Who are Luxury Buyers – All right, we’re going to just go dive in to our second topic. I’m Shana Acquisto, broker of Acquisto Real Estate. And this is Hannah Ewing, a top luxury.

And we are picking her brain on a case which is a accredited luxury home specialist. That’s right. Right.

So what we’re going to talk about right now are who are these luxury buyers?

Ok, so according to the designation, the luxury buyer is somebody who has over a million dollars in net worth. OK, and that doesn’t include their home or home furnishings, but a million dollars in the bank. And who are they? What are they shopping for? So they kind of break it into two categories. There’s the over 50 and the other 50. So usually the people over 50 are looking for neighborhood amenities like a golf course, gated community, and something under five thousand square feet.

And then the under 50 crowd, they’re usually looking for the great schools location to work and all the latest and greatest. They’re very early adopters. And you’ll see in a lot of these luxury homes the trends, the trends that we’ll see spilling over to the regular market in the next several years. But they’re definitely going to be the first to have the crushed icemaker or the office that’s hidden.

You’ll walk in and you’ll see the home office. Well, that’s just for show. Behind the doors is where they keep all the clutter. And so the stuff that they’re going to have in their homes will at some point spill over to the regular market. But these homes are typically seventy five hundred and square feet and above, again, gated, you know.

I would expect what you would expect I mean, anybody in Texas wants a pool, but that’s one of the things that a luxury buyer is not going to buy a house without a pool. That’s just something that has to be included. So I think I’m a luxury buyer.

I know. I want to be. I just need there’s a key that I don’t have. I need the finer things. Uh huh. Well, that’s awesome.

Ok, and these buyers, I mean, we feel and you probably feel we’re seeing a lot of these buyers relocate here from other parts of the country, California, New York, East Coast, West Coast. So there’s a lot of luxury buyers moving to this area. And again, goes back to just. You know, educating yourself and understanding these trends so you can tap in to that, you having a financial background.

This probably is really good for you to be able to connect the two. Yeah, absolutely. That’s awesome. So the next thing that I wanted to talk about, do we ring the bell? Well, yes, we’re going to transition to our next topic, which is what are they looking for in an agent?

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 3.16.21

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