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We have a technology fee here. Now, it’s not a big one, but there is a fee. And what I do want to go over is what that fee gives you. How it works when it’s billed. You can sign up for it in any one of those things at all. So we’re going to take just a second and first go over what the technology fees for. The first thing is we do have software, and in it, most companies, we have software that are all over the place, and you have to log in to many different piece of software. And it was a standard problem that we had all over the place.

And you would have different data silos if you updated your data in one platform that all of a sudden, if you change the email or the phone number or change the spelling of somebody’s name or relationship to each other, you’d have like an email program sending stuff out.

You’d have you’d have all these different items. So what Zoho One does is it brings all that software together in one solid platform that we can build upon. So Zoho provides us the way in this system to do things, but we have to fully customize that software to work correctly. Right. So what we have is the basics behind it from Zoho. So we’re thankful for that. That’s mostly what the fee goes to.

But in addition to that, we do have customization that we can make for it. So the pledge that we make to you as an agent is if you as an agent have anything that will help you grow your business, get the standard of innovation we have is you come directly to me and say, it would really help me if I had this, whatever that happens to be. And I will ask you a couple of questions.

The first question is going to be, would that one particular enhancement allow you to sell one additional home on an annual basis? And if you answer yes, and I then ask the next question back, would it also help somebody else? And is it something that we can replicate and allow others to use in addition to just you as an agent, then that’s an enhancement that we would like to make if we currently don’t have that.

So sometimes people are looking for enhancements where it’s like, I just want an easier way to do this. And maybe we already have like a button. But you would rather a dropdown instead of like a type in something. Those are enhancements that fall lower on the list. But if you have something that’s different or unique, that’s going to help you generate additional business. That’s what we really want to focus on. So get out there and think about anything that’s going to help you.

And if it is not currently available for you, it is something we want to do and we want to do promptly. Part of that money gets put aside for developers and for us to pay so we can have these improvements or enhancements made. They’re not cheap. They’re not easy. But we do want to make them as a company for you, as an agent or for all of the agents more specifically. Right. So that’s what the technology fees are for now.

What the idea is, it’s supposed to allow you as an agent to be able to focus on selling real estate. We’re a full service boutique real estate firm, and we have the full support family to help you out. We have the friendship division to hopefully bring in some additional business for you when you don’t necessarily have enough. And then we have the technology there to bridge the gap, to make it easier for the support family to help you out.

And for us to be able to put new things in for you and for you as an agent, to be able to focus and do what’s most important and not worry about that. You know, I can’t tell you how difficult it is to really focus as an agent on both your technology and what you’re trying to do and sell.

So that’s why we kind of split it. And Shana helps out with certain things and Stacy helps out with others and Meghan, and then I get to work on other items with you. Right. So any of those get directed directly to me and I will help you walk through it. Now, we do have a couple of things here that I’m going to show you on where you can go ahead and click on them to find them. I’m going to do this live and see if it happens to be all set up for us.

So, Omkar, let’s go ahead and split the screen and I’m going to see if I can open up a browser. And so we get to. So if we go over here and click on Acquisto Real Estate, I’ll remind you guys here that we have a bunch of stuff under the agent portal. So if we scroll down here under the agent for those all types of things that are coming inside here, that should start to make it quite a bit easier for you and to have access to. OK.

And one of those items that we do have in here is going to be for technology and how you can get to it. OK, so let me just click here on Inside Onboarding. And we have a technology fee in the technology fee. You would just click right on tech fee.

And you’re going to have the opportunity to subscribe directly to this if you as an agent have not previously done so in doing so, we now have it that you can put your card in card information indirectly. So this is your first time signing up. If you’re an agent with us and you haven’t subscribed yet, this is how you would go about doing that. This is going to bill you from today till the end of the calendar month. And that would be proportionately.

And then on the first of the month, you will be billed this card to be held on file and to be built on a monthly basis on the first of each calendar month. Now, in addition to that, there’s an a a portal that you as an agent, if you need to change your contact information, you need to change your card that you can absolutely do as well. And that will be on the main page under agent portal.

So I don’t have quite enough time to cover exactly that, but it is available for you. So now we have a safe and secure way that you as an agent can go ahead and modify that information on your own without coming to me. You just simply go directly to the agent portal. Now, remember, we do have a user or a password to get in. There is just one password.

And it is well, I guess I shouldn’t be saying it here directly, but it’s the co-host. You just type your name in there and you’ll get access to it. No capitals, no lowercase, and you should be good to go. There you go. Thank you, guys, very much. That concludes the technology service fee and what it does, how to pay it and all of those good things.

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