Why is getting a mortgage so stressful – I’m Mike Acquisto, and this is my very lovely wife and luxury real estate broker, Shana Acquisto, you don’t. And the topic is why is getting a mortgage so stressful? Yes, that was a good sign. So the couple of reasons is there’s the fear of the unknown money.

Why is getting a mortgage so stressful?

They hear horror stories, big companies, evil banks, and lots of documentation. Calculate all that.

Yeah. And, you know, that’s a big part of the transaction. And then now we have a crazy market.

So between the two of them, it’s probably been more stressful because they’re trying to hurry and get this pre approval so they can get their get their home secured. Right. And, you know, we’re seeing the lenders are super busy and backed up.

So, yeah, it is stressful. OK, so that’s why. Hmm.

Now, how how can we change this? Right. So kind of the key here is going to be working with Wall. So just pay cash, so write a check. And that always sounds super bad, right? Whenever you say something like, oh, just right. But that’s not actually the answer.

So the answer when you’re trying to achieve a mortgage is to understand more things, to understand the timeline it takes to work with a local knowledgeable professional who has your best interests at heart, who cares about you, who actually knows you, who’s willing to sit down and meet face to face with you in a secure way, right home safe. But make sure they do that to like know your family, to just have it matter to them. You have to feel it in what has to happen for you as the borrower is.

You just have to relax. And when you know that somebody has you fully covered and you kind of give that sigh like Shawn, adjust it and you see the shoulders relax and you kind of give in and you know that somebody really cares, that it matters that they’re going to get you a great rate.

They’re going to work through whatever it is. If you have a challenge on your credit, if you have whatever the variables are, you know, they’re going to work through it and take all of that stress away, more or less, because you don’t know what you have to know. Right? That’s probably what it is. And we don’t want to be scared. But that great lender is going to be introduced to you through an amazing local real estate agent who also cares.

And that’s the number one thing that we specialize in here to Acquisto Real Estate, right? Sure is. When I was looking for somebody to spend the rest of my life with, I looked for an amazing person who cared first right now, who is more beautiful on the inside than they are on the outside.

And it’s super important that you understand those types of things and you want that person to matter. So the first person that we started with here at the company is each other. And then after that, we continue to bring in additional agents to work with us as we got busier and busier. But the main criteria first was they had to care. It had to matter. That’d be great.

And as crazy and busy as it gets. People are put to that test, right, and if they can sustain, you know that. Value during all of that, then that even speaks higher volumes about those people and, you know, we’re seeing that list, you know, it starts to narrow down and but they’re out there and we are fortunate enough to work with them.

Yes. So congratulations, if you’re working with us, we think you’re great people. And that’s really our criteria to start with, is we want amazing people because like, selfishly, we’re going to work with you. We should like you and it should matter. Yeah. So that’s restricts.

The difference then we add on things like that. You have to have local knowledge. You have to be continually trained. You have to be up to date on stuff. So that’s where TNT and this come in each morning. It’s just some daily topics that we’re giving and sharing knowledge to stay competent. And then we have to try with be full time. There’s all these additional things that go beyond it, but you can never get rid of the person that truly cares and has your best interests at heart. That’s why a computer won’t replace, you know, right now. It might replace me now, but it won’t replace you.

And that’s kind of the key thing. So if you are nervous about getting a mortgage, I say to you, don’t be I can’t guarantee you that today is the day for you. Right. You have individual things going on in your life that I don’t know about. So what happens is it might be today, might be tomorrow.

But we’re going to find for you the answer to your question is the right home at the right price at the right time under the current under the best possible situation for you and your family. And that’s what we’ll promise to you and that’s what we’ll end up delivering on. And we will put you with that right. Local lender for you. And it might be this person. Might be that person. Right. We have a bunch of lenders that we work with that we know trust and care, but we’re going to match up the personalities and you’ll be all totally covered.

You know, Katie and I have texted a few times, teamwork makes the dream work, but that’s totally true. It’s a little cheesy, but. Yeah, it really does. So we have words here like real estate family, and it’s because we want to create that. And I feel even through covid we’ve been able to to do that right is bring that together and make it matter.

And so whether it’s our producer that’s working with us today, producer Omkar, or whether it’s Ana who’s helping us out, whether it’s Naz from overseas, whether it’s Megan from Wyoming or whether it’s Stacey right here in Roanoke, the great people that we get to work with every day are the answer. And it makes a huge difference and will make it less stressful for you.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 3.23.21

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