Where to find a septic inspector ?

Hey, do you know where I can find a septic inspector? No, where, you know, I don’t know, either, I have no idea.

Yes, so it’s difficult that the regular home inspector does not inspect the septic plumbers. Some of them do not inspect the septic, so you need to find a specific contractor who does this for a living.

Ok. All right. So can we back up and take a bigger view at sceptic? Sure. Right. And just tell me, like kind of where you would have them, why you would have them some stuff like that.

So typically, if you’re on some land, you know, an acre or more, it’s common that you may have a septic because they can’t run. It’s just so expensive to run the city sewer lines to the properties, so every person would have their own septics. So there’s different kinds of skeptics.

They’re putting it all different changes. Yeah. So there was various different paths to success for the septic systems with like early stages, mid stages and current current versions of them. Yes, but you have to maintain

Them, you have to maintain them. That’s what we need. Yes, we need to talk about that. So if you have a buyer or a seller that that the septic tank does exist, then there should be.

If you have a listing, you should have it checked, have the paperwork you need to provide that onsite sewer facility addendum. Or if you have a buyer, they need to also check and have an inspection done because you need to know how old it is, when is the last time it’s been pumped, when it’s been maintained?

Here’s an interesting fact, too. Mm hmm. It’s a law that you have to have, in most cases, a set maintain a septic maintenance contract and it must be on file with the county. So I know Collin County has it now if you’re in an unincorporated area.

Sometimes the requirements are different, but you need to always check with your county and find out what is required if there is a maintenance contract on it. It must be transferred to the new buyer. Sometimes there’s fees for that, you know? So you know, it’s not just that simple. You have to really

Be contiguous that you have to go back and have like a line, a history line.

Yes, of that. And you know, there’s a requirement that you have to maintain them. There are instances where the seller can go through a class and become approved to maintain your septic yourself.

Wait, so let’s think about that. So any one of us could go get approved to and I bet there’s probably a line of people forming right now to get involved in this, that you could go, take a class and be approved to maintain septic system,

Your own your own septic. I don’t know about getting certified to maintain other people’s septic.

I don’t think it really matters. I don’t think that if you’re

A homeowner, you know, it’s kind of like a pool if you want to maintain it yourself, great. If you want to get a pool service, great. But you know, in this case, you you kind of you have to be certified and approved to be able to do that.

All right, well, Chat in now, if you are currently approved as a septic vendor for yourself. Or not should be yeah, we totally should be, but check in now if you are OK.

So I think we have we’re going to pull over a site that you guys should save and it gives you lots of great information about sceptics. So the maintenance on a of an onsite sewage facility, your septic system, it’s going to this page right here is great.

It gives you a lot of information for homeowners. So you find out can you do the maintenance yourself? What does a license maintenance provider do? Where if you scroll down on car, there’s a place where you can you can check to find these inspectors. Let’s see. Um. Ok. I can’t see it. Keep going up and look on the left, OK? Or go back.

Ok. There’s this one right here. Mm hmm. And I’m going to find a licensed professional.

Yeah, right there. Ok, so you can plug in your county, that’s for licensing if you go back, if you if sorry, we’re not qualified to give you this information. No, I’m kidding. So to find a licensed professional, you can go here and it basically has you look up your county and your city, and it’ll give you recommendations of people who are certified to do so.

Yeah, that’s what it is right here. We were on the right length.

We just needed some glasses.

So you know, these inspections do cost, I think, around five hundred dollars. But the thing to to know is that you need to know the age of it. Basically, you need to understand the maintenance and if they’re really old.

So we have one currently that we’re working on right now and the septic is 40 years old. I think their lifespan is 20 years, so we’re double what it should be.

And then it’s not a big deal. It’s right by the creek,

Though, right? Yeah. And it’s supposed to be. This is an old conventional system and it’s supposed to be pumped every three to five years and we’re on your seven right now. So there’s a lot of things that we’re having to navigate through on this to make our buyer feel comfortable of where we are. So, yeah,

Fun, dirty. This is a great time to announce that if anyone has any questions all about septic systems, Sean knows a ton about it.

It’s good. We see people going out, purchasing land, building homes, you know, and it’s really important to know this isn’t something that I think most of us were familiar with or, you know, had experience with on a regular basis. So I’m sure chef he would have a septic system, so maybe he could come on and give us even more information about septics,

You know, so this is very impressive, and I’d like to reach out and let you know that I’m super impressed about this. So this was something that I believe, well, at least myself, I had zero knowledge of probably a year ago. Ok, like zero. Mm hmm.

And I didn’t even know there was different types and what and you know, I guess I knew that they would leach out or that you’d hear about, but that was all I knew. Yeah. So I didn’t know a lot about it. And then you got involved and you totally learned all this stuff.

Well, you have to. It’s amazing how much you learn all the time, and it’s a big deal that is an agent. You always have to continually learn things. Yes, in your pushing yourself to learn things that you might not have normally researched. Right? I don’t think on your own, you go out and you’re like, Oh, let’s learn about septics.

Personally, I topic like that, right? You totally learned a lot. I enjoy learning, but I also. Don’t want to be just in the dark and not have any knowledge about what’s going on. This is the type of continual self-learning that you can do as an agent that really shows the difference, right? When you do something like this as an agent. No, I mean, it really does. It shows that you care.

And it really separates the the good agents from the bad agents. And when we go through all these different things as an industry where people are talking about your commissions and trying to have them under fire and, you know, like, Hey, what’s the cheapest you could do this for? There’s times when you have to know things and be better, be different and just care.

And you know, that’s a very clear example, and I want everyone to understand that those are the types of things that allow you to earn your full commission that allow you to be a long time professional that does this for a career, right? I mean, just think about that if you want to have something as a career, how much you need to continually learn and motivate yourself and just push yourself.

And but if you’re not, you’re just getting worse all the time.

So Jane just made a comment. Being on a septic system, she strongly recommends contacting the existing service company to learn about what’s going on. Because you’re right. Sellers don’t often know. Sellers don’t even know.

I mean, we discovered this, I don’t know a couple of years ago that you have to have this maintenance contract. I had no idea, but that was in part of our research and learning that we discovered that you have to have that and a lot of sellers have no idea.

So they initially go and get a permit when they’re building and they have to get a permit for this and then it’s supposed to have ongoing maintenance. Well, sometimes they forget about it. So sometimes there’s not an existing maintenance contract or anything.

So then you have to establish and you have to make sure if you have a buyer that that is done on the seller’s responsibility because that’s something they should have done all along. So you don’t want your buyer to all of a sudden close and then have to go through hoops to update a system or do something that could be very costly. A new septic system could be 15 to 20 thousand minimum, so it’s expensive.

So, yeah, well, Sean, others are all great points, if you’d like to hear this and more great topics. Find us on your favorite space for podcast, maybe on Spotify or Apple Podcasts. Just search there and you’ll be able to find future topics like this and more.

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