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Whatsapp for international travelers, yeah. So I do think this is a pretty decent topic to be able to communicate with people, and it was something I wasn’t familiar with until we started to travel a little bit more and we kind of started it when we were traveling.

But then when we had international people that worked with us, it was a super efficient way to be.

And we had a couple of clients that, you know, that’s a way that you can reach out. It’s a free app and it works great.

He’s chatting in now, the link and he’s opening that up, but it’s based on your phone. I believe there are some options as well for being able to do it off your PC, if you would like to.

But this is the the traditional way, I guess, that you would be able to go ahead and do it. Yeah, so it’s a secure messaging application.

And so for us, not our service, obviously, obviously is not going to work there unless we’re on Wi-Fi.

But the app will work so we can call, you can video call. And we do that with our son all the time.

So it’s really great to have a group message with us, Tanner and Cecile, who are all in different locations, and she’s in France to be able to communicate with each other via video conference each other.

I’ve seen that it’s actually a superior application in a lot of different ways, so you get videos in faster. The quality seems to be higher when an item is shared from one phone to the other. The images come in super fast and load quick.

I have no idea they seem to have better technology. If you’re in the same place and you upload something to WhatsApp and send it that way or you send it through your regular text messaging, it gets their way faster through WhatsApp.

I don’t know what they do with it, but their technology is amazing. Yeah, it’s great. Yeah. So this one in particular, it’s shown, obviously you play videos.

So on the left here shown you can play videos that you can play audio, send emojis, whatever right, send your location. It’s kind of the same type of stuff, and you can save the stuff to your phone or, you know, and download it or whatever it happens.

These apps free.

Oh, it’s a good question. I’m not sure it’s the free app that you can communicate with. Do you all remember a long distance when you used to have to pay for long distance or have a calling card or something to be able to reach out to people that far away?

It’s crazy. And now this is free.

Yeah, and it works exceedingly well in the video’s quality is excellent. Video Calling somebody so it’s a good thing that you can be able to use for anybody who’s traveling. I mean, you could even use it within the U.S. you can.

I was joking. I’m kind of laughing because yesterday our youngest son, Trevor, sent me a message on WhatsApp and I was like, you’re like twenty five feet away. But that’s cool. You can text me on WhatsApp.

It’s for international type related stuff or for texting your son.

Oh yeah, that dinner’s ready. So I don’t know. So it goes. But yes, try it out. I think you’ll enjoy it. And then it has all of your contact stuff right in there. So it’s just you use the same phone number. The installation process is is really straightforward and it is an app.

It does pop up. You do see stuff in there similar to anything else. Mm hmm. Group messaging, all those types of things are all in there. Easy to communicate with Anna, for example, through WhatsApp. So you have that omkar nas.

You guys want to contact any of the international people. You definitely can super happy to have them, and it’s a great method of communication right now.

I am actually on WhatsApp myself, so I have Omkar on and he’s in my. He’s in the ear.

Yes, right now and the headset, and then he’s on the phone using WhatsApp. So yeah, it’s a really good service. I highly recommend it. And not just necessarily to communicate with us when we’re abroad or for you to use, utilize when you’re abroad.

But if you have clients, it’s also a really good thing whether they’re here and traveling abroad or, you know, it’s it’s really good.

So it’s just something, even if you don’t need it right now, maybe download and install it, have it in and you can message us through it and say, Hey, I installed it.

You can get in touch with me there. And that would help us out just a little bit. You could find your contacts there, for sure.

And yeah, it’ll import all of your contacts. So they’re all there. You can send them a Hey, I’m on WhatsApp so they can join, but it’s super easy in that way. You know, Apple, if you have an iPhone, it’s easy to kind of communicate with people, right?

But if somebody has an Android, this is a great way to be able to connect Android users and Apple users to.

Oh, because the group messaging

Thing group messaging doesn’t always work if you have an Apple to Android. Yeah. My different color in your phone, whatever that is.

You know, that’s the thing, right? Like you have different message colors or types or I don’t know what it is, but yeah, I’m obviously the wrong color there. I would assume so. All right. Thank you, guys. What this.

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