Wendy Farms Design Survey

Hello. Let’s talk about Wendy Farms and design.

Yes, so we’ve been just working on some initial I call it, it’s in the R&D phase of trying to come up with something a little different, a different concept for our wind farms development. So before we do anything, we’re going to roll some things out to you guys so you can vote and give us your feedback.

So I think a couple of you saw some designs the other day when you were here for Wednesday agent meeting, and it was funny. We got some mixed reviews. So, you know, I think it’s really important to see what is appealing to people and get input because we want this to be a, you know, a very successful development. So what we’re going to do is roll these out and I want you guys to think about it.

As yourself and from a client perspective, because we have all types of different clients who like different things, so it may not be what we personally like, but it could be, you know, something that they like. We’re going to look at it both ways. So we have a link for you to vote.

Is that right? Oh yeah, we do have a link for them to vote. So let me pull that up here. I need to get to here. Well, short handed right now. So it’s just myself and I

Want this to be this first one. I want it to be quick. I want you guys to look at it and either you like it or you don’t. So we’re going to have three different things like Buy it, skip it. Yeah, wow.

Yes, OK, I want it. So I need to get this link to them and chat it in. So let me. Yeah, hopefully we can copy and paste, but I don’t know how to get this link. I’m without a home car right now, so this is not my perfect scenario right now, but we’ll do just fine. So let me get to my topics. I need to grab what we’re doing here with the presentation, link the voting link, copy it and I need to send this over to everybody else. Something went wrong. Ok. Are we online?

Yep, you are. Well, you’re showing your TMT screen now.

All right. Give me one second here and now I need to sign in to chat also.

All right, we’re getting there, guys.

Ok. Anyways, well, I guess I don’t have the ability to chat this link to

You guys, right? Ok, well, we’ll do that when you guys are here or we’ll email it out. Ok, but we’re going to show this. We’re going to show the concept. So I want you guys to think about, let’s just do it right now from your perspective, from an agent perspective. Do you like it? Do you not like it?

Ok? Yeah, I’m not able to get them the link.

Would you buy it, skip it or have the reaction of Wow. Yes. So buy it. Skip it, or wow. Yes.

All right. We’ll take a look at this. I’m sorry. I’m unable to get it.

Ok. It’s all right. So. We’re going to go to the first one and got ready, yep. All right, here we go.

Ok, so here’s the first one.

Would you as the agent? Wow. Yes, I love this. Buy it or skip it.

Ok, there you go and car. If you have that link

For this property number. One, if you could send it over in the chat, that would be really good. I don’t know how to be able to do that from here.

Ok, property number one? Wow. Yes, I love it. Buy it or skip it. Ok. Number two. Wow, yes, I love this. I’d buy it or I’d skip it.

Ok. It’s a property to.

Property three. Oh. Little different style here. Do you love it? Why would you just kind of skip it, kick it down the road? Ok, OK. And we’re going through these quick links, we want you to make these quick gut instinct decisions. Property number four. Ok. Yes, buy it, skip it.

All right, so you should be checking the chat link, Omkar might have chatted that link in to you now. Ok, we’re just having some connection problems with him. He’s not on the computer, so I’m doing this myself. Ok, property

Five property number five. Like it? Are you overwhelmed with just wellness or would you buy that or skip it? Ok. So property number six. Property number seven. Wow, yes.

Mr Perfect. I just can’t see any responses. It’s OK.

Well, we’re going to let them. You know, let’s go in another time. Go ahead. Property number eight.

Ok. So in the description, you should now have that chatted in the link so that you can vote from. So grab that link and that’s where you are going to be chatting in and letting us know. So if you look at that Zoho sheet, the document that we just put up there for you? Yeah.

Let me scroll. We’re going to start over if you guys could go to the the sheet because when you’re putting in by I or skip or wow, I’m not knowing we’re not keeping

Track of it. So what we want to actually do is go to the document.

Put this together last night, guys. So well, it would have been totally fine, but I can’t chat in stone. Ok. All right. So as you’re going through this, you would be putting in how you feel.

You guys have your name in whatever that happens to be right. So you’ll scroll over, find your name and be chatting in as this is happening or be typing these in as you go down. There’s 13 properties and we’re going

To do the personal. So for you personally, next to each property is that while yes, I’d buy it or you would skip it. Ok, so there’s not numbers there. Yep. Ok, so. Let’s go back. Can we start over? Ok, Karen. Ok. Stacy’s, not on the sheet. Ok, then Stacey can just name property one.  

No, put your name on it. The last one, Stacey. She can.

Ok. Ok. Property number one. Wow. Yes, buy it. I’d buy it or skip it. Ok.

And that’s fine if you guys can’t do double duty on your phone, it’s fine, just put just reference the right property so we know which one you like or not. Yep. Ok. Property number one. Wow. Buy it. I buy it. Skip it. Property number two. Wow. Yes, I buy it. Or I’d skip it.

Ok. Thank you for your feedback, ladies and gentlemen.

Number three, and we’re going through quickly because we want you to just give your your gut reaction here, OK? Or. Five. Six.

Seven. Just looking for your instant reactions. I’ll bet you buying it, you skipping it.

Eight. Property eight. Prop. nine.

I can’t wait to give my own commentary.

I know it probably 10. A beautiful sunset.

Really is 11. Twelve. Thirteen. So. 14. All right. Ok, there we have it. Yeah, very good. We will have this available here. If you guys weren’t able to do it, we understand.

Know. We had a lot going on home cars without power and you can’t connect up. Yep. So what we’re trying to do is have you guys put some information into the spreadsheet and that will help us out just a little bit, for sure. Great.

And then we’re going to do more to this exercise at another time, but we’re starting to we want to get your feedback. We’re all out with clients all the time. We see things and this is going to be something that acquisitive real estate is going to be working on, which means you guys, all of us. So this is exciting.

This is fun It’s good fun stuff. All right. Thanks, guys. You ready? That’s it.

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 12.10.21

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