What to Tell your Clients about Yourself – Hey there, that’s Shana Acquisto, real estate broker and calling over Acquisto Real Estate. She’s also a luxury broker’s kind of good at what she does. And I just happen to be an average real estate broker. No, I know just average. But today we are talking about TMI,

TMI -And what to tell your clients about yourself, what you have going on, what you’re currently doing, all about your family, what your stresses are just like totally unburden yourself to your clients, right? Yes.

So the number one thing I think we need to understand is you are the professional and they are seeking services from you, the professional.

Right. That’s pretty Important. They’re looking at you as this professional. And then if you give them too much information, they may not look at you and take you a serious look. So it’s hard because we want to be full, want full transparency. We want people to know who we are, be upfront and honest and share and all of that. That’s who we are. We’re friendly, but sometimes it can be a burden.

So, for example, if you have a client and you have to understand the buyer’s right now, if you have a buyer, they are like at a super high stress level because they are trying to secure a home and maybe they’ve gone through this multiple times. OK, so they’re already at high anxiety. Mm hmm. And then if you start sharing some things like, you know, I can’t show you at this time because I have a prior commitment of this.

I have my kids cheerleading or whatever.

I have a dentist appointment, you know, that’s valid and that’s OK. But they don’t need to know that because that burdens them. Right. That puts a burden. They feel bad. They feel guilty because they’re asking a lot of you and they need to keep asking a lot of you. But if they think, you know what, gosh, what a jerk I am, they have something for their kids and here I am. Put my needs first.

Well, then should they have? You know, they have hired you basically for a purpose, you know, so, you know, if you go into your dentist and he’s like, gosh, I was up all night because my kids are crying or whatever, and he can’t do his job and my wife’s got this going on and I am going good about his level of competency at that point. So. I love you all for sharing everything and in letting people know what you have going on because you are a real person. However, I think we need to, you know, pull the reins back a little bit and not share too much.

OK, so if you have these things going on, it’s OK. But try to say, hey, we can see this property at this time to this time that basically works around your schedule. Don’t tell him you’re working around your schedule. Just offer that time and then they’re not going to know any different. Right.

So we just have to be very, very careful with that. The other part of this is always have a backup. We have done such a good job of everybody has of having a buddy that they can call on if they have an emergency and they can’t fulfill their obligation to their client. So I think that is a conversation that we need to be discussing with our clients up front.

Hey, I’m your main point of contact. There may be some times that I have to ask a favor or send in another agent to show you or to do this. But I am fully in control of this. But what we don’t want to do is ever miss an opportunity and stress that we don’t want to miss an opportunity. We have our whole real estate family at your disposal, so you will never miss an opportunity.

OK, now, when your backup goes in, they’re not going to necessarily know everything about the client, but they need to know specifics. They need to know kind of a summary of who they are, what they’ve been through. So that’s where the notes and Zoho are really important. So you should give that your backup as much information as you can. And then the backup can also go in and review notes and kind of understand where you are as well.

Side note on tech, if you just tag them in the note and you send it to them, they’re directly from within the transaction and say, please review the notes. It’s one click for them. Good. Everything is super simple for them and they know where they’re at. If you’re putting in good notes, then it makes it super easy. One click, you’re all good. Don’t send him everything. Don’t have to go over it all. It’s all there for you.

You just it’s, it’s showing competency and competency, right. That, hey, this house just came up. I want to see it. OK, you know what, at three o’clock you’re going to see it with Lisa or whatever, you know, whoever your backup is. So just tell them how it’s going to be and they will be totally fine. But when they hear too much information, TMI. It’s really a burden on them and we shouldn’t burden them with our problems.

Think about how much you make on an hourly basis when you’re with your client. Your client’s going to look at this and be like, I don’t know, even at the worst case, I’ve seen my agent five times, 10 times in their making. How much money? That’s a lot of money per time that they see me. They don’t really do much is what they think. Right. So if you want to be treated like a professional and paid like a full professional home, prices are going up right now.

I’ve seen all these different amounts come over and I’m looking at the average compensation that’s going out to the agents and it’s increasing. And I’m super happy for you. And I want that to continue the average amount that you get paid. I want it to go up and up and up. And that happens. His price points go up or as you get better and you have higher end clients. Right. Those are all important things.

But they have to respect you. They have to see you as a professional, like an attorney, like an engineer. They have to see you as one of those things, a CPA and a realtor. And they need to see them all his professional things that are worth their time to pay for. Mm hmm. Yes.

So and they need to feel like they are the only client and that all of their needs are being met.

Right. And it’s weird. Right. Do you text your CPA or your attorney? Right. Do you set meetings with them and do you meet with them at specific times and do you trust them? And. Right. So think about those same types of things that you have for those professionals or a professor or just whatever that standard is and apply that same standard to yourself.

And look, we all bond with our clients. We become, you know, some of our best friends were clients before. So we get that. But until you get to closing, you really need to, you know, separate the two.

Now, I talk a lot about sharing a piece of you with them so they understand who you are, how those items would be. When I was purchasing our home, this was important to me. And here’s why that sharing a piece of you and your story to say this is part of my decision making process. I have a wife and three boys and here’s what there is. And here’s what was going on with the boys at that time in their life.

And here’s what it is. But not saying I have to get rich, I have to take the kids to soccer and I coach this baseball team and I have to leave at this time and I can’t do that. But rather like, hey, we could see that property Tuesday at 10:00 or Thursday at two, which time works better for you. You know, yeah, it’s really hard because we do want to share and we do want to be transparent and tell them why. So they understand, but it’s really, like we said to me, very good. Don’t do it if you have any questions on that one so they can talk about their meetings today.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 4.13.21

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