West Virginia 12K to Move – That’s going to signify that we’re changing times. West Virginia is going to give you twelve thousand dollars potentially if you move to their state and relocate there and move your primary residence and work remotely. So the virus has given us a ton of different things and this is one of them.

Let’s go ahead and split the screen up and reference his article that was brought to us by Amy Gasperini of Frisco, Texas, associate real estate broker with Acquisto Real Estate. So thank you, Amy, for giving that topic. We appreciate it when people share amazing topics with us and it makes my job just a little bit easier every day, then coming up with the same stuff each day.

So we have here some talking head that’s going over and telling us what’s going on. He’s talking from his, I think his living room or his hallway as he looks back and he’s talked to some other guy with two airPods in his ear. And I only have one. Right. Like, I don’t know why this guy needs to, but one totally fine for me. I can talk to our producer just that way. And what this is going over is the fact that you have twelve thousand dollars to move there.

So let’s talk about what this is. Will this trend continue? Other states, are other states going to start doing this if they’re going to recruit this right and bring your income in, what else follows with it? We’re also going to discuss the cost that goes along with this to the state. And what does that really mean and what does it mean to states that are high cost right now? Right.

How do they compete with something like this and what’s next? OK, so let’s take a look at this article as we go down through and we see that they’re basically giving us all the different terms of this. And I think it’s a great concept. Business has been getting recruited to relocate places for a long time now. Why shouldn’t the individuals be recruited? Right.

Why shouldn’t there be an incentive for you to move somewhere so that you as the individual can live possibly a different life? If you can work remotely, why would you end up choosing to want to live in a city directly? Why not go somewhere where it’s maybe a little bit more interesting? So West Virginia has a lot of options on, you know, the great outdoors.

They have amazing mountains that you can hike and bike and you can probably go along some of their trails. I believe that the you know, there’s a huge trail that goes up the whole East Coast. So there’s one on the Pacific, one in the central and one on the East Coast.

And it goes all along there. I think the Appalachian Trail goes all the way from Mexico up to Canada through there. So these are all different options. Right. So if you can work anywhere, is this a place that interests you? Right. Is there a reason that people are moving to other cities? Because this we see the huge real estate diffusion that is going on and people moving all over the place with relocating. They’re going to great places where there’s amazing outdoors.

So take a look and you can see all these different pictures of like what West Virginia really is to some of that excite you. Does it get you thinking deep down? Do you feel warm and fuzzy? Are these images that you’re like, wow, this is amazing.

Those are all opportunities that could be there for you? And that’s what West Virginia is hoping to capitalize on. They want you to see exactly what’s going on there and just think about it now. Maybe it does it get you to actually move there? Maybe not. But maybe in seeing some of these images, maybe you think to yourself, all that be a great place to visit and maybe consider. So now they’re getting your tourism dollars. Those are all different things that when you do something like this that you’ll end up achieving. Right. So I do think this trend is here to continue.

I think that your tax dollars are too important. And I think the fact that it is going to be the hurdle to move is going to be a lot easier. And they don’t have to necessarily bring all the jobs. They just need to bring you. And you now have that because before they had to recruit at the at the higher level and bring the whole company. Right, because without the job that you’re not there, but now you can actually be somewhere like West Virginia or Montana or Idaho or Wyoming or pick any one of these different places that has some amazing scenery and a great place to live in.

Just a little bit different. So what you’re going to get is a great outdoors, but what you’re not going to probably get is so much social media, so much pressures, is that the right thing for your child? I don’t know. These are all different options. Right. But we now have all these things to to discuss and to decide on. So anyways, I think we’ve thoroughly covered that topic. I think you kind of understand it. And I believe there’s plenty more to come.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 4.15.21

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