Weston Texas. I don’t know, sounds like a hotel west in the Westin.

It’s a location, it’s really a cowboy hat or boots. I have no idea what we should do, but we’re real estate brokers and I drove through there and I saw it and I was like, oh, what is this? It’s actually another town that had no earthly idea, but it’s actually not that far away, you know. So what we’re going to do is show off some real estate.

Who knows where we’re Weston is. Yeah, I think some video chat in about it. Yeah. But yeah.
Chat in, if you have been to West and give me a yes or no on West and if you’ve been there, give me your feelings on it.

All right, how big is western U.S. population of Leiston is? I have no idea. It is probably not many. We’re going to go splitscreen, if you could, over here, Omkar, and we’re going to show you some items here. So Weston Texas, I have to pull up one representative property that’s that’s more than zero. It might I don’t know why they’re listing is McKinney, but it is Western. So if we take a look here, this is a fairly representative property of what you’re going to find in Western and it’s just outside McKinney. Maybe it’s north.

I didn’t even know it’s Shana. Kidding. Yeah, I think it’s on the border of McKinney.

And so if we take a look here at this property, it’s going to be seven hundred thousand dollars. It’s going to be brand new. It’s going to be thirty six hundred square feet and it’s going to be on roughly one acre. And all of these properties are kind of situated and set up the same. We’ll show you exactly how those locks work in just a moment. But they’re all newer, not all. But a predominance of them are newer construction, several new construction, like just tons of them popping up there. That was pending. But, yeah, it’s pending. I’m just giving a quick look through. Right.

We did see several vacant lots with home builder signs on the properties.

Lots of them. Lots of them. Mm hmm. So these are properties that are a little bit interesting. What they’re interesting to me about is how they kind of set them up, the fact that the majority, the preponderance of them is are going to be one stories.

What’s so funny? Nothing. OK, you don’t like that word.

So what we have here, Weston, I’m going to take another Google here and I’m real True.com, just giving them some love.  

Maybe I am I don’t know. Let’s take a look and hit enter again, like let’s say we get.

Oh, boy, you came into like a little kid I know kid wanted to go swim. So take a look here and we have some properties that are pre ones, but that’s kind of what they look like. Yes. One thirty nine. Exactly. This is what I was all talking about. Weston there’s their street sign. Yeah.

And then all through here, what I just saw was street after street after street, all laid out one acre lots.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13 ish. Mm hmm. And each one, each different cul de sac. And it was like one street area. And this really describes it right. Like each one you kind of go up and there’s just houses on it or lots at the very least.

It’s interesting because it says it’s in a subdivision.

It makes you believe that Van Buren Estates. But then each street is kind of private with cul de sac.

Yeah. And this is a representative photo of kind of what they look like once they’re all completed. There are tons of different random builders out there. It was unique to me. I thought it was worthy of bringing up a different it in some structures.

We know the issue right, with  a housing shortage. So we’re going to have to start setting proper expectations with your clients and, you know, changing their mindset and discussing going out a little further.

Yeah, so anyways, go take a look, these are all all the different properties out there, tons, tons of them. And it’s one of those cases if you don’t want to live in a standard subdivision and you want to have something just a little bit different on your own, it’s not that far away.

Just outside McKinney, it’s kind of like 20 minutes really from like the 380 area.

As things continue to move north, it’s going to be closer than Schurman, right? Oh, yes. Like dramatically closer than Cheraman. And if you want to like if you have one of those dreams, like bring your own builder live a little bit further, I’ll have a little bit more land, have a new style home. All those things are those things are important and they’re all possible in West and Texas, it will be population five if you bring your family of four with you.

So you’ll be totally fine, Shana added. Note that there’s not many grocery stores around. No, in fact, there’s none.  

I mean, I didn’t see any. I know Susan and I a few years ago had a listing out there and we really felt we were in the middle of nowhere. But.

And that’s because you were. Yeah. So anyways, if you think Weston might be right for you, maybe that’s something you go take a look at after your drive with me next Friday and take a look. It’s a little bit further out. I’m not sure I’m going to get there necessarily as part of our drive.

But now you have just something else in your Arsenal trip Friday. Love it. So let’s take a look here. Jodi was in West in the last lap. Wow. Yesterday. That’s very good. Susan is driven through it. There’s a lot of people who have never been up to. Ok, maybe it’s a hidden gem. Maybe we’ll find out. OK, that’s going to cover us for that topic. All right.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 2.26.21

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