Where does DFW Rank for key construction metrics

Where does DFW rank for some key construction metrics that’s Shana Acquisto, she’s a luxury real estate broker and we’re going to discuss some of these different items, you know, where are the other areas that are top? How long have we been at the top and for what verticals in particular?

We happen to rank really high. Yeah. So let’s go ahead and share the link and put it up on the screen and chat it in so you can take a look at it.

You know, it’s crazy about this. It says DFW is number one for the most active real estate market in the last decade. What market is like? You know, it shifts. It goes, we see the ups, we see the downs. But what stays steady for a decade?

That’s crazy. Yeah, it’s a decade long study and what we have here is overall, DFW ranks number one for the category, studied this a 10 year time frame. Ok, so second for single family home permits at Sumana home permits thirty two or three hundred and twenty three thousand multifamily permits.

That’s a lot of them. Office space. Fifty five million square feet of industrial space, retail space and self-storage. So even though our homes are big, we still need to store stuff. Interesting. Yeah.

So to your new homes?  

It’s great storage. Houston ranked number two overall. So Texas ranks really well. Austin number 11. San Antonio 20. And these are just some of the things that we can take a look at here.

That’s so totally great. All Texas is pretty hot.

We, a few of us attended a breakfast the other day with the mayor of Frisco, and he did talk about the starts. Like the the new Apple, the applications for new homes starts was just ridiculous. I don’t remember that the exact number, but it was unbelievable.

So yeah, and you guys, if you ever want to kind of know, you know, we talked about this, I think I talked about it with somebody last week. But if you kind of want to know what starting and what’s happening, go to the city planning and zoning website and you can, you know, you can attend the meetings virtually.

I don’t know if they’ll continue them. I think they will because they did it. They were doing that before the pandemic. But if you follow these, you can see kind of what’s happening and follow it. I think it’s interesting. I actually watched city of McKinney when yesterday. Just trying to keep up

What you do in your spare time, in my spare time meetings for City.

Yeah, but you know, our market remains hot. We have also heard a lot about these build to rent communities, which will be a whole other topic we’ll dive into, probably in a few days. But yeah, new constructions, nuts. So thank you to Megan for coming up with this topic and sharing that in particular off so we could give it to everybody else.

If you find any topics that are important to you that you think others could benefit from, please just send me a quick email and I’ll make sure I get covered. If you come across anything in your day that you’re not, ultimately all that sure of is an agent. Also, send that across when we get it covered. First thing in the morning each day.

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