When are you most productive?

When are you most productive your day? And how does that relate to real estate? We’re going to talk about you.

Yes, you and when you are most productive, then we’re going to talk about when I’m most productive and I’ll share that. Then we’re going to talk about your clients, specifically what’s going on in their day and how does that all line up to their schedule line up with yours?

Or are you opposite whatever? What’s going on? How do you coordinate with Stacy if you happen to have some stuff going on as an agent? Right? So I want to talk about that and much, much more. I don’t know. Like what the much, much more part is, just like pretty much the topic we’ll talk about. But anyways, diving into that, so I was on with Stacy and we were kind of talking about this topic in general, and she she’s an early riser and she tends to get certain things done early in the day, myself as well.

My standard wake up time is five 13 a.m. And so when I wake up, then we, you know, you get to work and you do your stuff. And I feel that when I need to work on a spreadsheet or I need to work on something that’s detail oriented, kind of the first couple of tasks of the day that I get done. So if I had to file my taxes, for example, I would do that first thing in the morning and I would knock that out and I’d be like focused on it.

Now I’d have a cup of coffee. It would be quiet. I put some music on and it would just go and I would get in this trance and just get the work done and move on. But when are you most productive? So kind of think about that for yourself and then think about this from a client perspective, right?

So now your clients are going to be different and imagine their day. So now if we think through like a standard client like husband and wife and a couple of kids and they’re bringing them to school and shuttling them around and they got all this stuff going on, maybe they go to bed earlier, maybe they stay up later.

So what is their schedule like? What time did they want to talk with you? Right? So now all of a sudden, if you have clients calling you after work or at lunch break or on their way to work, then you need to be able to identify that, but then sync up with their schedule and work your schedule around them, not vice versa. So imagine that I happen to be working with a client right now if I was an agent that took on clients.

If I’m working with the client and they also are in the standard habit of calling me in the morning on the way to work. And now these people are calling me first thing in the morning, right? But they’re calling me maybe at seven 30 as they commute down to Dallas to work.

So they get through at 8:00 so they can leave early and not be stuck in rush hour and all those things. So now we think through that, but that lines up with the times when I like to do my spreadsheets right and I’m working on those types of things. So now we have to line that up and make sure that we’re working around our client and make sure that you have those discussions with them.

If you want to work your day in the best way you can, sometimes you have to make sacrifices. So would you rather talk to that client first thing in the morning at seven thirty on their way to work when they want to write and kind of have that scheduled? Or would you rather put that off in the day and have them calling you at your supper time when they are free? So that ultimately becomes your choice?

And if you want to take control and like just rein them in, like grab on to that and take charge, then you identify that type of thing, pull the client to where they really want to be OK and do it first thing in the morning. It might be uncomfortable for that client to ask you, like, Hey, can I call you at seven thirty in the morning?

Maybe it’s not uncomfortable for them, but if you lead them in that direction, you get there that you’re having that conversation when they’re fresh, when they’re on their way to work, when they’re in the car, when they’re just thinking about things and you have your notes and you can make them and you’re sitting at your desk, how much better if a conversation is that as if you looked at it and said on the other way, they’re at dinner, they’re, you know, their spouse is like, can you get off the phone? The kids are crying, their stuff going on, and you’re also doing your set of things.

So imagine that this is all about productivity, OK? And then there’s all these different types of items as you’re communicating with them and when you’re productive and when they are as it relates to sending communications. So on my phone here with the Android, I have the opportunity to send, delay, send text messages so you can train the people to respond to you at the certain time, right?

Like, no one wants to receive a text message from another person right before they go to bed or any of those things. So don’t bother a person then, but rather schedule it for whenever the proper time is in the same exact thing with email. And I’m a firm believer that if you want to be considered a full, full time professional and be treated like one, then you need to keep your hours and keep track of what you’re doing at certain times and rein that client in. And don’t be afraid to send them that message first thing in the morning, right?

That’s going to feel much. Better to that client, so they can see it before they get in the car and they have all that stuff rather than getting it later at night and they have all these things going on, they’re not really paying attention. So that’s about knowing your client staying on top of it, being more productive, but considering others within your schedule, most importantly, getting it to work for you. Right.

So if you know that Stacy is an early riser, then send her something delayed send, so it comes in first thing in the morning. She’s probably going to enjoy that, but like, set it early because Stacy wakes up early, but then she can just knock it out and it’s done, and she can be so much happier that she can cross it off our list.

You know, there’s a lot of people out there that list crossing is a real thing. And I didn’t realize that until recently. They like, I love to pick up the pen and just cross it off as an accomplishment. Is that you? Is that your client? All right. Anyways, that’s fully discussed.

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