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Website authority score interesting, so this concept is kind of like a high school popularity contest.

Ok, and what what Google and what the Internet does is give credit to people that have a lot of links going to them, people that are a lot that are more popular, that kind of have this authority. So a website that would be like a major national company would have a lot more authority because a lot of people are linking to it and kind of have this authority as a tech topic, obviously, guys. -Website authority score-

But what happens is you start to have more authority, more people that are linking, pointing, doing any one of those items to you. The reason I bring this up is because yesterday we had on a topic and they all start to build upon each other.

So I talked to yesterday about how it was important that you go out and claim your profile at CCAR. And in doing so, that links it directly back to your agent site at maybe, for example, for Shana to be Acquisto real estate dot com backslash, Shana. And that is her direct page as an agent at a real estate. So you go ahead and grab that. Each one of you guys happen to have that.

And no matter where you happen to work, you’ll have a website. But it’s important that you have more links inbound pointing to that same exact page. So as an agent, we’ve also covered different topics like SEO for realtors. This is one that starts to build upon it. You want more links pointing to the same exact place as you as an agent. OK, so in doing that claim your profile CCAR, like I spoke about yesterday, claim your profile everywhere every day on the Internet, Texas Realtors.com.

Yep. All these different places are there. You have a lot of profiles, you have a lot of log ins and a lot of profiles set up.

Yeah. So and the Internet does a great job of like publishing all these directories just like they’re out there and you have to go CLAMAN. So in doing so, go out there and claim them. Put your updated picture in there, kind of your logo, put all of your stuff and link the website directly back, update your phone number, whatever it is, because you want people to be able to find you. Right. And become a familiar face.

So if you don’t put your photo on there, you’re missing the boat. Not correct. I would agree with that. And you want them all to point back to one central place that goes back to your website. Authorities score and it’s kind of a popularity contest. So the more links you have pointing to your agent page, the better off you’ll be. That’s one of the points that will be discussed when you take your SEO class. If you decide that’s the right thing, SEO for realtors, find that topic. Take a look at it. That’s interleaving. -Website authority score-

Website authority score

-Website authority score- Three different topics here right into this one. Right. There’s a lot of common linking here. These things that we speak about all build upon each other. They’re building blocks, all great things for you as an agent to be doing during kind of your slower times. And the slow times in general are going to be between Thanksgiving and like January 15th, maybe February.

People take time and do different things with their families. With the Christmas season. You see us in this Christmas kind of rounded area. Right. And you have to remember to continually be working on great long term flights as a business.

We work on all of these things in the winter. When it’s a touch slower, it’s you get too busy doing in the summer, writing contracts in the spring, working on all this. And you can’t get these things. You always find five, ten minutes to do something productive. You can. And this is one of those items that all help. So if you’re sitting around, you’re like, what do I do now? You understand the concept of website authority.

And on the opposite, if you’re running around getting prepared for Christmas, I also think, you know, I still can’t ignore my business. And you have to always be doing something that’s really, really important. I can’t stress that enough.

There is the ABC, which is always be selon, and Shawna has always been doing something Abeed is doing. So anyways, thank you guys for joining us on that topic. Anything else you want covered on? Please go ahead and chat in. But these are all kind of linking together. They’re inter weaved topics that kind of help us out. Thanks, Mike -Website authority score-

-Website authority score-

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