What separates a luxury home from a regular home? That’s a good question and we’re about to find out. The regular home is just like, you know, what we kind of have. But the luxury home that is extra space is lavish items, unnecessary things, unique finishes and Provenance, provenance.

So we met with our architect last week and she rolled out our design. And I said, you know, I feel like we’ve got some of these spaces that we’re probably not going to use. I mean, we’re cool and all, but we’re probably not going to use like she had this one wall for an art wall. And over here is a great place for you to have, like a console table with a, you know, a vase that you got from Argentina or something.

And we just looked at each other and said, hmm. OK, we don’t have those things, but she says, oh, no, you must have those spaces because that is what separates you from a traditional production home, is basically extra spaces, like wasted space and wasted space. And like we have to pay for air conditioning and heating of these areas.

Yeah, she’s like, oh, now you need them.
You need those. Not cutting those out, OK?

All right, so let’s talk about some different types of extra spaces that you might have. OK.

Are you wanting me just in general? Go ahead first if you want, if not.

Ok, so not a formal living room, OK, because those are out and not a formal dining room, but a parlor. A parlor parlor is a small gathering area that you can, you know, just kind of sit and sip your tea and have conversation or wait for somebody to show up. I wanted a space by the front door that you could kind of sit at and see who’s coming up.

I have no idea why, but like when I was younger, my grandfather used to come pick me up in the morning or my Aunt Irene would come pick me up. And I would enjoy, like, sitting by the door waiting for them to pick me up. But I was, like, inside because it was cold sometimes right in New York. But I could see outside and I could sit there and I could wait and watch.

That’s cool. And I woke me up was a school bus.
So I was kind of waiting on different things. Right. So I wanted to have a little like waiting kind of area. And she’s like, oh, that’s called the parlor, Mike. All right. That’s an extra space that we could have. Right.

And then if you guys all I think you’ve all at this point been out to the Lucas ranch, and if you when you’re going down the hallway to the main bedroom, there’s a main there’s a hallway and it’s you know, it’s pretty long and lengthy and nice, but it doesn’t have to be that long. Yes. Is the answer. Yes. You need extra space, you know, to separate that part of the home. And, you know, that’s another space that I think you could probably cut down a little bit.

It does a tremendous job because you can see the loft. You can see right. You kind of see like this open space. It creates one of my favorite things. You know, it’s amazing. I really like it myself. But that’s one of those things that’s unnecessary and kind of lavish. Right? Unnecessary things would be like amazing chandeliers.

That’s a really good example, right? You walk through the Lucas ranch and you’re like, wow, that’s amazing. You’re like, whoa, that’s really cool. And I haven’t seen that in all of a sudden. You’re like, huh? That’s interesting. There’s like ten awesome chandeliers in here,

A wall, a wine wall, which we’re we’re going to have in our home. And a lot of people are doing the the you know, the wine coolers, wine, refrigerators. But this is going to be more of a statement piece, right?

Yeah. And I was looking at it, and after we got done talking about these different things, I was like, oh, that’s interesting. The wall itself full of wine, even if you put all the expensive bottles on it is maybe be like way cheaper to make. That is a statement wall than it would be to put something else there because she’s like all or you could bring back this item from like whatever country and put it here.

And I’m like, hmm, I started thinking about that. I’m like, actually the wine at least has something, right? Yeah. So I was kind of looked into and you can see from the bottles and away she was saying, you know, to be clever if they’re not like four hundred bottles of wine, she said and we were like but like four hundred dollars,

You know, like a hundred’s a good part of our that’s our speed.

Yeah. You don’t. Hundred dollar bottles of wine. No, I’m just saying that would be like the max. We have a couple of interesting when we actually bought, but yes.

Yeah. And then that your home would have a lot of provenance, provenance. That’s going to be our word of the day today. Don’t tell them. OK, fine. I won’t tell you. All right, so those are the things a luxury home is going to have each one of those different items.

So when you’re walking through with a client, you know, and you have a custom home, you can kind of point out, you know, if they do mention this is a little wasted space, I would never use this area. But wait, this is what separates you. And people know that people know that this space is what differentiates you from just a typical production build. In a lavish luxury home. 

So there you go. Also now you know that the luxury home is just going to be larger because, yes, you’re going to have all these extra spaces, maybe rooms that you don’t necessarily use that you have in mind for the next person that might potentially purchase your home. And you can’t just think about yourself actually in the future as well.

You know, I’m learning more and more that it’s not just about us. You do have to think for the future, but it does help quite a bit.

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