What is your ideal kitchen? Hmm, tell me more.

I have a lot of ideas, so as you guys know, we’re going to we’re going through the architecture, are working with an architect right now to design our our new home out in McKinney. And we’re going through room to room and kind of, you know, getting an idea of what we want to do. So important room of the house is the kitchen. So we want to start with the kitchen shared off.

Omkar, love to get your input on anything interesting that you’ve seen. You know, we have decided we want to make sure that anything that we do is timeless and not trendy. Right. And something that, you know, won’t go out of style in a couple of years. So couple of things that we like our beams in the kitchen. We love that. We love the open kitchen. Saw some cool things, I don’t know if he’s going to get to the draws, like we’ve been seeing a lot of

Those games that you’re looking for, some games in the kitchen. We love I love the different cook tops or the different gas ranges with the really cool veneer hoods. The pantry’s important.

Why don’t I let you drive here? You can show this all off. You can explain the things you like and you don’t like.

Show them some things that I said I like. And I would love to hear if you guys have seen anything that, wow, this is super clever or something I really haven’t seen before that we should consider. I would love to get your input so you guys can help design our house. Right. So am I doing this?

Yep, you are. Yeah. Right there.

Right. So floating shelves. I love the floating shelves. I think they’re really cool. I don’t want all the shelves floating and everything out there, but I do love floating shelves. Something we like. OK, I think pretty cool. Here’s an example of I think we’ve seen these like spice rack type things that clothes and Pull-Out that are to keep these things convenient but hidden. And this I love because it has like oils and things that are a little bit bigger than spices that you can put in these drawers next to it. I think that’s pretty clever.

So there might be one on both sides. Hmm. OK, yeah, that’s interesting. Yeah. I never even thought about

That one on the other side is actually for utensils. So, you know, we have ours on our countertop right now and they’re all out and exposed. But this is a way to keep them inside. I just love having everything tucked away in their own spot and his plate. Yeah, OK. Yeah, they’re good. So yeah, those are just a couple of things that we like. What was that. You got to see that pantry. OK, I really like this pantry. The fact that there’s drawers in there, there’s spaces for your appliances and it’s just neat and well-kept. There you go. What do you mean

When you move the mouse on this screen, they can see it when you move it on that. Oh yeah. One moment a.

All right, so you like how this stuff is hidden? I like the appliances, yeah. All kind of off to themselves and that someplace I’ve seen where they can even work from in there.

Yeah, I would like electrical plugs in the pantry. I think that’s cool.

I like the brick there. That’s really cool and we’re into brick, brick and the beams, we both we both really like so. So yeah, if you guys have anything cool, send us an email.
Interesting photos for sure. Send us anything sent to Shana Adequacy to shana@acquistorealestate.com , those windows. I love how they roll out opening windows.

Very nice. Some things I know we have to sell some stuff. What do you got here? This is a wet bar

And a chicken. I like that. Yeah. These are amazing pictures. When we look at this, I’ll pretty much take a lot of the features from this color.

I really like I’m not into the all white, but I do we do like

What do we like. I mean, I do like  this darker of course. I mean not really dark brown, but we you know, we still like the  dark woods mixed in with the white ink is really pretty look. So this is actually a kitchen I really, really like because it has a dining over here that’s really big for family here. Can go out to the patio. It’s really

Cool. Yeah, that one feels really nice.  
This is one of my favorites.

Yeah. I would totally sign up for that. That wouldn’t get much of a problem for me at all. All right. So yeah. Send us your ideas. We love to have your input and have you guys help along the way. Very good.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 2.16.21

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