So winter weather hits Texas and yes, it has, and this happens once every maybe three to five years on average, and it just cripples the area. It’s really crazy. Yeah. So everything is like we did hear people outside yesterday and last night, which was kind of crazy.

Yeah, but what happens is we don’t have the way to deal with it. Right. And this is not a common thing. So people are kind of unprepared for this. So we’re going to cover this a little bit from a real estate perspective and some of the things that relate to it.

I would like to ask if you have chains that go on your tires, please check it in. I, I have chains. We have them here.We have them for Purlie. Oh.

So parole’s my white vehicle and yes, we have chains for Pearl, we can totally put them on. All right, so we bought that one. We’re going to go to Colorado and they’re out there in the garage. They’re specially fit for the car, for the tires on the vehicle. I don’t carry them all the time because they’re heavy, but they’re in the vehicle. I wouldn’t leave here without him if I needed them.

OK, so we actually do have them. OK, great. You didn’t think that you were you weren’t ready to hear that one. I, I, I remember now, but I totally forgot. Yeah. OK, so we’re prepared. So that was item the first thing to kind of talk about their chains. It’s interesting.

And then the second one, we have a couple of pictures here, so we’ll go split screen on us over here. Thank you, Omkar. And we’ll take a look. And what we have is a freshly shoveled front approach. Wow. Yes. And we’ll go to the next picture that we have on there.

And that is a shot that happened. That happened with a shovel. Thanks for going out early this morning. Thanks for going out early this morning and shoveling. I was super nice of you and getting that all taken care of the shower. I didn’t know where you were looking. No, I understand. Yeah. So the shovel, we were able to I bought that a long time ago. And, you know, this is one of those things that I was I was really, really happy to have here.

If you want this exact shovel and you can get it online on Amazon. So we’ll chat that link into you, all those links will

be in the description so you can scroll on down below if we click on see buying options. So tell you how fast you can get your shovel.

So let’s go ahead over there and click on it. There’s multiple options, but you are not going to get your shovel for about a week.

So I don’t know how much it’s going to help, but it’ll help for next time. Whether you’re looking at about thirty five bucks for the shovel you probably sold out in all the stores right now. The one that I have in particular my grandfather brought down from me from New York and brought it down. I was happy to have one. So yeah, it was. And I hadn’t used in so long. I was wondering if it’s going to be dry rotted and like break in half and everything, but it was totally fine.

It’s one of those tools that lasts for a long time. It is a nice one. It has a blade on the bottom, so it’s able to help us out.

We’ll go back to some of the other pictures that we have here on Snow Day and we’ll kind of talk about that. So let’s go over here and we have oh, hey, there’s Purlie. Oh, so Perles, snow covered and the Jeep.

So another thing I guess you would want is a ice scraper. Yeah, we have that.
You know, we did put those in when the when the boys started to drive, that was one of their stocking stuffers.
And they were like, what? But, you know, it comes in handy now.

It definitely does. So if you want to be prepared, that’s a great way to start. Yes. And what happens is you get ice and this is really bad. So if you go back maybe to the first picture here, Sir Omkar, then what we’re going to end up seeing is that we have aggregate here. And that does cause us a little bit of a problem. Right.

So as we go back on our front steps, our front walk, the aggregate, the little snow gets in between there and it causes kind of like an icy situation and build up specifically if you start walking over it and then it packs a snow down a little bit, you don’t get rid of it.

That’s why I really like the blade that we have there on the shovel. So that does help out. And as far as this goes in real estate, I want I called up our good friend Kyle this morning and he had a meeting and I wanted to try to get him on to see about insurance liability for homeowners and how it relates to snow and moving moving that. Can you get in trouble and what?

Yeah, yesterday. So we have a new listing that came on the market and then we had, I think, 14 showings yesterday.

Well, in the in the snow, so that’s how desperate buyers are today, but, you know, we started talking about, man, what if they, you know, what is your liability if they slip on ice and you haven’t properly prepared the sidewalk?  

So it only happens once in a while when it snows. We’re going to die fully into that. We’ll probably have a line in the near future. I don’t want to dive into that topic without him. I think it’s something that we cover for for us in a very good way. But you did say there’s a couple of things that people should be doing, right, that the news alerted us to.

Yes. So something that I really didn’t think of but we went through and did is you can get you know, you need to have one shed all of your blinds. So, you know, the sun is now coming out. You want them open, but to conserve energy, then you should, you know, lower your blinds, shut them and put towels around your doors. Because as we know, there’s lots of drafts that come through the  doors and the windows. So that helps you keep some of that cold air out.

And you went around and you ran some of the water. Yeah.

So I went upstairs to the bathrooms that don’t get used often and just turned the water on slightly, the hot and the cold and let it trickle a little bit. You know, we don’t want our pipes freezing up. So if you have these rolling blackouts, you’re out of power for a few hours and it’s six degrees. It’s not going to take long for things to freeze up.

So that could be, you know, a disaster when they thought, yes, they want to do that.

I agree. And when I was thinking about this, I got done shoveling this morning, I was like, wow, that was like that was something. So when I went out there and shoveled, it was more snow than I kind of thought it took a little bit longer than I kind of thought. I thought, oh, I was worried. I thought I was like, I’ll go out there. It’ll take just a couple of minutes. No, this will take just like a couple of minutes. And I was like, wow, there’s actually more to this than I thought.

There was a lot more snow. I just thought, I like I’ll like skate around and throw the snow and it’s not going to be a big deal. But there was more accumulation than I kind of thought it did take an extended period of time and it was heavier than I kind of thought and deeper and especially on the driveway. It was kind of more of a situation than I thought. And then all of a sudden I got back in. I was like, wow, I’m like sweating in it. Like my heart rate was raised. And I was like, wow, this is crazy.

Oh, well, one other thing. I failed to mention something that I think is the most important is they said, make sure you eat, that you need to eat more because that insulates your body and keeps you warm.

So your what was about insulating it? Got your it what it is.

And some of them say, guys, you need to eat, you need to probably eat more than you typically do because you need to stay warm.

So, so that gets your internal organs moving. So check in. Now, if you think that the reason that you have that the news says that you have to eat more when it’s cold out to keep you warm is because your internal organs will be moving in, digesting and thus heating you up from the inside out. Or do you think it’s giving you more insulation? Yeah. All right. You know, it could be this or it could be that. You decide the news reported and we each picked side.

They said it multiple times. I heard it. I thought about it.

Yeah, I thought, wait, did they just say to eat more?

Ok, so Shana is going to be cooking and we are going to be moving on to the next topic. So be careful because, you know, this storm is going to happen again, I think, on Tuesday night. So make sure that you have enough food. I don’t know if you’re going to be able to get out to the grocery store, so don’t go eat everything in your pantry today.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 2.15.21

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