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Hey, there. I’m Mike Acquisto, and this is working on your business Wednesday. Let’s go ahead and pick an item that you as an agent can be working on today to help you and your business for the long term. Right.

There’s a difference between working in your business and working on your business, and we’re going to go ahead and give you some tips today that can help you out. One each week, just so you do that. So Omkar, let’s go ahead and share this link and the page and see what we can do.

So he’ll be chatting this in for you. And this is field work, OK? And field work is we have a page specifically for this on the internal agent portal, so scrolled all the way down. You click inside there and you’ll be able to get to agent field work.

And what this is describing are some different things that you as an agent can do to get out in the field and see some different things right to meet people, to be introduced to things, to be working on your business. So it starts here with visit an entry level builder. So what? That basically means squat and see somebody at this price point.

See what that’s all about. Mid-price builder and luxury builder. We have ideas on what you should be doing there, how you can be doing some different items, and we have it all listed there and documented for you to give you some really good tips and advice.

In doing that, you’ll learn some different things about builders or price points, and I bet you’ll learn quite a bit of things and form new relationships. You’ll find out how the market’s going. You’ll learn quite a few items going down a little bit further on this page as well.

We have some information on custom builders that you’d be able to see, so there’s a difference between a luxury builder and a custom builder. So we’ll look at that. You can pick any one of these items and go ahead and do them and work on your business. So in your travels, have you come across any of these a fifty five and up community? If you see any open houses, go ahead and attend them, right?

That’s probably a weekend item in scrolling down just a little bit more. We’re going to have some additional tips for you. So grab this mouse and move us down just a little bit here, and we’ll see that you can go through and you can look at some design selections, you can go to a stone yard, you could visit a pool builder, you can talk with some contractors, go through some landscaping stuff and have some ideas.

These are all different meetings that you, as an agent can do to work on your business by getting out and visiting people. It kind of seems like the heat has broke and you have a little bit cooler temperatures, and this is the opportunity for you to get out there and interact and do some different items that help you grow your business. So we’re going to take this link. We’ll chat it in for you.

So you have that it’ll be down in the description so you can easily get to it. But that’s our tip for the day for working on your business Wednesday. Get out. Get active. Meet some people.

Learn some stuff, but work on your business in one of these ways, whether it’s seeing builders, seeing some different products that are used, learning something different, but out in person, go ahead and do that. All right. So there we go.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 9.29.21

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