What is ALHS – Ok, OK, first topic is you have allergies, too. I got it two weeks ago. Oh my God. Yeah, I don’t think it goes away but it does. Once you got it, you’re not getting rid of it. So what is it?

What is ALHS ?

A credit luxury home specialist. So it’s a designation. It’s a class that I was able to take and it was great. It’s it was a Zoom class, like everything is right now, but it was a small number of students. So I left it because, yes, we went into the material. But you also had a really high level of agent in the class. And so there was a lot of brainstorming and idea sharing. So that was really beneficial as well.

Yes, that’s awesome. So I actually got that designation. I don’t know how many years ago. A long time ago. It’s something you have to keep up. And but I think there’s a lot of beneficial information that you learn. And, you know, tapping into the luxury market is a different level.

And you have you have a different you just have a whole different type of buyer seller. Yes. So it’s really good to know.

And I think one of the things is there is not a more difficult client at all. They’re a great client to work with and a lot of fun to work with. And of course, we all love homes. And wouldn’t we love to just be selling the luxury homes because they’re beautiful and fun to see? So the definition of a luxury home, according to this course, is something that is double the price point of the average home in your market.

So to get the designation, not only do you have to take the class, but you have to sell at least two homes that are double the value. So in Collin County, our average home prices, three seventy five. So you’re looking at homes that are 750 and above that would be considered a luxury home here.

So sometimes people go over seven fifty to just to get a home.
So I know it doesn’t seem like that’s sort of like that’s the last one. But it is.

You know, we’re looking at all of Collin County. So so tell us how you get this designation. Like, what did you have to go through to be able to achieve this?

So, again, it’s closing those two types of sales and then it’s the two day course and then, of course, the test at the end of it. But yeah.

And then maintaining it. Yes, yeah. You have to maintain it. You have to pay. I think the first year the course covers your dues for the first year and then after that I think it’s one hundred dollars per year to maintain the designation.

But you do get a lot of resources with that, like you belong to there. I mean, you have a log in to the website and you have a lot of really good luxury resources, so I highly recommend it. Yeah, I think it’s great. And as we’re all wanting to and we’re doing it, I mean, everyone is doing a great job of you know, we’re just seeing our price points increase. So I think this is a great way to stay on top of it and get some ideas on how to  further expand that.  

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 3.16.21

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