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Who is Matthew Palmer from Goosehead Insurance? That’s him. That’s me. We’re going to have a quick discussion here. We’re going to start to talk about when you started, who are your best referral circles? How can we help you? How could you help us? And would an independent insurance agent is versus a captive agent? So let’s first start, Matthew.

I don’t know about you. So my name Matthew. I work at Juicehead Insurance as an independent insurance broker. I’ve been in the insurance world first, got license about a year and a half ago. So still relatively new insurance is a long game. So I’ve got a lot to learn. But I have learned a ton over the last year and a half. I’ve really enjoyed it.

Sort of my motivation getting into insurance is I love talking with people, especially new people. You ever meet me out in public, you know, so I’ll just talk to anybody. And something I found out, you know, just sort of either going through the previous brokerage I worked at and now you said is that nobody likes talking about insurance and having somebody that you enjoy talking with who is knowledgeable and cares a lot about your situation, advocate for you. It makes a difference. You can find the best price, find the best coverage. And it’s just been a delight. So I really have enjoyed the last couple of years.

Yeah. So, Matthew, we’ve known you for a long time. I would say that I’ve known you since like probably before kindergarten. And you’ve grown up to be a fine gentleman. Right. It’s awesome. Gentlemen, maybe isolate that word. I’m not exactly sure what there. No, but you’re a great person. And one of the things that I love about you absolutely love is you have amazing energy, right? You care like things matter to you. Absolutely.

They really do. And that’s one of our core business principles, is that it has to matter and you have to care. And then the client can see that right. To do a great, great job of making sure that you care and that that really translates. And then you have faith. Absolutely. And that that’s an important item as well.

Right. I actually really love the two things you just touched on, which is, you know, having a really high integrity and caring about the work that you’re doing as well as like that faith aspect. And I think both of those reflects in what you do, how you do it and who you work with. So it’s it’s you know, you see it in a questo real estate all the time, right.

The way that Mike talks about me, Mike, if you guys have ever had a conversation with him, is never talking about himself. He’s building up the people around him. He’s humbling himself and being a servant leader. And that’s something that has been just phenomenally instructive and educational for me.

Somebody starting their career is, hey, here are people who have a genuine faith, live it out. And the type of high intensity and integrity work that they can accomplish is really wonderful. So I do really appreciate being here. And those are two really big things that I do look for in the people who I do business with, both in the clients and the way that we treat them. You know, my juicehead brokerage and and the people that I work with, our partners and I have faith in you.

So, you know, I’ve been in many different situations with you. We’ve done a lot of awesome, amazing hikes together. And there was one time in particular that I really had to see how much do I trust Matthew Palmer? And that would be when we’re in the back country in Zion and we’re rappelling, that’s the one. And Matthew brings repelling ropes and you set the rappel.

And I will just for all of our viewers watching, say that that was my first time setting the rappelling, done a lot of research. But, you know, when you set a repel, you have to be there managing the rope and, you know, you just lock somebody in. You’re like, good luck. I hope I did it right. And they start, you know, taking the rope down and hanging off one hundred feet above the ground. And yeah, because the first one, he went down, he was very trustworthy. Oh, my gosh. He nailed it.

Yeah. So to to trust somebody when they set that rappel and be able to push off backwards and just see what’s going on and be like, you better got this right. And because you know. Yeah, it’s amazing. So I trust in you and what you do. So yes, we should totally trust our clients with you knowing that I’ve trusted you in that particular setting. You have a high energy and a high motor and just a passion and a zeal for life. And you love the outdoors.

I do, yeah. It’s it’s contagious. I mean, one of the biggest, I would say, drawbacks of starting my career is that I sit right next to the window, so I have to look outside all day. And some days are just really unbelievably gorgeous out here in Dallas and oof! I’m just itching to get outside again.

Yeah. So anybody watching out there. Matthew, are you currently single? I am, yep. Nice. That’s good to know. Give me a call. Yeah, all right, so Matthew is a great catch. He’s an amazing person, and what you’re looking for in a girl is:

Yeah, I put it right there for the podcast. Yes, it is a spirit of adventure. Somebody who I can rope in and encourage and just take on these fun trips, who is going to be just wonderful the whole way. Basically, if I can take a road trip with you, I’ll marry you.

Yeah. No, it’s amazing you I’ve spent a lot of time with you in sticky situations and the best and the worst showing people in your worst is amazing. So I’m very happy with that. Now, how can we help you?

Well, so in the, you know, home buying process and through several key characters, the most important being the real estate agent, the person who’s going out, generating their own business, using that referral network of people they’ve worked with, past clients and bringing in these home buyers who are looking to go through the process.

And the realtor is king in that they generate the business. They refer to the loan officer. They referred to the insurance agent and the title representative there, the point of contact with their client. And so when we talk about how insurance agents can benefit from working with real estate agents, it’s the YALLAH source of business.

By going out and working with 10 to 20 real estate agents who are high producing and great and high integrity people, that’s my whole business. And so over the last year, that’s all I do. I probably talk with clients for half the day and go out and meet with realtors for half the day. And there’s a lot of you know, if you’re a realtor, you work with the loan officer, you might work with an insurance agent. It’s definitely a reciprocal relationship. And if it’s not, then fine, find a different partner, because if they’re not helping you build your business and build your network, then find somebody who will. That’s my advice.

And how could you help us? So, you know, an invite that we have outstanding is we have agent dinner, and that’s on the third Tuesday of each month. So you’re if you’re formally invited to that. So what are things that you could kind of bring to that event, interacting with agents that would kind of help them out?

Absolutely. So it’s kind of a case by case basis. If you work with an insurance agent, you just have another edge on any other real estate agent who’s working unilaterally. I had a realtor call me last month and they said, hey, we’re working with the seller and she’s not really telling us when the roof was last replaced. We’re kind of looking at this house and, you know, can you just pull a quick clue report? Can you run a past prior history for the insurance? See, when their roof was replaced and it was a 16 year old roof.

And so that buyer then knew coming into this house, I’m probably going to have to foot a 40 thousand dollar bill to replace this roof almost instantly from getting the house. And, you know, before they even put an offer on and started that option period, they looked at a different house. And it’s it’s information like working with an insurance agent gives you information, talking with somebody, having a good relationship.

You can know what warning signs to look out for. Oh, my gosh. There’s the foundation issue. There’s this old home that’s sitting on piers and beams, probably just going to be a nightmare to get it insured, to be paying an extra couple thousand dollars a year, just to be sitting on the house knowing all of that, working with somebody who’s going to advocate for you and give you that information just gives you a leg up.

Now, something else, too, where you could possibly help us if we needed a meal. Is that the type of thing that you can kind of help us out with, that we should get together with you and have that discussion?

Yeah, the the one on one meeting I have with real estate agents, it’s never hey, how can I get your business? It’s how can I earn your business? What can I do to help build your process? Add to your network. And the foundation of that is developing a relationship. I love going to lunch, getting meals with realtors, getting coffee and everybody’s different, whether me connecting you with the new loan officer just that I work with are going out to an open house with you and talking with you and just being there.

Those are ways that, like, I love getting out and meeting new people and talking, and I’ve had a lot of success doing that with realtors. So if that’s something that y’all are interested in watching this podcast, give me your ring. I’d be happy to take you out to lunch. Yeah. So chat in now ow, if you as an agent would like to go to dinner or to lunch with Matthew Palmer, and if there’s any single ladies out there between the ages of 18 and fifty four, that’s a weird age. 54. Yeah. Fifty four chatting. Now Matthew is available and we’re about to.

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