What is Media Day – I’m Mike Acquisto real estate broker, and this is luxury real estate broker and co-owner of Acquisto Real Estate, Shana Acquisto, I like owning with you. Yeah, you do. That’s amazing. Well, thanks for bringing us in today. So we’re at a really nice property right here. It’s a nice luxury listing you have. And we’re going to talk about Media Day and what it is here at Acquisto Real Estate, specifically from a client’s perspective.

And I believe it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen or heard about. So our media day is a very special day where we come out and we do all of our marketing and get all of our marketing together for our clients. So we do. Hi.

Yeah. So I have our list for us real quick. We will hit that. So first we do photos. We do videos, we do Zillow walk through. We do agent 3D in Matterport all of that at once. We’re going to break it all down for it but we want to go over and just like give you the highlight. Yeah. Which happens first. Right. So now we kind of know exactly some of the things we’re doing. It takes a while.

Yeah. To do this. But tell us ours, you know you need to plan ahead and make sure that your home is ready. Everything is prepared. Right, because, well, we’ll talk about that later. But the thing you don’t want to do on this day is cancel. But this is a very special day where we highlight your property in the best possible way we can to reveal it to the public. Right. So we have very high professional photography. We don’t use our phone no matter what the market is. You never use your phone. Our photos are top-notch.

Yeah. So when we talk about photos, the first thing we do is we take professional property photos, the standard ones that you had seen in the US. And that’s good. There’s a correct size aspect ratio. There’s a correct way to do it. There’s right lenses. There’s all of those different items. OK, so it’s the first thing then we take drone photography.

So that’s going to be fly drone up in the air. Get it? So we understand what’s going on in the property. If you have a unique property, then we’ll be able to document that a little bit better from that angle. Yes. Then we’re going to take agent photos. So this is how the agent can end up marketing the property on the outside as well and maybe have that to put as one of the pictures within there.

So the agent will probably pose it in several different places around the property and be able to utilize that in social media. Yep. Then we’re going to take some close up photos. I think that’s a little bit different in a lot of people don’t do it. But I like to show texture. I like to show what’s going on.

I like to show something from a different angle. Right. There is like be a little bit artistic. Sometimes it’s good to kind of push yourself and maybe they use this like Bokha stuff and they like put something in the foreground and they have something in the background

That it does give it a different because there’s a lot of things in the home that you can’t totally capture with just a room photo. So you’ve got to dive in and get up close and show those special features. And we love to show them off.

And why I see that is as you’re flipping through, you kind of like get into trance of thinking through looking at pictures like Rome, Rome, Rome. It’s like, oh, what’s that? It’s just a little bit different. So if if there’s something there that the photographer sees, if it’s a grain of texture, a like a view which is something unique, we want to capture that. Yeah. OK, so that’s the photography.

Then we go into video and we do videography. So we’re going to bring out and we’ll first do a property video. So that’s can be the actual property with kind of nothing there. So we have all of that look and

Feel of the Property. Yeah. And that’s with video. Then there’s going to be an ancient video, the portion where the agent is going to stand up there. They’ll put on a lapel mic. Yeah. And they’ll be all hooked up, will need it quiet. And then the agent is going to describe the property depending on the exact property they’re probably in, the weather conditions will probably start outside, show off the front and say, hey, I’m here at this address and here’s what’s going on.

Then they’ll go to a room inside one or two rooms based on the property and what that happens to be in show off something interesting there. And then they would most likely go to the backyard. Well, maybe there’s a pool, something interesting, again, weather dependent, and they would talk through what’s there. And it  progresses logically through the property, showing off the highlights.

But, you know, and I think we amped up a little bit. We really want to get to know what exists in this property, what are the special features, what do our clients love about the home? And then we want to tell the story and show it off. So it’s not just an average video where you’re walking through pointing out the obvious. It’s it’s telling much more.

Yeah, no. Any anytime you can connect. Yes. Right. And be something more than just a property and take it from a house to a home. Yeah. Then that’s kind of a key thing. Yes. All right. And then we’re going to take video, close ups that are used for the role in the video world in the Barole is going to be something along the lines of maybe showing the the floor or sliding along the cabinets.

And showing them off, maybe panning and showing like a big tree outside or panning this way in showing a creek or a lake that you happen to be on, whatever that happens to be, just to do that. BAROLE So we’re not showing just the same thing.

So we can cut from the agent to the Barole to show the big view, to show the small view and just give it a different look and it makes it more cinematic. And then there’s going to of course be drone video so we can have the exterior of the property from a different angle with video so it can all get put together.

We’ve got some pretty cool drone videos.

I think we do a decent job there. So we’re going to split the screen and we’re going to show off a couple of things here. First of all, Frisco 3D Listings is a company that we’ve employed here to help us out with that. And they come out and do quite a good job for us at the end of the day.

So these are some of the different things. You can take a look and see kind of what’s going on. But it’s not an average situation. We go way above and beyond. We don’t have photography. We do a full media day. Right. So you can go ahead and take a look here and then we’ll come back over and we’ll just show us and we’ll walk through the next item, which is is you’ll all walk through.

OK, so this is where it gets a little weird. So Zillow has one standard that they like to push in real true.com as a second standard that they like to push. They don’t like they don’t like each other. So what they do is they have their own technologies. So we have to go through the house twice and do this. So what we’ll first do is we’ll do a Zillow walkthrough utilizing their technology, their camera.

Then we already talked about how we did the other one. So we have our agent video with the highest quality and we possibly can utilize. OK, then we’d go back to the Zillow issue again.

And Zillow has their own version of the 3-D. So we have to go through and do their 3-D version with that specific camera. Then we go back with a different camera and it spins around and it does a 3D with the technology that with the matter for a camera to create this and that goes on real true.com. Hmm. This also creates our floor plan. Yes. That helps answer a lot of questions.

It sure does. You know, most buyers are are looking for their properties online and they want to get a look and feel of the property. So when you have the 3D floor plan, they can kind of maneuver around and see what furniture would go where and just get a feel if this floor plan flows as they need it to.

And then there’s other things like, hey, where’s the where’s the office in here and where is the laundry room? Yeah.

So they ask all types of things, which direction does it face? And we like to give the information. Sometimes there’s things that are like absolutely no go for buyers. So what we want to do is show the home to people who are truly interested, who it fits their criteria.

Right. And so we don’t want to have to look at something that’s just not going to waste anybody’s time. And our clients, you know, we want to make sure that when we get somebody walking through that door, they are serious. They know exactly what they’re looking at. And, you know, hopefully they submit an offer.

And it’s another great way that you as the seller, can also re verify the square footage of your home. So what this does is it gives us every realm, every measurement, how big it is, gives us a whole square footage, the whole place. It allows us if something comes up, we’re like, hey, so the house is actually not the size that you thought it was. It’s either big or small or something.

And we can make sure that we’re marketing the home correctly. Yes. So sometimes we find hidden square footage that you didn’t know was there. You were just like the only reason I knew it was this size is because somebody told me and they were just wrong. And then and sometimes

It’s gone through multiple sales with the wrong information.

Yeah, it’s one of those weird things. Yeah. So that is why Media Day is totally separates us. It does take quite a while. We’ll go over that in a separate video. But you, you need to be prepared,

You need to be prepared. You have your home ready. We talked about not canceling. Right. You don’t want to cancel because you know, there’s a timeline and we want to roll this out in this timeline. And if you cancel and you go back to the bottom of the line, you know, at the end of the line, then you could be delayed. Yeah, we don’t want that for you now. But anyways, we’re proud to bring you media day.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 3.24.21

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