Workdrive Email Notifications

Workdrive Email Notifications- I’m very excited I am going to show you a work drive tip here that I think you’re really enjoying.

So what this is, is a tip that Zoho came out with that I think we’ll notify you here.

And what it does is it takes and notifies you with an email when a new file is uploaded to a specific folder. So there’s a bunch of applications in which this could work. And I’ll discuss those here in just a moment. But let’s take a look and see exactly how it does actually work. We’ll go over here to this folder here for upload to Stacey. And right now, at this point, I just have this folder selected. So I’m over here on the side menu under team folders.

And I clicked on the one that we want to be notified for. This is for Stacey here. This one where anything is uploaded. You click on this three dot action menu and it comes down and you click on follow updates when you do that and you can click on email notification to get a notification or to give hope. And those are your options here. And you just go ahead and start following and then that whole folder will then notify you any time that something happens.

If you want to take a smaller folder and maybe look at just something within marketing and drill down a little bit. No, when anything new has been sent in there, then it is something that you could actually absolutely do. I will drop in the note for here that shows you all the steps associated with it. And right here are those steps. So you’ll have this link and then this video and you should be good. Thank you, guys. Enjoy. Oh, hey, I said I owed you a couple of things on when this is useful, so I should review that with you.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 2.10.21

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