one topics. We’re like, What is it? And Boom, we’re setting that topic down and it today’s topic is agent pop buys. So, Shana, go ahead and kind of describe what that means to you.

So, you know, that’s where you just kind of pop by and either drop something off or just, you know, you could even. We talked yesterday about handwritten notes go and deliver it in person and a little bag with something, you know, it doesn’t have to be overly expensive, but just, you know, make that connection.

So there’s a lot of companies that will put you on an automatic pop by delivery, or you can get creative and kind of do this on your own. If you plan ahead, spend a day to just put all these together. Make a list of who you would like to deliver these to and, you know, put a plan in place so you stick with it.

But I think people love receiving, you know, I mean, I know I’m an adult and I like getting things, you know, when somebody will just even Amazon might kids, you know, if I order something from Amazon. He puts it on my desk and I’m excited to open it.

I actually know what it is, but there’s just some excitement to receiving something. And you know, some of the pot buys that we’ve talked about in the past are a little cheesy, but it’s OK. People remember that, you know, so make everything meaningful and be intentional.

But you know, the holidays are coming up and you know, things that we’ve done in the past, you have to be careful, obviously, with with what you’re doing if you do a type of food. If you’re baking something and delivering for allergies, but we’ve done like roasted nuts before, it’s super easy to just throw these.

Put them together, throw them in the oven, put them in little bags and deliver them out. And they’re delicious. So just think about those things. Maybe that’s something you could even do with your kids, you know, have them involved and share that with your clients.

But pop buys just quick pop by. Hello. Staying in front of them. And I think it goes a long way.

Yeah. And I think that’s all that maybe is necessary is just that in particular. So last night, when you talk about receiving something, I received the gift of time yesterday and that was really, really nice. So my mother and father stopped up to the lake unexpectedly with with Amy’s oldest son, Anthony Jr. So they stopped buying and forgot we were having agent dinner.

But no, it doesn’t matter. And at least they did a pop by. They did it pop by and hung out, and they gave me the gift of their time so they didn’t physically give me, I guess, anything in particular. They didn’t need to bring me a gift or anything, but they simply spent time and that meant something to me.

I was very thankful, right? So I was able to go over and spend some time and whatever. And sure, we have things going on, but we’re able to juggle whatever that happens, to be sure. So today is we’re talking about agent pop buys.

It could be something where you are physically giving a gift or any one of those things or something that reminds them of you or whatever. And or you just simply give that person a gift of your time.

You know, another thing you could think of are how many people purchased a home and updated their home over the last year. So make a list of those guys and say, Hey, I’m going to be in your neighborhood.

I would love to pop by and just see what you’ve done, what improvements you’ve done to your home. That way you care, right, you’re showing that you care.

You want to see you remember all of these things. And plus, I think it’s good to see for your business to what they’re doing. All right. So today’s challenge is do a minimum of one pop by today where you go see somebody about something that might result in additional business.

Right? Make it in person, if you can. But if not, then make it over the phone or schedule something or whatever it is. But just like one.

You can pop by over the phone. Yeah, you definitely could. Or text or like kind of whatever, right? But like, do it and make it personal.

And then the second thing is, after you do that, what are you going to do to make it a consistent part of your routine? So that’s the second part of the challenge.

Only asks you to see one person. That’s it. Ok, today. It’s like actually today on Wednesday, see one person that is working on your business, somebody that could help make a big difference for you. And then after that, when you sit down and you think about it for just a couple of minutes and you reflect on it, how can I systematize this? What did I learn from it?

How can I do it better? How do I do it times? Five times, ten times whatever. And how do I have better results with it or more positive results at the first one worked well. And that’s it. So it’s two parts.

So then the question comes up who’s going to actually do it? Because you have to do that, right? If you want to grow your business? And then you have to take some time. This is the hardest part of it out and work on the business. And that’s the first challenge, but then systematized what’s going on.

Yeah. And if you only have a certain amount of time, then you may have to do it one way versus another. But you do have to drill down, you do have to think about it and you do have to make a concerted effort to accomplish such things.

Whether you’re new or you been doing it for a long time, just figure out what works for you and be true to yourself in that regard.

Ok, so the next poll that comes up here is who’s going to actually do that? Oh, yeah, it’s a two part challenge. Who is going to take Mike’s two part challenge,

Actually, coincidentally, I already have that scheduled for today.

Perfect. All right. So Shana is in so count. Her vote is yes. She’s in who’s taking Mike’s two part challenge. Yes or no? All right. And Mark me is, yes, Shana is marked as, yes, I’m thinking about it. I don’t know if it’s a good idea or not, so I’ll get back to you, right? If I’m actually going to do something, maybe I’m going to be lazy today. Who knows?

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