What if we Already had a Recession – Mike Acquisto here with luxury real estate broker and co-owner of Acquisto Real Estate, Shana Acquisto. So think about this for just a second. When we consider where we are in the economy right now on this. Right. Some people in conventional wisdom of what most people are thinking right now is we’ve been in this long upward trend and you’re worried about when the shoes are going to drop or when we’re going to fall off.

But what if we thought about it in a different way? What if covid actually was are down? If you remember right when covid happened, right in the beginning, there was this immediate drop in the stock market dropped and then it kind of like went right back up and just, like, zoomed right past it.

What if we Already had a Recession

What if it was the fastest recession that you can ever remember and you kind of blinked and you missed it? And what if right now we’re really in the first inning of a huge upward trend and that the upward trend that we were on before actually stopped recession recovery and now we’re in in an advancement? Would that be interesting, would you look at things a little bit different if you realize that we’re now in the first inning of a recovery?

How would you look at things if we just came out of, like, three years of where it was a downward trend and where things were negative and then all of a sudden they turned and we’re starting to look positive? Would you do things differently? Right. Would you make different investment decisions if you felt like we were in any one of a big boom time? I don’t know, I think we might be yes, I think we might be, and I’ve talked about this for a long time, right, that we’re in the midst of something real estate wise that is as big as the industrial revolution.

And I think right now, I don’t know if I have the phrase term, but I think we’re in a real estate revolution all around the world where people are redefining where they want to live. Of what the Internet is doing with Elon Musk and his low level, low orbit satellites and how you can get Internet in different places, how access to things is different, how covid pushed us and with it pushing us, it advances in technology so far.

I was talking with Matt Hunde the other day and he’s a Frisco resident and also my brother in law. But he noted to me, he said, just think about all the things that we’ve made technology advances with and whether it was through war or through exploration, going to space and putting somebody on the moon or we were driven by things. Right. And there was a race and an impetus to move quickly.

So what if this virus did the same thing to us and allowed us to accelerate technology, whether it’s medical technology, remote meetings, being remote softwares like all these different things, and it totally changed. What if it’s going to push the Internet revolution even further? If you’re going to be able to get that wireless Internet in the country like we like, we hope we are and like we’re being able to see with Starlink Internet. Yeah, right

Now, this is a very interesting. Idea that you have. OK, so I’m going to raise my hand and I’m going to say I’m committing to the fact that we’re actually in I’m going to at least say the bottom of the first inning, maybe the top of the second inning.

How many innings are in baseball?
Nine years, nine innings. And we’re playing a full game. And we might go into extra innings as well with the expansion like two parts to an inning.

So there are. Yes. So I’m going to say that we’re in the top of the second inning, OK, for all you baseball people out there, just know that the Rangers did have opening day yesterday. They did.

And in their home opener. Yeah, OK. So that’s where I kind of think we are. We’re in the top of the second inning of a huge expansion. With everything that’s going on, I’ll commit to that if it comes back that it’s not that and you guys can let me know. But I’m fully committing to that. And if I happen to be right, I also want all the accolades associated with it as well, because I’m willing to take I’m willing to take the hit if I if I’m well, OK.

Well, we’re going to be paying attention. Do we report back in a year or when the game’s over? I don’t know. Just look at it that way. That’s my thought. And I my record. Good job.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 4.6.21

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