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Good morning, everyone. Shana and Jessica here we are talking to Jessica Reinhardt today with Lee & Associates. Jessica is a real estate broker and she has been for 20 years as well as to Jessica. OK, so it’s a long time, right?

Not really. Not really. Actually, it does go by really, really fast. So you’re in commercial real estate, your real estate broker. So tell us, what is commercial real estate exactly?

Ok, so commercial real estate encompasses lots of different avenues. So there are some people that would like to buy and sell commercial buildings, which could include office buildings, warehouse buildings, manufacturing facilities, and retail locations. And not only is it regarding the buying and selling, but it’s also tenants or people that want to just lease space in any of those sectors. We’re there to help you do that.

Ok, well, great. So we understand that residential is one thing, commercial, but commercial kind of encompasses a little bit more than you would think. Right? Like, I don’t know, you deal a lot with, you know, tenants, although it’s it’s commercial. There’s a lot of that you If you do. Yes. So we do a lot with business owners, entrepreneurs, people that are wanting to start businesses.

They you know, you have small mom and pop companies that normally work out of their homes and they outgrow them and then they are ready to get into a professional setting. And so we can help them find an office space. But let’s say they have a business that they ship out products and they need a place to store their products.

So then maybe we give them and take them to more like a flex property, which has office an office component in the front and a warehousing component in the back. It’s a way to fulfill both of those needs. Have an office and store your product ship out of there, all in one location, OK?

And, you know, it’s not just I mean, it could be a very small commercial lease or a building or something grand. Like a mall, right?

Yes. I mean, we have tenants that may just need to lease a small thousand square foot office space where it’s a reception area and three little offices. Or you may have a company that needs a huge hundred thousand square foot warehouse and we’re able to accommodate all those types of tenants. Ok, great. All right. Well, thanks. We’re going to close that topic out, but thank you for sharing that with us.

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