Number 1 Cause of House Fire – I’m Michael Acquisto here, real estate brokers and co-owners with Acquisto Real Estate perfect in Frisco, Texas. Thanks for jumping in there on that one. I forgot what her company name was for just a minute, but luckily you reminded me and we are all good now. Do you know the number one cause of house fires while we do? And we’re going to report on it. We’re going to wait note. We’re going to we’re going to build a suspense.

Yeah. I’m going to tell you guys a little story for whatever reason, a little something a little about me that you may not know is I have a fear for house fires.

Now, our kids have done like bonfires and things like that. And it makes me a little nervous. But something about house fires scares me to death. And I have thought I thought for, I don’t know, 30 plus years that.

When I was two years old, our house burned down to the ground, so if we did some quick math, it Shana it was, too, when she started thinking this, she’s been thinking that 30 years and now she is currently thirty two. Happy birthday, Shana.

And it was over Thanksgiving one time. And I said, you know. Let’s talk about when our house burned to the ground, when I was held up was I and my sister was like, what?

She just crashed and burned to the ground. You weren’t born like what, all these years? I said no. I remember hearing the story and she goes, Yeah, you weren’t born yet.

So all these years, I thought I, you know, had some sort of weird awareness that this happened even though I was too, but come to find out, I wasn’t even born yet, apparently, or they forgot really what happened, I don’t know. But for whatever reason, I have this fear for fires.

So you did have a house that burnt down that was in your family, but you weren’t alive. You were not born yet. You were just like the future.

It’s really, really weird. The weirdest thing ever. We don’t know that I trust my family telling me the truth, but OK, I have to go with it.

Number 1 Cause of House Fires

So anyway, the number one cause of house fires, lightning.

No, no, no. I would guess cooking. No, it’s not cooking. Grease fires. No, grease fires is a really good gas. It’s not electrical.

No. Doesn’t mean that you do Besart. I mean electrical.

You run every day, but something most of us do every single day. And it’s not the our favorite thing to do. Gas favorite thing to do, you wouldn’t know. So I’m going to tell you, I don’t know the dryers, your dryer, you guys, the dryer. So lint gets through and you know, you’re supposed to take the lint guard out and remove the lint after every load. That’s what it tells you to do, make sure you do that. But even if you do, that still starts to fall in and ends up getting clogged in your dryer vent.

Do we have a link about this? We showed you some stuff here. Quick, let’s go split screen and show that video.

I found this article and I see this. I get these emails a lot from this company called US Inspections and no, not this one. There was another one. Well, we’ll pull that up. But anyway. Yes.

So sometimes your vents go out to the exterior just right out to the exterior wall. And it’s kind of a straight shot.  
Sometimes they go up and out so they can get collect lint and it can build up and then the lint gets hot and it catches on fire.

Yeah, it’s like this big. It’s like a tube. So then when it’s clogged, that just becomes a problem.
The airflow is not working quite right and just gets pinched to, you know, those long hoses that you have to connect it. There’s many things.

However, the point is, you guys need to be aware of this. And I want you to talk to clients about it and be aware of it yourself, because the last thing you want is to have any any fires. So what do you do? Well, I think annually maybe, you know, I, I would talk to next time you go on an inspection, talk to the inspector about it and see what he has to say. But I would say annually you should clean out your air ducts are your drafts and you do it right from the outside.

So normally on the outside it should be kind of like low. There’s probably a little cage on it. It probably gets warm. I had when it’s running. Yeah. And then you just like reach up in there and grab some stuff and pull it out and you should be good. Make sure that it’s clear all the way through. It’s not like a huge thing, but it’s something that you might do around the house. Would like it would be an episode there. So check that out. Yeah. Become a follower of Run the House of Mine.

And we do have a client resource guide that we have different vendors in and can provide referrals, one that that does this.

And we do have one. And I think that’s what Omkar had up. Yeah, beginning.

But it’s dryer vent cleaning in Frisco, Texas, and they do this specifically. They have a crew that specifically comes in and  does this for, you know, or you can do it yourself like around the house. Lt does. Yes, but just do it, make sure you do it, you’re aware of it. And don’t forget that that’s one of those things that I think we clean the lint out and then kind of forget about. Yeah. But if it’s the number one cause of house fires, I think it’s pretty important. Oh it is.

So these are all different examples of redness. So take a look. And now you can see what’s going on before and after and it’s just clean it out. It’s not really that big of a deal. Just get into it. Don’t even worry in the least. Right. So those are the.

Those are some clear pictures of it, and now we have the same ones, I would say. I do think so. Don’t let that be.
You don’t get your on a shout out to to Greg house. Greg, Greg.

House with house inspections. We’ve used him we’ve utilized him for our inspections in the past. And he’s a great guy. And he brought this up to me years ago and you know, all these years. And I really never thought anything about that. But it makes perfect sense.

Side note, did everybody catch the way that Shana corrected that word? It’s one of the ones that I try to catch myself on all the time. We don’t want to use people. Right. So Greg House is a person. It feels bad to use him, but to utilize his professional services feels much better. It does. So it’s just a correction of the word. Nice job on that one. I want to point that out to you guys there. Maybe you can work that into your vernacular on a regular basis. But it’s one of those one of those things that I, I do enjoy.

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