Winter storm and federal money – Ladies and gentlemen, we did have a winter storm. It is now past, but we still have a lot to deal with. Oh, so FEMA has come in and declared it a I don’t exactly know the perfect word to use for it, but natural disaster. We got super lucky here, Swedish, and we’re fortunate. Very fortunate. And so maybe I’m not as educated or as versed in this as I possibly should be.

Winter storm and federal money

And the reason for that is somehow none of our power went out anywhere. And at the properties that we had so we were like oblivious to this. I’m still furious about what happened and why it happened. Right. But we weren’t affected. And Governor, we didn’t even know, very furious. We didn’t even know it was happening when it was happening live. So anyways, but as we look now where you have a link to chat in.

So Omkar, maybe we’ll throw that link in for you guys and then we’ll go split screen and take a look over here at the website that we have to look at.

So Omkar is going to drive us through here, but we did have a severe winter storm and it outlines the counties in which in which they existed and then within that. So there’s a map and some different things. So maybe look at the map and look at your properties and open it up and you’ll see that it was pretty much all around us. So here we are in the upper right hand quadrant in Collin County.

And then all of the counties pretty much surrounding us are going to be any of the ones that you’ve heard of. Yeah. Are going to also be affected as well.
So all the yellow is public assistance in pink is individual assistance. Mm hmm. OK. All right.

Wow. The whole state was a disaster. Yeah. Kind of crazy. And then let’s go back to the page itself. So that shows off the map.

So I want to pause for a second. So we’re going to talk about this winter storm. But when you have a claim for hail, the insurance companies have access to I don’t know what database that shows when these storms occurred. So if you say I’ve got hail damage from, you know, from a couple of months ago, they’ll look and they can tell you there wasn’t a hail storm anywhere in our area during that time. So it’s kind of tricky that they know when that happen.

Mm hmm. Pretty insightful. Yes. Technology is something and they want to reduce the amount of insurance claims and they want to pay out on.

The correct claims, right, so they’re probably against erroneous claims. Let’s just say the least. So let’s go ahead and scroll down here.

There’s a link, there’s a link. Look at that, like right at the top. I’m going to grab this for just one second and point this link out, Omkar. So as I scroll up here, what I’m going to show you guys is there’s like a big red mark and this is apply for assistance. Yeah. So that’s probably the most important link on there.

If you want to start, find a vigil, right? Yeah. Tons of damage. Then I would suggest you apply for some some help. Right. And I don’t know if insurance covers it or doesn’t cover it, but you know, we talked before about there’s something with it being named a storm that affects how your insurance covers the coverage they provide and deductibles.

So, you know, just just be a good share this information with with your clients or any neighbors or anyone that, you know, that may not, you know, realize that there is assistance for this.

So that that is the case. Since I’m not extremely well versed in it, I think that’s going to be enough information. We gave the link we gave where it could be and now we know what to think.

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 2.25.21

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