Who did you loose out to?

Who did you loose out to? All right, so kind of the key question, it’s kind of interesting that when you go on a listing appointment, it’s not a personal referral. It’s most likely it’s very likely that you’re going to go up against a few other realtors at the same time. So this this person, this seller is going to be interviewing and fire to several different realtors. And I have found that I ask, so, hey, who else is you know, surely you’re going to interview more people? Oh, yeah. We’ve got, like, two other people to interview. Oh, great.

Who are they? You know, I’ve been in the business for a long time. It’s always nice to know who it is. And when they tell me who it is, most likely I know. And I actually praise them. And I say, well, you know what? These are three great agents. So whichever you choose, I think you’re going to be happy. And then I might just plug one extra thing in and I would do know who they are, right.

That I would do different. So if you ever have that situation and you hear, well, I lost to Mike Shepherd, well, you need to do a little research on Mike Shepherd and find out what is he doing right. That he’s getting all of these clients. And that way you can kind of adapt and do something a little different and learn from that.

So those are things that I would like to know over a period of time. If you lose out, like once or more consistently to somebody, please let us know.

But if you want to increase that, you know, ask these questions. If you don’t, you just put your head down and tail between your legs and walk off and pout. You’re not learning anything. Find out, dig deep. Find out who in the world you’re losing to. If they never tell you, follow that listing and you’ll find it out right when it gets listed.

No, that’s super important. And then you can just go backwards and look through it and find out. Right. You have to really dissect it to be able to learn from it. And what you’ll see is there are some people that are really good at a there’s certain people that are really good at B, sometimes are good at selling themselves, but not good in the execution. Sometimes you’ll find out that they’re big. Sometimes you’ll find out that they’re small. Sometimes they hit on certain items, will let us know. And we will do our absolute best to help you overcome whatever that obstacle is of the WHO.

So I challenge our agents. If you could make just a list, think of last year and if you happen to not win a client and something didn’t close, make a list of those and let’s let’s plan to talk about them. I’d like to know kind of what they are and who they were and and let’s, you know, let’s dig deeper into that and  talk about it and learn from them. We can all learn from them, right?

Yes, we definitely can. We would totally be up for that list. So send it right on over. Send it to Shana Orquesta, real estate dot com on whom you happened to lose out to. And I would also challenge you that once you find that and you diagnose it and you look within it and you find out you’re like, here’s why. What I would recommend is that you look at it and say, OK, fine, that was a strength.

And then take that or take that weakness that you had. So it was their strength and your weakness, apparently, and then turn your weakness into your greatest strength where you can overcome that. And then all of a sudden you continually raise what you’re working on a daily basis and you create all these new skills. Kind of like Stacey is right. She’s like pushing herself and she’s taking on this challenge.

But imagine if you said every single month if you found out there was twelve people that beat you out last year and you’re like, you know what? I’m going to find what this person did to beat me in this deal, and then I’m going to take that and apply it and become really good at that.

So when I run into that issue again, I’ll have the counter or the opposite thing. So Brendon Hearn would do that like a lot in wrestling, right. It’s kind of like wherever there’s a move, there’s a counter move that works equally in opposite against it. And you get throw the person off. So it’s the same kind of thing here. It’s like I got you and I raise you and you, you know. Right. You so much different do that type of item here. Right. For multiple things every single month, raising your game every month against a different competitor.

And then you’ll see that we’re all pretty competitive, you know, in a good way. So, you know, you want to learn from these things.

Yes. And, you know, there’s all different types of things on why. Right. So we need to find the why, in addition to the WHO and then we have to look and see what we can do. So we’ll talk about those other items. If you have some you can chat in, like what those issues were, but more the who is what we’re kind of looking for right now. And we’ll try to overcome those.

And Rachel, you mentioned a big one. People will go wherever they can get the best deal. So what does that say that says they don’t value what you’re doing? Right. So we have to overcome that. So we’ll have some we have some suggestions on how to overcome. -Who did you loose out to-

Yeah. Often if you can’t buy total value. Right. That you end up producing. And so you have to come back with facts to be able to overcome it.

You have to go in. You know, we you have to go in. You have to know who your client is and kind of what you think they’re going to expect. And that’s how you have to go in. You have to go in and, you know, kind of tackle that from the beginning, not wait, because once you hear that later, it’s really hard to go back and convince them otherwise, I think. Yes. So that goes to not who you lost to, but it’s what I have consumer what type of airlines you’re meeting with, what type. Right.

And to analyze that better and then to see it and to have a strategy to overcome that. So it’s not that you necessarily lost out to a different agent, but there’s an approach you can take in relationship to that. So go ahead and get into me. Any of the drama that you thank for your call. Different agencies and we can dig them up is specific topics because you’re very correct. Yeah. And how you establish that. Yeah. So thanks. We had tons of engagement today, ladies and gentlemen. We’re very happy with that.

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