Wendy Farms floorplan review

Wendy Farms floorplan review. Well, here we are, we’re going to review the Wendy Farm floor plan, the Absaroka. It just depends on where you happen to live and what’s going on there. We’re going to take this floor plan and blow it up, make a little bit larger and take a look at it so we can see together what’s going on here. So as we split the screen here and review the floor plan? Nice. Job perfect.

I’m going to go ahead and take control of the mouse here for just a moment and show you what we’re trying to do with this floor plan. And I’m pretty happy. I think it’s kind of unique and how this mostly one story, it’s like a one plus story home is kind of constructed. It’s a long, long home, and that’s nice. That’s why people want one stories. And as we see over here, we have an entrance.

And when you go in the entrance that you’ll be able to see directly through the home and look out towards where the pool is, so that helps us out. That will have this great view. As soon as we walk in, we’ll kind of have this moment that’s going on. I’m excited to have that experience. And then when you come in, you’ll be able to look directly into here. So you’ll come in.

Have this moment in this glass cube? Oh, not too dissimilar from where I’m currently sitting. So if we go back over here and just take a look where I am, you’re going to see that screen and you’ll see exactly kind of where we are, right? So we kind of have this, this hallway cube thing and then we have the stairs off to the side.

I think it’s pretty cool. So we’ll kind of have this neat experience as we come in and then we’ll get back over to the plan. Nice car. And then in here we have the living room in the kitchen and the dining room. They are not stacked, stacked as when it’s like one two three in front of each other. And that’s a different progression. Some people like it and some people don’t.

But this opportunity here gives us the opportunity to have the dining room over here on its own, all in a glass cube kind of sitting out. You’ll also have windows here in the living room as well. And so that’s kind of the arrangement. There are a lot of glass looking in and a lot of kitchen space.

So with the range, everything will be underneath here. And then we’ll have the addition of kitchen space here, a pantry and a full prep kitchen right behind here, so you can get in and get anything that you need and you’ll be able to keep this kitchen fully clean. And when you entertain, you’ll have extras of nearly everything, including the sink and stove and everything else in here and oven. So you’ll be able to cook back here clean dishes and do things without disturbing the way this looks.

So to some, that’s super important and a nice large pantry next to that will have the game room, pool, bath and a bar, as well as we have the wine wall right next to it. So this gives us kind of a look as we’re transitioning down here, we kind of have an airlock chamber here. The Foir, which serves the owner suite inside the owner’s suite. We have the bathroom, the shower closet, second closet.

So we only have one entrance getting inside the closet, the second. So maybe a his and her closet take it whichever direction you would like their mechanical room and then a door and a sliding door in a hidden room that shows up over here. So I’m really, really liking the flow of what we have over here on this side of the house. I’d like to get feedback from you guys and see what you think.

We’ll have this link out there so you can take a look at it a little bit later on and tell us exactly how you feel on this one in general. Then when you go inside the Home Office one and office two with these corner sliding things that open up so you’ll have access from one to the other. These can be put in as different types of flex spaces, depending on what your needs are, and those would be right here in the front kind of transitioning the home. So if you had clients come over, they wouldn’t necessarily have to go into the home, so to speak.

They would go right into this foyer and over here also serves as a break between the main home and the second half of the home over here for possibly the kids or guests or whatever that is, bedroom one and bedroom two, their each suite with a full closet and a bathroom and everything in here. We also have the mechanical room on this side of the home and the hidden room over here, all with entrances where you would walk directly in and you wouldn’t see the bed as soon as you come in.

This one has a little airlock kind of chamber here as well, so you wouldn’t see directly in there. You’ll have a flex room in a game, a game space, a half bath, a closet coat check or any type of closet and a huge laundry room with two. Yes, two washer and dryers in here, and plenty of space and plenty of light as you look out the garage and there’s over here with a four car oversized garage and room for an RV or a flex space in here. So we’re looking at a total square footage on this one of five thousand seven hundred square feet on the first floor and the second floor. We have fifteen hundred square feet up.

Stairs, and if we take a look at the second floor, I’ll let you guide me back over their own car and get us to the second floor where you can see that there’s some additional rooms over here and if we zoom in as well, we will see that upstairs. We get two more bedrooms and we have some additional space up here. So two full suites and the stairs on the way up. So that gets us back to our square footage that we need and that completes the review of this. I would like to hear what you have to say. I’ll publish this.

Omkar will put the link into these two items, and he’ll chat that in for you this morning so you guys can take a look and review that and tell us what you think. I enjoy the feedback and I’d like to hear what you’re thinking, and we’ll take a look at that as far as the floor plan goes. Thank you guys for joining us. I think we’re done with this topic.
-Wendy Farms Floorplan review-

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