What is a Future Ready Learner?

What is a future ready learner? So this is a concept here that we need to cover because it’s important that you understand all these different things that are coming up right. There’s different terms that that come up from time to time and we’re going to go ahead and share the screen and see what fiscal ESD is referring to as a future ready learner. So what this future ready learner is going to do is they’re going to embrace challenges.

They are going to be able to collaborate and innovate and communicate. These are all nice words. It seems good, right? And contribute and respond. While these are great, great words that we should want every person to do, and then they have a mission on what they’re trying to accomplish, right?

And the whole idea behind this is things are changing for students, and we want to make sure that they are ready for the future. And that’s what they’re trying to address here with this concept of a future ready learner and a future ready educator. Ok, so this is something that Frisco ISD is pushing.

We’re going to take this link and chat it into the description.

So you guys have that handy and then you’ll have a better understanding of things that you might be hearing from clients because it’s important that us as a brokerage stay on top of the key words that are going on and we can push them to our clients and we can align them and see because some of these things would come up, maybe people are like, Oh, I’m scared for the, you know, the next generation.

I don’t know what’s going to happen. And it seems like that comes up all the time, right? That, like your parents were always like, Oh, you guys are all lazy and you know, the future is in jeopardy and whatever.

And this is something that Frisco ISD is trying to push. So if that concept does come up that I’m worried about my kids because and that type of discussion happens, then maybe that’s something that you can go to and push on and be able to say, Well, here’s something that Frisco is trying to do, OK?

And then they’ll come back and they’ll be like, you know, they don’t even teach kids right now what’s going on with with telling time. Most kids can’t even tell time anymore. Isn’t that a crazy concept? And then Omkar does have this next screen pulled up for us. So let’s pull that up here. Sir, thank you for having that nice and ready for us.

And their newest campus prioritizes future ready learning within the design, so they’ve changed some items as far as the campus goes to be able to help out and do some very specific things.

So I’m not going to read through the whole thing on what exactly they’re trying to do, but we’ll scroll through quickly and let you kind of see. We will also chat in to the description so you have this, but they have a layout and we could look at the layout by clicking on that link up above. I see it right in the middle of the page in red.

So let me write, let me grab this from us, and right here we’ll see their layout that they kind of have here. And you’ll be able to see exactly what they’re kind of looking for within the layout of this property in what’s going on and how it could help out some, some people in what they’re trying to accomplish.

Ok, so a lot of details within here and specifically if you want to see floor plans and see what’s happening, if maybe you were in education yourself or this is something that comes up all the time, just having more information is going to help you out.

So it looks like Huckabee is the school here and this is going to show you what’s going on. And oh, is Craig Ranch interesting? Ok? So anyways. There you go. Best of luck with that one. Let’s get out of here.

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