What Are they Looking for in an Agent – Ok, OK, we’re back, Shana Acquisto, Broker Acquisto Real Estate Hannah Ewing top realtor in Collin County discussing luxury homebuyers.

What Are they Looking for in an Agent

Actually, what we’re looking for now is what  type of agent are they looking for, these top luxury buyers and sellers, what do they look for in an agent?

So they’re obviously going to look for somebody who has a lot of experience and a lot of professionalism. You have to bring more to the table when you meet with them than just a black and white print out of an MLS sheet. So they want high end marketing materials. But what I found most interesting is something that we were talking about earlier is a concept called thin slicing. And I think we all do it.

We all know we do it. But I had never heard the term before this. I haven’t either. So it’s when you make a very quick decision upon meeting somebody and it’s actually very accurate. So in the first seven seconds, you form an opinion on somebody’s personality based on fifty five percent of it is visual.

So making eye contact, do they smile? Are they dress professionally? You’re going to form an opinion based on what you see within the first seven seconds. So the biggest part of that is visual and then voice quality is thirty eight percent.

So voice quality. Yeah. Oh no. Well so yourself on the video tone, inflection, the volume.

So it’s funny because you know, you’ve done it, you’ve met somebody and almost immediately you’re like, I really like that person and you can’t tell why you liked them immediately. But there’s an immediate connection. And then there’s also something where you meet you’re like, that guy was creepy. Why? It’s some of these things. So when you’re meeting with people for the first time, are you making eye contact or you don’t want to? You know, the body language is everything.

The body language is everything. And just being very confident, then they’re going to immediately trust you. And then seven percent is your content. So, you know, you come in with this great presentation, but they’re not even listening.

If you have it, if you’re not dressed appropriately, they’re not going to listen to your content. Right.

Yeah. And the voice part of it. So I’m such a driver. And if I go to buy a car and somebody greets me and they talk so slow, I’m like, I’m done, I’m out.

I don’t have patience. So that’s super important to you.

So, yeah, they’re looking for somebody who now they’re also looking for they’re most likely going to hire somebody based on a referral and somebody that has competency. And so one way that you can show that you’re competent if you weren’t referred, is by having the list.

I keep a list of client recommendations on a flyer so that I can show that to him right when I meet with them. That’s a great idea. What previous clients have said, you know, especially if you’re not referred, at least it shows that other people have trusted you and thought you did a great job. I wonder if we should almost have like a resume, right? Yes. So what they suggested in this class for for a luxury presentation, which I thought was a fabulous idea, was a a brochure, a listing brochure.

So something that I know we can with a folder and have different fliers in it. But if you had your own little booklet made up and it kind of hit the points of what we’re going to do for the listing, here’s my recommendations here.

You know, here’s how our social media but it’s all in a booklet and it’s like shaped differently or a different size, like not an eight by ten, something that’s a little non-standard so that it stands out a little bit.

Ok, so we have our BIOS sheets that you could easily go to the back of that and put some of your references, I guess, you know, and in a nice graphic way, we do have our listing presentation that maybe we can package that up and do it a little bit different because it does have some stats and some, you know, some steps in there.

So that’s great information. We’ll have to work on that. Yeah. OK, so that’s what they’re looking for in an agent. We’re going to close this topic and head to the next topic.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 3.16.21

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