Why is your power out

So very good now. All right. Well, ladies and gentlemen, there’s going to be a lot going on. Why is your power off? Oh, I think I know, you know. All right, tell me.

Well, I think because I don’t know, I was told the wind turbines are all frozen,

But wind turbines are frozen. Oh, wow. Yeah. All right. So renewable energy, not a great idea when we have these problems. Oh, OK. So I’m actually really upset with this whole situation. The amount of devastation that’s going to be had around here locally is tremendous. The economic cost of all of this is going to be extreme when it’s all said and done. And it’s not fair that we don’t have a power grid that we can rely on, that can service us, that can take care of us during extreme times.

And, you know, they’re saying it’s the equivalent of like one hundred and five degrees in the summer. I think we should be able here and we should be able to handle that. Right. So in the summer, when the temperature when your power goes off, then things don’t freeze. But in the winter, they do freeze and we kind of need to be able to plan for these things. And Accommodator, you know, we have building standards that every home is built to. We have standards that as a homeowner, we are kept to before we can go ahead and do these things.

I believe that everyone else should be held to those same standards that they’re applied to. Right. And able to accommodate these things. It’s not right when we have things breaking and freezing and people, you know, displaced and people without oxygen because they’re on, you know, critical things for medical, medical and all of this going on. So I have a real challenge with it. So that’s my stance on it.

And I think something needs to be done. I don’t know enough about this, so I don’t know that I can really comment. But if you know more, chat in, now what you think the real problem is and how we get past it. But it’s an issue and I think it does need to be solved for for the long term stability of this area. We should have extra power, right? Not like too little. So, Ingrid. Yeah. OK, wow, Anthony nursing homes, Anthony works and doesn’t have power for almost two days. Oh my gosh, yeah. Yeah, no, that’s not acceptable. No, no, that’s totally not acceptable. It’s just there’s no way

You want to take those . Now and people into work. So, I mean, this is a really crazy thing, it seems like right now. We went to the grocery store the other day. Yesterday night and last night the lights were out. We were shopping inside Kroger and the lights were out.

They had emergency power on only. And all the food was, you know, they had to cover up like you couldn’t buy meat and those things. It seems like we’re currently right now in the middle of an apocalypse.

While we’re in a pandemic. Mm hmm. And I’m like, what the heck is going on here? Some of them can, you know, can’t even open and. I don’t know, it’s it’s bad. It’s like an ice age endemic within an apocalypse.

So the only solution, great global reshuffle, there’s a lot going on right now.

There certainly is. Yeah. So come on up and see us. We’re going to be going for a sleigh ride today. I’ll be up there probably two, maybe three ish. Come on up and see us. Bring all the kids. This is like one of the long days that we are. It really hurts. We get to do that. No, we don’t encourage trespassers. And I will be playing hooky this afternoon.

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 2.16.21

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