Who is showingtime? So we’re going to take a look behind the scenes and see what’s been up to. So let’s go ahead and take this link and check that one in there for you. Zero and navigate over two. Showing time is. All right, showing time, let’s see what they’ve been up to. So this is from themselves on the newswire of what’s been going on. So if we take a stroll over here first and look, Izola fires in place half half a billion to acquire this company, OK, we just talked about that. Yeah.

Now, let’s go a little bit further back. Right. So then they have this extended offer thing that they were working on showing kind of acquired centralized online services. So showing time by before that, that was a step before showing time and voice. I don’t know who pro joining CoreLogic Alliance Network. So that’s a data point and voice. So they’re taking the voice in the dad and they’re putting it together and understanding who’s calling, who’s looking, who’s doing the crossover. Pause for a second. Yes.

Just think about this, you guys. CoreLogic is who powers our analyst.

Ok, then before that, showing time adds US news senior person to the management team that probably gives some ideas and some new directions. They launch a new real estate app and whatever year this is in 2018 and says if we scroll down here just a little bit more before this.

Ok, you’re happy with that? Very good. That’s wonderful.
All right, let’s make it harder to see. All right. That’s the wrong. Let’s see here. Oh, Carla, are you all right?

Then we go down market viewer broker tools.

So set up data competition. So they buy this showing time signs, definitive agreement to acquire, showing sweet. I’m not sure who they were, but a smaller one showing time launches on demand analytics signs, 10 new license agreements. That’s back in 2016, showing time acquires real estate business intelligence. So that’s a data overlay that they bought in 2016. Showing time in 2016 beefs up its big data arm with RBI acquisition.

I don’t know who they are. And you just continue to go down and you can see what they’ve been trying at home. They’ve been around here at a time. Well, so, yeah, I mean, so I just went back to 2016 on what they’ve been doing, the big things in the news, so to speak, about.

Yeah. And you look at it and from what it appears to be, we’ll go back to talking head if we could, sir, and will say that what it appears to be is it showing time was after data showing time was after data on the computer, but direct integrations from MLS, an actress in from off like nationwide to get that in because they had to be able to schedule showings. Right.

But I’m sure they also had all the data fields that they really needed. Right now they have these data fields and then they have the analytics, they have what’s going on. They have the real threat information. Because you’re doing this, you’re also paying and doing these things to like join. But they’re getting the data and now you’re putting not just buyers, but sellers. And like all these people are getting putting in their naggers phone over the seller. Here’s what’s going on.

So now we have all of that going on then. So so they get good with that. Then they got the competition, they buy the competition, combine them and then they sell out. Then they Sinon non competes. And so those companies can’t come back and form something else for a period of time. Now we have like a data company, a scheduling company, a intermediary company that interfaces in all these different ways, but has these fields that probably are going to integrate directly on Zillow.

And I’m sure you’ll be able to click schedule and bypass the agent and have somebody, like, meet you at the door. And I’m sure he’s always like, hey, let’s just have somebody meet you right at the property. You just go directly there. Now we’ll dispatch the closest person, kind of like some sort of the concierge.

Just kind of think of that. And by the way, we’re changing the lock box out and now there’s going to be a different type on the door. And we’ll have one of our Zillow agents meet there. And if you can’t get there, then here’s the code, a one time code to enter and off you go.

I don’t know, just kind of like, yeah, these things haven’t been coming back like it, but it just seems like this didn’t just happen overnight.

Maybe they were in cahoots before. I don’t know. But the data, I mean, they all they want the data, they want to control the data and they’re getting it.

So Martha chatted in that she was a central lock member back in Maryland. I would like to know how those boxes. Yeah. What the service was like.

I think in the past, the central locks, from what I understand, were kind of janky and weren’t is as good as the super box.

But I’m sure they’ve, you know, improved over time. You know, it’s weird. Sometimes a rumor starts somewhere and maybe it’s true and maybe it’s actually not. I don’t know what those upgrades are, but if I started a rumor and started to call something, then all of a sudden it takes on a life of its own and that light was on a call yesterday and someone had used the boxes recent past.

 No, it was like that a few years ago.

That’s the thing. So we’ll ask Martha, SFUSD, both of them. Now, Martha, can you give us a comparison in the real marketplace of Central Park version, first Supre and how they happen to be. Oh, do you happen to have one? Oh, if you have one, bring one over right now. Let’s get one shipped to us. I want to see how it works. All right. We’ll chat offline about that one, Martha.

But thank you, Martha. Seems like something that kind to spend a couple of moments on. And there’s our kind of inside our first take reaction to it. Just a look behind the scenes of hoo hoo showing time really is in what that possibly means. We didn’t get, like, totally deep dive into it, but like so I don’t know if there’s anybody out there that was in real estate.

Mike Shepherd, I need to ask you, if you remember before success, another company? Well, success has always been around, but there was another company that some people used. I think it was more like the Fort Worth area. And I’m thinking back now. Was it showing time? It was something showing.

Not centralized showing, so I’m curious if Shep remembers who that is and if it was showing time and maybe they have been around longer than I and I realize.

Interesting. Yeah, well, yeah. But they did consolidate the market. They are all over the place. It was fully integrated. It was it was kind of seamless how they did it. I mean it was a little bit rocky for a while, but then once they got it right, it was totally fine.

Now they do have people I can call up on the phone. Right. So they kind of the center would imagine those call center people when you’re calling them up to book it now that they’re actually like in the Zillow call center. Yeah. And they’re like, I can set that right up for you. Oh, don’t worry about it. Oh. Would you like a Zillow agent to meet you there?

And you know what else is.

Oh, my gosh, I just thought foxes in the hen house. Right, right.

Well, that’s a cop, the foxes in the hen house, it’s like a reference, I don’t know where it started, but it’s like a bad thing. You don’t want the fox in the henhouse. Yeah. Assuming that you’re the owner of the hens. Right. Or the farmer or rancher.

Which one would it be if you have if you have hens, are you a farmer or a rancher in Michigan?
We have yeah. We have not idea Bob. But how do you know that cow.
All right. So you’re saying we’re done. All right. Foxes out of that and or out.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 2.12.21

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