What Type Of Light Is Best For Each Room

What type of light is best for each room in your home? We’re going to go over why light bulbs are important and why specifically HD plus light bulbs are actually better, the color tones in each room.

Why that actually matters, that you can see these things and you can tell an appreciable difference. We’re going to go ahead and share the screen here and go over some of these ideas here, but is a real estate broker.

It’s important that we represent the properties in the best way that we possibly can. So that’s going to include a lot of different things, right? So we spend a lot of time, energy and effort preparing our property, and it’s super easy to tell somebody, let’s paint.

Let’s go ahead and redo the cabinets. Let’s put in new things. Let’s change out this. Let’s stage that sometimes maybe all we need to do is change out the light bulbs. So we get some better stuff, right?

We spend time on all of this and let’s be super efficient with it. So as we go ahead and take a look at the web page here with the HD light most specifically, what I want to show you on the back is there is a croi rating for each light bulb.

So essentially there’s good light bulbs and bad light bulbs, and it shows the clarity of what you’re looking at. So there’s a ton of different ratings within the light bulb. Ok, the ratings within the light bulb that you’re going to be looking for specifically so you can see and experience the difference in the color.

So this is what we’re looking at right here in this shows the enhancement between the two of them.

I’m going to grab control and as we slide it across what we’re going to see go ahead, home car is that we’re going to see that the color kind of changes and you lose some of the different hues that you’re looking at. It also helps your eye and soothes it a little bit and allows you to see greater definition.

So if you’re having a yellow hue, right, show up in different places and you don’t want that and you want to see more clarity, that’s when you really search for the CRI rating within the light bulb. So these, I believe, are a 90 to four C3 rating, the ones that I’m currently looking at.

And that’s really good, right? But what the typical bulb, if you go buy a regular store bulb, they’re in like the sixties and then you can buy a good bulb that’s in the eighties, or you can buy a great bulb that’s higher than that. And what that is is it’s getting closer to what it looks like outdoors when you’re really looking at something and you can see what’s going on.

So there’s a lot of different qualities that you can have, and this is one of them that happens to be the highest possible quality. Now there’s something else that I do want to show off as well, and that’s going to be the color temperature.

So there’s this sliding range that you guys all kind of see and know, and you’re not sure. At least I always have a challenge with it. The number on the back, the twenty seven hundred right, and that is what it looks like in each room. It’s kind of the color temperature, whether it’s warm or cool and what it looks like.

But specifically, if I take a little control here of this page and scroll this down, what you’re going to see in different rooms, there’s different things that they recommend. Ok, so if you are in an area where you want to have cool tones and you want to kind of refresh yourself, then you’re going to have these cool tones in this place, right?

If you want to have over here and relax, these are places that take the blue light out of the light bulb itself. So you’re going to be able to sleep a little bit easier, be able to calm down and do those types of things. You know, when you’re on the computer and there’s a blue light and they say that that’s bad for you.

So you wear things like the glasses to take the blue light out of the reflection that you’re seeing in the computer screen because that’s harmful or makes you not tired or be able to sleep. So that’s what you have in these different rooms here.

And then in these other rooms, when you want to see super clarity, then you’re going to have a different type or scale of bulb so that you have that right. So it is important that you have different bulbs in different locations, so you can see things differently.

Anyways, ladies and gentlemen, we spend a lot of time as agents in a lot of different places, and this is one in particular that I hope, I hope helps you out. I hope it’s a topic that you get to deliver directly to each of your clients so they could see what this is. Sometimes it takes a lot of trial and error, so I would go to a place that you can return things pretty easy.

Walmart, save your receipts, go back, try a bunch of them, see what’s going on, but look and understand the key concepts of cry for the light bulb, the color temperature, whether it’s a light, whether it’s warm white or cool white that you’re looking for.

And see, probably three thousand is going to be about the right number to go for four thousand starts to feel a little bit blue when you’re looking at it. But three thousand seems about right for my personal taste, but I’m wrong all the time. So what do I know anyways? Got it covered. Give us a call.

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