How to get Windows 11 ?

Hello, this is Mike. We have Windows 11 update. All right, so it’s now been released, and if you have any security issues or you’re concerned about the latest, the new windows might help you out if you previously had Windows 10. Now it’s time for Windows 11.

But I do caution you if you’re going to do this update that maybe you do it on the weekend and I’m giving you a little advance notice to be able to download everything to your device and have it and then install it over the weekend so that you’re not, you know, worried about interrupting your day.

I have advice. Have your spouse do it, have them do it for you, or if you have multiple computers, do one that you don’t work on all the time first.

See how it goes. It’s always something, right when you update that there’s a little glitch or something, but

Certainly is going to check this link in for you. I did my new my desktop computer is now running on Windows 11, and there is a couple of glitches here and there, and there were some different things that I had to kind of work through, but it was.

It’s really nice now that I have it completed, I don’t know. It feels a little bit cleaner to me. And then it does take care of the security issues. So this is a link. We’re going to chat that into you. And basically all you want to do is click on the download now and go ahead and create the install and do it.

So this link is going to pretty much help you out. There’s a couple of different options on how to go ahead and do it, and I don’t think you have to create your own CD.

And no, but what? So you did it? How long did it take you?

Well, we have a solid internet connection and the computer’s quick, so it didn’t take all that long for the actual update to take place, maybe half an hour and then it was completed. But, you know, updating a couple of the other items and cleaning up some stuff I just kind of did at the same time.

But then I got consumed with cleaning up my computer and moving my desktop files around and doing stuff like that. And then I cleaned up some work drive stuff and I got on this whole rabbit hole of of doing things. So it really only took half an hour.

But then after that, I did. It distracted me pretty much for half a day. Yeah. And is there anything that’s not compatible with?

I haven’t seen any issues yet. I haven’t seen any issues. It actually helped quite a bit with our printer and it cleaned up some issues I was having with the printer, so it made that a little bit easier. So that was kind of cool. But you know, if you’re having any issues with compatibility now, maybe this helps you out.

You know, if you are stuck on any issues, it could potentially be they had moved on, you know, maybe those apps had had progressed and you’re still running an old system.

So what’s really the difference in the I mean, I would say that it’s, you know, this is kind of a bigger update to go to Windows 11, OK?

It’s kind of like when they went from Windows ninety five, they had that for like a long time. And then they find that like Windows 2000 and XP and whatever it was, so they went to those different ones.

This one feels to me like if you’re on a tablet or have a touch screen in any way, that that would help dramatically. It feels like it was kind of put in place for stuff like that. I mean, if you look at the bottom of my screen, just Shana can look at it.

You can visually see how the icons are kind of centered, and it just feels like it’s really made for cross-platform use with maybe a tablet, some type of large phone, maybe a notebook where you could touch it and move the screen and those different things.

So it feels like it’s the other system.

10 will be around for a while. You know, they there was a one time where I don’t know what it was XP or something where they’re like, your computer’s not going to work. You know, I recently got a new phone.

Yes. And you know, I don’t know if this is kind of the same, but they come out with these new phones and it’s really it’s really hard to know what the difference is like.

It still works fine. So on this one, there’s a new extra camera. I think now there’s like eight lenses.

But you know, I don’t know. You like new tech, a hoax or almost like, no, the camera will be better. There’s different features in it.

Let’s not get down to the phone right now. We can do that as a whole thing. But updating your software is important to stay on the most current version and make sure that it is necessary because other things may not even work without it.

So, yeah, so just know Windows 11’s out, you should plan to upgrade.

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